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Local real estate knowledge sought

In Norbotten coastal areas

post 15.Feb.2011, 07:44 AM
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can someone who lives in any of the major towns along the Norbotten coastal strip please suggest where I might find the following. I am presently living in Australia.

I have tried a few google searches but not very successfully so I am hoping someone with more localized knowledge might have some suggestions.

1) It is wise to have a survey undertaken of a property one is interested in buying. I am assuming there must be local businesses who involve themselves in this process. Can someone suggest how I find a local business that would undertake a few surveys for me in the Kalix or Haparanda areas. If someone knows what the average few for this service might be that would be even better.

2) Similarly, I might need to engage a lawyer and/ or accountant to act on my behalf. If someone could such a resource for locating these locally that would be a great help. If someone could suggest what the fee range would be for those services that would be great.

3) In Australia, it is common for real estate companies to act on your behalf if you want to rent out your property. They locate tenants, organise all the paperwork, carry out inspections periodically and collect the money from the tenants. For a percentage of the rent. Is this common in Sweden or do you use a different system?

Thank you in advance for any answers...

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post 15.Feb.2011, 10:54 AM
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1) Surveys are normally carried out through the estate agent since a sellers response is part of the process. But you can find a house surveyer by a search on using the term "villabesiktning"
2) You dont need a legal representative to buy a house. But for an accountant see "revisor" on Eniro.
3) Havent a clue.
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post 15.Feb.2011, 11:08 AM
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can we merge these threads?
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Rick Methven
post 15.Feb.2011, 11:11 AM
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Re point 3

There are some Estate agents that take on management of property for absentee landlords.

But you could have a problem if you want to buy a house as a non resident as a business venture especially as a non EU national.

The Swedish tax man will want tax from you on the income you get from the rental.

Most private rentals in Sweden are by Swedes who are working abroad for a few years. Any rent that they charge for their house that is over and above the cost of mortgage and maintenance is taxed. Skatteverket is never going to allow a foreign land owner to make money from renting a property without them getting their grubby hands on as much of it as they can.
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