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Oh ok, you said you didn’t deal with state mandated curriculum... so then how about this... for the sake of dialogue since you have been avoiding these questions... So what ... (show full quote)

1. having assignments read to him/her, less homework or different homework, more time to finish homework, class work or tests, less test questions or, in the case of a multiple choice test, less foils, preferential seating, sending him/her to the counselor or nurse if they become agitated or stressed, more bathroom breaks, a classroom aid (who can be wonderful or terrible depending upon the aid), sometimes there are several aids in the class and they sit in the back of the room and gossip...very distracting
2. less focus on the higher achievers, curriculum dumbed down, more classroom interruptions, standards lowered
3. you are required to follow the IEP or you can lose your job
4. you are teaching from a canned program, there is little flexibility to personalize the lesson and make it more interesting. There is little job satisfaction as you don't have any input
5. There is much more emphasis and time taken up testing. Instead of one state test, there are now several. Again, your job performance is evaluated by how well the student's test.
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