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The Local _ Legal _ Ending ending tenancy contracts in Swedish

Posted by: toddysho 22.Jan.2018, 09:02 PM

Dear people whose Swedish language skills are better than mine,

How can I best write a closing for a formal "uppsägning" which is proper and businesslike but also shows gratitude for the business relationship? It's for terminating the tenancy agreement for my flat: the landlord was nice, and I want to formally have on paper that the termination was on good terms -- for both of ours' sakes.

In English, I would probably write something like "thank you for the congenial relationship", but I haven't done this via a free-form letter in ages, so I don't even know if that makes sense.

Posted by: yet another brit 25.Jan.2018, 07:41 AM

You could use "givande" which means "productive", but also "positively constructive"

And relationship is "förhållande". Unqualified, it has implications of a physical one, though. Thus "business relationship" is specifically "arbetsförhållande", and something to do with a house would be a "bostadsförhållande". So "Tack för ett givande bostadsförhållande" would be one way of translating (transliterating) your phrase.

Moral - better to write a letter in good English than in poor Swedish.

Posted by: toddysho 28.Jan.2018, 09:12 PM

All right; Cheers. I'd never learnt Swedish properly, and I suppose now's likely not the time to start...

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