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Finding good schools and kindergarten for my child

Where is the information?

post 13.Jul.2016, 08:28 AM
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Hi everybody!
I was actually going to open a new topic for discussion, but since this one is relevant, I'll just post here.
We've moved to Malmo very recently and my son has just turned 4. It is time for us to apply for the Pre-school/Forskola. We've heard some negative comments regarding these pre-schools. Is there anyone here who lives in Malmo and has had experience with searching the pre-schools around? Please, advise some decent pre-schools or areas where we have less chance to fail.
I've had good education thanks to my parents' vigilance. Now, it is my turn to give that to my child.
Thanks in advance.
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post 13.Jul.2016, 10:32 AM
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you apply for daycare at your local kommun and they will look for where they have a place for your child in your area, the only exception is where its close to one of the parents work place.
if both of you work the child will be around 40 hours a week at daycare while you both work, otherwise your child will receive 15 hours a week.
In most places you dont really choose a daycare anywhere you want to because than people will choose a specific one based on so called prestige and there are very limited places in every daycare center.
At most times depending on the age bracket one daycare teachers takes care of 3 to 6 kids, if child has special needs it most likely that there will be someone that mostly just looks after your child.
All daycares have quite similar programs over the day.
They get to dagis around 7 to 8 they have a small breakfast, than they have inside activities for most daycares(some have it outside) around 10 30 they get usually a piece of fruit or a fruit depending on age and than they go out and play, around 12 to 13 they get in and have lunch consisting of a cooked meal and sandwiches if they so desire, milk and water. After that most kids go and nap(here we have differences some daycare let them sleep 1 hour some let them sleep as much as they want too), and the ones that dont desire to sleep will play inside or we read books to them.
After they wake up they get to play outside sometimes if they only sleep 1 hour and come in to have a small snack which is either a fruit or some yogurt with fruit in it. In Certain cases after that they go outside and play until parents come to pick them up.
You have to inform every day when you drop them off and when you pick them up.
Your children will not receive any sugar outside fruits at daycare, and most of them use only ecological products. If you child have special allergies or dietary requirements they will have meals prepared specially for them. You dont have to send them at school with any food nor are you allowed to give them any snack with them like nuts because of allergies.
Most daycares have different rooms so kids get to do all sorts of fun activities. And no matter how the weather is they go out and play.
You can also find daycares where everything is outside and there is no building but i would not recommend that in the first year if you dont come from the nordics.
Kids dont play on phones and tablets as many say online since there is no access for them to them. A daycare has usually one normal computer for the documentation to be done and each teacher has a tablets to do documentation or to use in there break.
Most places have lots of toys and about 50% are intended as educational games, they have arts and craft and they even grow stuff. This year most kids got a pot for them earth and got to choose what to plant, my little nephew choose to grow a tomato plant.

A lot of negative stuff comes from people that have never worked in a daycare nor do they have children.
while we are no where near malmo i can say that most daycares are quite good and children pick up the language more or less fast.
Most foreign kids also get some language help if the kommun has personal to help, but kids can really learn from each other quite fast.

In the last daycare i worked we got 4 kids that came here as refugees and they where not babies but after 6 months they could really speak the language, they could ask for extra thing or to do different things with out just pointing at stuff.

If you kids wear diapers you need to bring them to the daycare but other wise beside cloths and shoes your child will get everything else at daycare.

Usually they need to have spare pants and tshirts, and a sweater in case its cold, lots of extra socks and possibly underwear in case of an accident. They need outside gear like some normal sneakers and some waterproof boots. A rain jacket and some water proff cloths, and winter cloths, Most people get those one piece cloths that are both pants and jacket.
The cloths and shoes have to be easy to put on the kids because the teachers have to do that most times.
And as a parents you have to understand your kids will get dirty and its not problem.
Some people make a big fuss and buy thing cloths and weird shoes that are hard to put on a child and they dont understand that the kids will get dirty.
Also write your childs name on everything.
I am not if i missed anything but that is a summary
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post 13.Jul.2016, 10:29 PM
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Littleviking, thanks for your thorough answer. It's really very useful. However, in Malmo, as far as I'm informed by the official from Malmo stad, they leave you a chance to have up to 5 choices on your application form.
As I understand you are not from Malmo. Do you know anybody who could help us with making the choice. Or, do you suggest we should leave it to them to pick based on our address? I believe, in this case, the area where you live also matters, right?
Thanks in advance.
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post 15.Jul.2016, 12:32 PM
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The area where you live and work matters

I found this:

just google translate it
but basically even if you accept the first place they offer you can still be in a que for another dagis

here is the huge list that you might have found

Look a bit which are close to where you live and which are close to your work, and if you partner has something to do near their place of occupation.

If you make a list you can either google to see if there are any reviews or just send me a private message

i should mention daghem means the kids go to a home where they are usually for the whole day and at time there is not as much staff as a normal förskola where you can leave your kid there anyway for a whole day.

if you wife or husband doesnt work sign them up to learn swedish that way the child can be more time in daycare but also have flexible time in when to get the child, its also something to do and its not that much time.

Also dont forget to apply for the child allowance which most likely will pay for most of the dagis costs.
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post 21.Jul.2016, 12:22 PM
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It's simple just search it has schools related forum sites in uk you may find a lot of forum sites, there you can participate..
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post 22.Jul.2016, 01:02 PM
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Hi all.
My family probably will have to move to Stockholm from Ireland and I've just started my research on schools. Need some help here.
My children are 11years old ( going to be in the 6th class in Irish primary school) and 13 years old( second year in Irish secondary school). They don't speak Swedish language of course. What type of school should I consider for them? There is bilingual and international schools, what's the difference? I really don't know where to start... Thanks in advance.
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post 22.Jul.2016, 01:29 PM
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Found something about Vittra schools. Anyone had/ have kids in there? May I hear some feedback? Thanks.
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post 23.Jul.2016, 10:08 AM
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QUOTE (Okina @ 22.Jul.2016, 01:02 PM) *
. There is bilingual and international schools, what's the difference?

some international schools will only treat Swedish like the UK/Ireland treats French/German or Spanish, a cursory coverage once a week. Bilingual will mean Swedish/English are taught in parallel fully. It really depends on what your long term plans are, here potentially forever or just passing for a couple of years.

Why not email a few schools with a little info on your position and see what they say. Asking the school themselves will give a much better picture and the means to judge them by the quality of their response.
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