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So tired of living in Sweden!

Tired of the country

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QUOTE (Gamla Hälsingebock @ 19.Oct.2019, 10:52 PM) *
People that are well adjusted and satisfied with their life in Sweden never post on TheLocal.... TheLocal is "the" place to vent, complain and rant about Sweden.... So be it...

Not exactly true! I have lived here for more than 10 years, through hard work, i live a relatively comfortable life, it does not mean we cannot come to forums like this and express our views about society.

Some experiences people have mentioned, for example seeing colleagues outside working environment and not bothering to say hi or even acknowledge your presence, I found this weird at first but got used to it, they might want to respect your space and they feel outside work, they rarely socialize with work colleagues

this is perfectly acceptable, things are different, traditions are different as well, neighbours do not say hi to each other irrespective of your background unless you have something in common, for example kids in the same day care, yes one example, they knew my girl was a midwive, so when our neighbour was expecting and went into a quick Labour in her bathroom, they threw caution to the wind and pressed our doorbell like the police, of course my girl went in there and helped her to deliver her kid on the floor!
I have seen one or 2 things about society i do not believe in but i tend not to get stressed out over things outside my control, best way to succeed is take the best of both societies and do not conform to any standard expected of you, as an individual, you have right to make your own choices, for me, the positives of living here still outweighs the negatives, until then, i stay here!
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