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The Local _ Scania _ Recommendation of a good generalist in Lund?

Posted by: RedGreenBlue 13.Nov.2017, 03:29 PM

Dear all,
I was assigned to a private health center. I am new in Sweden. I called today and I was told I have to wait for 4 weeks to see a generalist for one of my problems and for the other one I should try to self-medicate myself. And later the nurse said to me I could double the free available drugs corresponding to one strong dose. However, the strong drugs are only available on prescription. That does not make any sense to me.
I am pretty upset. 4 weeks to wait to see a generalist and self-medication? For what would I pay health insurance?

Could somebody recommend a good generalist, health care center in Lund which does not have a waiting time of 4 weeks, please?
I would appreciate your suggestions and your advise.

Thank you.

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