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Home Made Food Service - Feedback Required

Survey on Home food Buisness startup

post 1.Mar.2016, 02:34 PM
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Hello All,

I am looking for feedback on Home made food service which I am going to present in my business development lab class. The
prototypes which I have developed is as follows:

The service is about a giving a platform for the two types of people.
One is the people who love to cook and can use it as their hobby in spare time to earn money
Second is the people who want to taste varieties of food, love food, do not have time to cook food and needs home made food for
special occasions.

This platform will register users as chef who are into cooking food in their spare time and earn money. They will tell their free
hours on which they can cook special foods. Also if some one has cooked food, he can post it to share it with others on quick
The delivery of food is dependent upon the cook and it is upto him whether to deliver it to customer or customer can take it from
his home.
This service will charge 20 % out of the total money made out of servicing the home made food.

WHat do you think?
Any suggestions will be helpful
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post 1.Mar.2016, 02:58 PM
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you have a problem from the beginning, food services are regulated you can not sell food with out a license and every kitchen has to be approved by healthy and safety officers and a license to sell for every single chef.
you will end up in a lot of issues if you dont follow the law, one person has to complain to the authorities or has to get sick and you will have legal actions taken against both the company and all its employees.

your questioner looks horrible, how it gods name did you get your supervisor to approve that? also what teacher in their right mind would approve this type of project.
you would think they idea is good but the legal ramifications of getting this started will kill it at a business plan step.
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post 2.Mar.2016, 09:29 AM
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Thanks for the feedback.

Can you give some suggestions on how to improve that. I am non European and does not know about the laws of the sweden in terms of food.

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post 2.Mar.2016, 01:32 PM
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QUOTE (Amna @ 2.Mar.2016, 09:29 AM) *
Thanks for the feedback.. Can you give some suggestions on how to improve that. I am non European and does not know about the laws of the sweden in terms of food.. Thanks

I know couple of indian guys tried to start up with this kind of business but the were refused and never thought again of doing this business once they learned what can happen if got caught. As someone in above mentioned that food services are strictly regulated in Sweden and you are not allowed to make food home and sell. You must hire a place where you will be allowed to cook (professional kitchen), the food inspectors will visit you (quite often). If you make food home and sell (which is not allowed) and if someone complains of food poisoning or poor quality, you'll have to pay thousands back in the form of compensation. I suggest, forget this and find some other job.
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post 2.Mar.2016, 02:04 PM
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professional kitchen with the correct documentation and approvals from miljöverket and hälsovårdsmyndigheten. Everything from ventilation, environmental aspect and produce needs to be in order. This is pretty much not possible in Sweden.
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