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The Local _ Telecoms _ Problems with Comhem internet contract

Posted by: Orwell1979 30.May.2018, 03:02 PM

I renewed a broadband contract with Comhem on April 20th. The new contract started May 22 (with one year bindningstid). The problem is that internet doesn't work since the first day that the contract started, May 22. I immediately called technical support, but no solution.
After some days wihtout internet I asked them to cancel the contract using the Ångerrätt (cancellation right), but they told me that the Ångerrätt expired 14 days after I agree to renew the contract (that was April 20nd). It makes no sense, but I'll take that into account next time I renew: Don't accept them to send you the contract until the day it actually starts!

Anyway, I've been now 9 days without internet. Do I have any rights to cancel it by law? How many days do I need to wait to get the right to cancel my contract, stop paying it, sue the company? What do you recommend me to do?

Posted by: Essingen55 30.May.2018, 07:45 PM

You have no rights to get the contract cancelled. Everything they have told you is how it works according to law. Your only option is to continue discussions with them to find our where the problem is and then ask for some compensation if it turns out it was their fault.

Posted by: Orwell1979 30.May.2018, 09:48 PM

Ok, thank you for the reply. Disappointing though... my neighbours haven't internet either. The network has been changed from cable to fiber, and there's something wrong with the new installation.
Anyway, lesson learnt. Next time I won't accept any renewal until the day the new contract starts.

Posted by: Mib 29.Oct.2018, 12:35 PM

Always worth contacting just to understand where the laws apply. They might confimr what you've already found, but worth checking from the official body for consumr rights in Sweden.

Posted by: Cedar2 3.Dec.2018, 12:27 PM

QUOTE (Mib @ 29.Oct.2018, 12:35 PM) *
Always worth contacting just to understand where the laws apply. They might confimr what you've already found, but worth checking from the official body for consumr rights in Sweden.

These bodies don't work the way we are told. They are political tools that makes citizens contented that their issues are cared for. They don't help at all.

Posted by: Mib 4.Dec.2018, 10:52 AM

I have Comhem and in general their Broadband and TV service works. However, they're not the brightest bunch of people and I guess their technical support that you talk to, wouldn't be able to work in the real world dealing with network issues.

1. Their comhem router is designed for a network with, I would say a maximum of 15 devices. My router dropped its wireless two times a day after several months for no obvious reason. We tried various tests, new router etc, to no avail. They then asked me to disconnect everything and then reconnect everything except my Sonos music system. No success. After various testing of my own, I concluded that the problem was that the router is incapable of high loads. My network is growing and so it demanded a new router. I opted for a Mesh system from Zyxel, but there are many others. I asked how many devices it could support and I think it was 160+!. No surprise, my network now works smoothly!!

Another issue I had was related to a drop in speed each evening. I have a Fing Box which monitors my network. You can set it up to test your speed up to 6 times a day. It then can create a report for one month. I did this and sent it to Comhem. They did ask for a Bredbandkollen check as well, which I did. Within 2 days, it was fixed. Unfortunately, it seems you have to be the expert at your end to prove there's a problem. Even then they don't seem to know what the problem is or they don't tell you. They should know that their router as with all other providers own routers aren't designed for too many devices.

Regardless of what help you can or not get help, I can guarantee you that if they aren't providing a service that you've paid for, then you are entitled to cancel the service or at the very least get a refund. It's like buying a computer, you are entitled under EU law, to get it replaced/fixed if a problem occurs within 2 years, as long as they can't prove that it was your fault.

So, see what the EU consumer law states.

Posted by: Cedar2 4.Dec.2018, 07:40 PM

Generally in Sweden, internet companies cares less if you are a private customer.
I use bahnhof for my home internet but I think they are the worst of all. I was disconnected in October for late payment but when I paid they never connected me back as promised. I tried to call them but I waited in a queue for about 6 hrs and got no answer, they don't have email provision...then I tried to call using the number for coperate customers, someone said that she doesn't handle private customers but adviced me to keep on trying the number until it gets through. I tried again but I gave up after one week of trying out. Then my second heart told me to send them a letter by post and I did it. After two days I got an e-mail apologising for the heavy load on their telephone line but assured me that the order that I will be connected had been pressed, and that I will be informed once connected. It is almost a month since the communication but no internet connection yet but they sent a bill for me to pay.
I'm very confused and furious because to terminate the contract I have to do it via the phone yet no one is available to attend to me.

Last year, I was using universal internet, I opted for them because the costs were very cheap but I found out later that what they offered was cheap as well. They were available whenever I called but never took whatever we discussed serious and I had to call over again and again to remind them. They could even send me invoices of the bills I already paid. I think there is a general communication problem with most of these companies.

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