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post 11.Sep.2014, 01:18 PM
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Hi guys ,

I am looking for some information about living in Sundsvall as a English speaking person? Has anyone one on here made the move from the Ireland or the UK to Sundsvall ? If so I would love to know what you think about your time living there.
Is there job opportunities for English speaking people? Or is it more of who you know to get a job? My Swedish is ok but I wouldnt be very confident speaking it in a business envoirnment. I am currently working in a bank in Ireland for the past 11years and have gained alot of knowledge right accross the banking sector. I know its a long shot but would it be realistic to think I could get a job in a bank in Sundsvall?

My partners family live in Sundsvall and we have a house and friends there so I would imagine intergration would be quite easy or am I just kidding myself???

Anyway any help on living and working in Sundsvall would be most welcome .
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post 11.Sep.2014, 03:10 PM
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Sundsvall has a population of about 98,000, of which at a rough guess about 100 could be from the UK/Ireland.
As to Banking, many Banks (SEB, Nordea, Handlesbanken etc) have put a lot more decison making in the local branches than say in the UK or Germany. Therefore, the local Branches are looking for people who know and understand the locala market.
If you want to get a job in the Banking sector as a foreigner, your best bet is to use your foreign experience at one of the HQ's in Stockholm.

Good luck
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