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Private Health Insurance to obtain Personnummer

Swedish bureaucracy strikes again!

post 8.Feb.2017, 02:56 AM
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I'm moving to Sweden next summer to study my masters degree. However, like many threads that I've read so far in this community have mentioned, getting a personnummer can be quite a pain.

Here is the problem, I am a EU citizen (Netherlands) that have never lived in the EU before, my whole life I've lived in Mexico. So, because of this I cannot apply or get the European health insurance card, or the S1 form or any of those documents, so my only hope to get a personnummer is to get a comprehensive private health insurance. But I've read that many people has gotten their personnummer applications denied even if using expensive private health care like BUPA or Cigna.

So I was wondering if anybody has been successful at getting their personnummer with a private health insurance and if you have then which one? I'm completely lost!


My other option is that I've been living in Mexico with my Swedish boyfriend for 6 years and of course we're considering marriage as an option. If I would enter Sweden as a Swedish citizen's wife would I need the insurance? which documentation would I need to get a personnummer? has anybody had a similar case?

I've been reading all the articles that seemed to apply to my case in the skatteverket and migrationsverket home pages but all of them assume that the couple has lived in the EU, they seem to ignore the fact that two EU citizens can meet and marry somewhere outside the EU! like the rest of the world doesn't count for them! it is quite weird and confusing!
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post 1.Jun.2017, 12:28 PM
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I'm wondering if anyone has experience with IMG insurance?
Shopping for insurance is no fun! I feel like anything in the affordable range are all out to swindle me.
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post 28.Jun.2017, 12:11 AM
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Hej! I'm looking for the same too. I'm in a similar condition, and its being really hard. I have Polish citizenship and they told me I could pay a private insurance in Poland to register there and then ask for the EHI Card. It doesn't seem really logic because I might need to go to Poland to do that.
If someone has gone through something similar it would be really helpful!
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post 28.Jun.2017, 05:11 PM
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QUOTE (Ignacio @ 28.Jun.2017, 12:11 AM) *
Hej! I'm looking for the same too. I'm in a similar condition, and its being really hard. I have Polish citizenship and they told me I could pay a private insuranc ... (show full quote)

The problem is not due to Swedish rules or bureaucracy, but rather the EU Directive itself. There are many claims that students support the Freedom of Movement, yet it is clear they do not quite understand it. The Directive was designed for movement of workers, not citizens per-se, that was an after-thought to counter claims that businesses rule the EU wink.gif

Right of Residence as a student differs from Right of Residence for workers, persons of own means in 1 very large significant clause ... Students are to be considered as residents in their originating Member State, and NOT the Member State they study in (subtle but significant).

However, Sweden has national legislation that kicks in (unlike most other member states) that says anyone living in Sweden 12+ months can be entered into the population register, and hence covered by certain social welfare benefits (including healthcare). This is why you need a minimum of 12 months insurance cover as EU citizens before you are officially resident in Sweden. In fact, according to Swedish law, even if you are not in the population register after 12 months, you are obliged to register with Försäkringskassan!
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post 23.Oct.2017, 02:18 PM
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I came to Sweden from UK in July 2017 to be near my grandchildren. I am retired from work and have a work pension but I won't get my state pension until July 2018. This means I don't have an S1 form yet. I applied for my personnummer and was told about the need for comprehensive health insurance. I asked the Skatteverket for advice on this and was told they couldn't advise. So I bought the Cigna Global Silver policy (which both I and Cigna felt covered my needs) but I was rejected, partly on the fact that they require a policy that covers for 10million kr of care per year and partly on the fact that all policies have exclusions , such as drug/alcohol abuse or self harm.
So I upgraded to Cigna Gold which covers for approx 14million kr and submitted my appeal. I have been rejected again. They argue that this is an appeal so they refuse to accept the Gold policy - they also mention the exclusions, even though I got a letter from my UK GP saying I have no history of drug/alcohol abuse etc - they simply refused to take any notice of it. They have now passed my case to the administrative court. I am tempted to just forget it for now as it seems I cannot win against the 'logic' of the Skatteverket.
I feel very frustrated about this. Why do they not issue proper guidance about what is required? Why do they say you can get the personnummer with comp health insurance when no adequate policy exists? It is misleading and gives false hope. The Gold policy (including additional premiums for cover for existing conditions) has cost me £8,700. That is a huge sum to me.
Before I left the UK I contacted the migration agency and they said only that I needed to be self supporting (the Skatteverket have accepted my finances) - they made no mention of the requirement for health insurance. If I had known all this I would have waited a year until I am entitled to the S1 form.
I cannot even get a clear answer now on whether or not I am allowed to continue to live in Sweden!
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post 23.Oct.2017, 04:35 PM
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@Amy63 - this is absurd on the part of Skatteverket - it seems these days that they try every trick in the book to avoid taking in anyone except a taxpayer.

No medical/insurance policy anywhere is without exclusions, except the state guaranteed ones!

At the very least Skatteverket should be forced to specify publicly which Swedish Life/Health insurances are compliant with its own policy.
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post 1.Nov.2017, 11:59 AM
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I am happy to find this forum/post, a place to share our experiences.

I am in a similar situation. I am applying for family reunion. My wife is a Scandinavian already registered and living in Sweden. We have submitted the Cigna Platinum plan for review. They have rejected it for the reason that it is not comprehensive enough. I am including the response here in Swedish and English (translated by Google).

I understand that some exclusion items in the Platinum plan may be covered by the national insurance. So it is unrealistic to find a private health insurance that will match the national insurance. Skatteverket should provide a list of provides and plans that it will approve.

BTW, I know that students with study less than 1 year also need private health insurance. Do the requirement for those students the same as ours?


Jag har nu gått igenom det bifogade filen och uppgifter gällande försäkringen du avser att köpa. Vad jag kan se så kommer vi inte att kunna godkänna den här typen av försäkringen då det innehåller en del begränsningar som inte ingår i tillåtna undantag.

- Undantag från detta är följande begränsningar som är tillåtna: tandvård, fertilitetsbehandlingar, frivilliga skönhetsingrepp, force majeure situationer (t ex vid krig/naturkatastrofer), förebyggande hälsovård (t ex icke medicinskt motiverade hälsoundersökningar), vaccinationer, vård av skador till följd av deltagande i officiella idrottstävlingar eller träning inför sådana tävlingar, vård av skador till följd av s.k. riskfyllda aktiviteter, t.ex. fallskärmshoppning).


I have now reviewed the attached file and information regarding the insurance you intend to purchase. What I can see, we will not be able to approve this type of insurance as it contains some limitations that are not included in permitted exceptions.

- Exceptions to this are the following limitations: dental care, fertility treatment, voluntary beauty, force majeure situations (eg in case of war / natural disasters), preventive health care (eg non-medically motivated health surveys), vaccinations, care for injuries resulting from participation in official sports competitions or training for such competitions, care of injuries resulting from sk risky activities, such as skydiving).
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post 1.Nov.2017, 12:35 PM
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Here are some relevant posts.

"In evaluating private insurance policies, the Tax Agency requires that several conditions be met. The policy must be personal, and must not have a monetary ceiling for necessary health care. Private insurance policies may contain no disclaimers that deny coverage for certain complaints, and they must cover health care for injuries resulting from sports, risky activities, and so on.

The National Board of Trade contacted about twenty insurance companies to learn whether they sell insurance policies that comply with these criteria. None of them do."
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post 1.Nov.2017, 05:38 PM
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I come here with some updates regarding my case. About two months ago, I submitted my documents to Skatteverket; the insurances I used were the two insurances that cover me as a student from my University, and an extra insurance that my boyfriend got for me as a Swedish citizen called “Visitors Insurance” ( ). The role of this last insurance was to cover the homeward journey for continued care in my home country that it is supposed to be needed in case your insurance doesn't go over 10 million SEK.

We were very careful trying to comply with everything Skatteverket has said/posted on its homepage, however, two days ago I received a rejection letter saying that my insurance wasn't enough because there were limitations such as maternity care, mental health and others. Also, they recommended me to go first to Migration, and get a permit, even if I am a EU citizen with the right of residence. They said that that could help to move the case further once I get a permit.

After many phone calls with Skatteverket, migration, and even calling my insurance providers (both the University insurance and the Visitor insurance) we reached the following options:

1-Re apply with Skatteverket using extra documentation from my current insurances (I got this recommendation from my University insurance)
2-Re apply with Skatteverket purchasing an extra insurance and submitting now four insurances…
3-Apply for a sambo visa with the migration agency (although this would take a whole year) and then apply again for my personnummer
4-Apply for a students visa with the migration agency (this takes 3 months) and then apply again for my personnummer

Currently we are still gathering information so we can take the best course of action. I will be posting if there is anything new.
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post 3.Nov.2017, 01:03 PM
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With the difficulty of getting health insurance accepted, I wonder if it wouldn't be easier to register as self-employed?

This says the business doesn't need to be operational yet at the time you register.
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post 13.Nov.2017, 05:54 PM
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I am in a similar situation to that of OP, except that I'm not even a student, I just moved here with my Swedish girlfriend to find a job.

I have already started the application to "move to somebody in Sweden" with Migrationsverket, so I'll post any updates about that here. Good luck to everybody!
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post 13.Nov.2017, 08:33 PM
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QUOTE (RAFS @ 3.Nov.2017, 01:03 PM) *
With the difficulty of getting health insurance accepted, I wonder if it wouldn't be easier to register as self-employed? ... (show full quote)

This is easier?

your F-tax card (tax card for the self-employed)
a marketing plan
a registration certificate for the company
lease contract for the necessary premises
proof of previous experience and skills
receipts or invoices for purchased material
your VAT accounting documents
deed of transfer for the acquisition of an existing business.
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post 13.Nov.2017, 08:46 PM
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If that gets you a personnummer and expensive private health insurance does not then yes, it's easier.

You don't have to provide all of those documents, either, just enough to convince SV. But hey, I haven't tried it, I'm just throwing an idea out there.
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post 13.Dec.2017, 01:42 PM
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Good day,


I was just reviewing my offer of employment with my employer and certified relocation firm who will be applying on my behalf.

I noticed instead of health insurance I'm covered by long term sick insurance. Are these the same? my certified relocation firm says so. I just want to get it clear. I don't want any troubles later on in my application because of this. Rest all the other insurances are covered.

Please advise


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