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The Local _ Language _ Pronounciation of the word tvÄ

Posted by: Guest 15.Sep.2017, 04:22 AM

What is the correct pronounciation of tv? ?

T - where is the tongue placed?
V - just like American v?
? - long or short? aw? o? oo?

And putting the three above together?

Posted by: Tenacious185 15.Sep.2017, 06:29 AM

T - tounge is placed behind the upper portion of the two front teeth. Lighter pressure than when saying "two" in English.

V- front teeth lightly touch inside the lower lip, the teeth don't proceed over the lower lip like when one pronounces the V in "very" for instance. Lighter pronounciation, almost a cross between a "V" and an "F".

? - No exact equivalent in English, but similar to the "ou" in "court" or the "oa" in "board". smile.gif

Posted by: ChocOwl 15.Sep.2017, 11:06 AM

There are dictionary websites with recordings - I can't think of any except the KTH one at the moment. Type in the term and hopefully there is a recording with standard pronounciation.

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