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Booking Flights to London

Seems like a good time to book

post 20.Aug.2013, 06:39 PM
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QUOTE (Rick Methven @ 20.Aug.2013, 04:40 PM) *
. . .You can bet on O'leary telling his crews to fly faster very soon when he realises that not only is he not saving any money, but those bolshie pilots are getting paid ... (show full quote)

Or perhaps a reverse gear, although I don't know whether a 737 can fly backwards despite the engines doing so - - -
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post 21.Aug.2013, 12:11 PM
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Is it 81 million now fly with Ryanair each year? So they are doing something right. Of ocurse you have to READ and don't do silly things like print your boarding pass on both sides of the paper and put more into the bag than is necessary to meet the weight regulations etc etc.

My experience with them so far has been very good. They do tend to arrive on time or they at least set my expectations correctly. The bags come out very quickly on the conveyor belts. And have tended to be the cheaper option most times. I'm sure at some point I 'll have a bad experience with them, but hopefully that won't happen and change my mind about them.

The advantage of BA is a higher baggage allowance and are more lax about the rules. It feels more welcoming and you don't feel too rushed and having to think up inventive ways to hide more than one bag or reduce baggage weight etc. You get your sandwich and free drinks, which is nice but in my opinion not essential. And of course, tend to be more convenient as they are based at the main airports. However, they have tended to be late quite a few times. When things go wrong ie. when snow came to Heathrow, they cancelled all flights out of T5 and they had one man shouting at the top of his voice for guidance. Trying to find out waht was going on etc took forever and eventually we found a BA person and got on a coach to stay in a hotel overnight. Not too sure if Ryanair would do that.

In summary, you know what is acceptable for you and you need to educate yourself on all of the laws relating to delays/cancellations and ensure you understand the rules of travelling with that airline. The nicer airlines are more willing to help, but in my opinion, they tend to be a sham when there are major delays/cancellations. Communciation is often part of their mantra but rarely followed.
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Rick Methven
post 21.Aug.2013, 12:57 PM
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Theoretically, they can go backwards by use of reverse thrust, which is just a bucket that covers the back end of the engine and re-directs the engine thrust forward.This is used to slow the aircraft down on landing by a number of airlines, but by Ryanair only in the case of emergencies as use of reverse thrust is another engine cycle the same as a take-off and just adds to the engine overhaul cost. Ryanair pilots are also told not to use heavy braking to stop shorter when landing as this can mean a longer turnaround time is required to get the brakes cool enough to be safe to take off again.

I had a soft spot for Ryanair because when they started flying from Stansted to Skavsta in 1998, I saved a hell of a lot of money getting from the UK to our place in Småland. Until Ryanair started the only way was SAS from Heathrow To Kastrup and after a 5 hour wait, another flight to Jonköping. The cost flying Ryanair even with the train south was about a quarter of the SAS cost. In those days it was a true no-frills airline and they did not even sell coffee or sandwiches. Passengers where encouraged to bring their own. Nowadays, to still make the claim of cheap fares there are more extras they try to push.

I will be going to the UK next month for my mothers 98th birthday so looked at the flight alternatives - Ryanair Skavsta to Stansted -(70 miles around the M25 from my mother) or Norwegian to Gatwick (5 miles from Mum) I looked at Noorwegian and got a price in a couple of minutes including seat reservation of 2,280 kr. I then went on to Rytanair for similar timings on the same days - Friday to Monday. My wife came rushing into my office asking what was wrong when she heard me screaming " I DO WANT TO BUY ANY BLOODY FOOT CREAM" at the computer. After entering your destination, your must answer a security question and when you click as instructed to get the question, you are faced with a video selling something like foot cream then you have opt in or out of buying EVERYTHING, including a piece of Michael O'leary's used loo paper!. Everytime I tried to go to the next step, a message popped up saying I had not selected, insurance or a bus ticket or priority boarding or something else and had to go back. After a very frustrating 15 minutes I got a price from Ryanair of 1,648kr as long as I paid with a debit card and not a credit card.

So after a long struggle Ryanair was going to be cheaper by 632kr BUT i would have drive to Skavsta a pay 700kr for parking plus 180kr for fuel and then I would have to hire a car for the drive to my mother. I can take the train to Arlanda for 580kr and my sister will pick me up at Gatwick and I will not miss the pleasure of driving round the M25 in rush hour!!!

My message to Michael O'Leary is.

Thank you for the money you saved me in your early days, but you and your sales drive and your web site designed to ripp off every customer and get them to buy something they neither need or want is so far OTT that you will never get another penny/cent/öre out of me.
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post 22.Aug.2013, 11:12 AM
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SAS sale now on. Flights from 499kr.
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post 22.Aug.2013, 08:25 PM
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Ryanair are only the most punctual airline because they fly to small airports in the middle of nowhere where there's no queue (versus Heathrow where you almost always end up circling for at least 10 minutes). That said I'm glad they are an option as it keeps the others prices in check. If I'm on my own with little or no baggage I can just about stand the constant talking and sales pitch for food, drinks, duty free, smokeless cigarettes, Ryanair scratch cards etc.
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