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Maternity leave advice needed

Spliting leave with Denmark/Sweden

post 3.May.2013, 09:47 PM
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Can anyone help please. I'm English and live and work in sweden and my girlfriend is Swedish and lives and works in Denmark. we having a baby in September and I'm trying to find out the law on maternity for our situation for example I'm allowed 10 after birth to spend time together plus a maximum of 30 days that we can take time off together. My question is... Is this the same in Denmark because my girlfriend will be under the Danish system because she will keep her job there ? if it isn't the same system then how can we still get the maximum time off together ?? I know that the maternity leave is based on where you work not where you live so as we both work in difrent countries the system may be diffrent, so if anyone who lives in the Malmo area and works in Denmark has gone through this could you please shed some light on it !!
Many thanks.

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post 5.May.2013, 11:25 AM
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As far as I remember there is a case pending (dont remember hearing any result, so assume it is pending) with regards the difference between Sweden and Denmark parent leave and how the days are calculated. Thought that was with regards couples where one of the partners is a cross-border worker travelling to Denmark to work. There have been many issues with this over the last few years which in some respects have been resolved, the current outstanding issue is that in Denmark has the ability to reduce the daily amount so as to give more days and is calculated on a week with 5 days, where-as in Sweden you cannot split individual days and a week is calculated as 7 days. People have been caught out by the fact that their partner took weeks of parent leave believing it was 5 days, but FK calculate the week with 7 days and automatically reduce the other other partners number of paid-days by the amount a partner goes over when they assumed a 5 day week! (It's sunday, so cant be too clear biggrin.gif )

Maybe for you with your partner actually living in Denmark it is different, but then maybe you don't get the days at-all since the child should be resident in Sweden! You are entering the twilight zone unfortunately.
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