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Teaching with a Working Holiday Visa

Is it possible to transfer to a regular work visa?

post 11.Oct.2018, 10:26 AM
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Hi all,

I'm a Canadian, recently moved to Stockholm with my Swedish boyfriend. I have a one-year long Working Holiday Visa and have been offered work as a teacher here in Sweden for the 2018/2019 school year. So far, so great! Better yet, there is a principal who is interested in hiring me for the following school year (August 2019-June 2020). My work permit expires in August, however, and I'm not sure how or if one can transfer from being here on a Working Holiday Visa to being here on a regular work permit.

My question is: has anyone gone through the process of transitioning from being here on a Working Holiday Visa to being here longer term as a teacher?

And/or... any recommended immigration consultants in Stockholm län?

Thanks so much!
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post 11.Oct.2018, 11:06 AM
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So I was actually thinking about doing something similar about a half year ago (applying for a Working Holiday then changing to a work permit if things worked well) and I got in touch with the Swedish embassy in Ottawa with some questions, and here's the Q&A


1. What does my future employer need to do or to give me? Would a regular work contract be enough?

2. I have heard that for work permits a special form is required and that jobs need to be advertised for two weeks on a special website, have union approval, etc. Does this also apply to contracts for the Working Holiday Visa?

3. What does my personal health insurance need to cover? Do I still need this if the employer is providing health insurance?

4. Is it possible to apply for this Visa while holding another European Temporary Residence Visa?


1.A regular work contract should be enough.
2. No, that would be for regular work permits.
3. If your job offer shows that you will be fully covered during your stay in Sweden that should be enough.
4. Yes, just put your Canadian address in your application, since this permit is supposed to be for Canadian residents.

Please note that if you have a job offer for a regular position with a market salary, you should instead apply for a regular work permit. The Working Holiday visa can’t be extended, and it should be clear in the job offer that the work is for a limited time (less than a year). If the Migration Agency feels that this is a regular job, and that you are applying for the Working Holiday visa just to get your permit faster and easier, they might not approve it.


So basically from what I gathered, they don't like it when people do that. But I also gather that if it happens "organically" as is your case, they may not be opposed to it. You may have to leave the country and come back I guess? I don't want to give any wrong info.

Hope it works out!!
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Case officer
post 11.Oct.2018, 12:21 PM
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You can change from a working holiday permit to a regular work permit but you need to travel out of Sweden before work permit is granted.
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post 30.Apr.2019, 05:22 AM
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Thanks Case Officer!

Can you apply for the Working Visa at any time on a Working Holiday Visa?

For instance, can I apply for the Working Visa 2 months before my Working Holiday Visa expires, then leave to wait for the result?
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Case officer
post 30.Apr.2019, 06:35 AM
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Yes, and explain in your application when you plan to travel out of Sweden and to where.
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post 1.May.2019, 01:56 PM
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Hi Case Officer!

Me and my girlfriend (a Swedish citizen) are expecting a baby in September 2019 but my working holiday visa ends in July 2019. I have just applied for the working permit and I am still in Sweden. I know I need to be outside of Sweden during the wait but is there a temporary visa that I can apply for my case so that I can be in Sweden to take care of my girlfriend while I am waiting for my working permit decision?
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