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Polarisation in the USA - Defund the Police

Will the Greta approach be effective as a fix?

post 16.Jun.2020, 04:55 AM
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Did you see old man Fonzie give a rant on behalf of the men in blue? It is quite hopeless to think they will change, based on how they spun the whole accountability issue.

And I didn't realise until seeing that press conference, and the coverage surrounding it, that the only union stronger than the prison workers union, is the police union. Skip ahead to ~2:20, the first guy is too muffled to hear, but then the Fonz comes out to the mic...

"The hatred towards the law enforcement is misguided"

Well, could be, but law enforcement is misguided in treating every single person they interact with, as a criminal.
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post 16.Jun.2020, 03:44 PM
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post 19.Jun.2020, 03:57 AM
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Now there's a nasty piece. He lays it out really well, as only a real bastard could do.

Explains very much about policing in the USA. And with the power of the union behind them, it looks like they have things pretty much covered.

Unfortunately, history dictates that removal of such treachery, requires more violence, since it isn't likely they will just abandon their illegitimate post voluntarily.

And change from the inside? How many stories of police speaking up about the illegal things their partners do? Where does it end? The dismissal and harassment of the whistle-blower.

How the US allows it to happen (such powerful unions) in the first place, is the main question. And the answer is $$$ and power.

The US, known for "war for profit" in the first instance, since every bullet fired is profit. And then mix that with its eternal plan of economic end in the mess we see today, yesterday, last year and the decades before.
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