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The Local _ Svealand _ Uppsala

Posted by: Francois Lavigne 6.Oct.2005, 07:56 PM

Hej! I have been living in Sweden since late 2001. I now live in Uppsala. I have been reading the topics and I completely identify with many of the posts, about finding a place to stay, about finding employment, etc. Yes it can be frustrating but honestly, Sweden is a wonderful place to live. Just remember the rule of three: First time you ask a Swedish bureaucrat something it will not be right. The second time you ask you will get half the answer and the third time you will finally get the answer.

Anyway, I live in Uppsala so if there is anyone out there who wants to hook up, talk, whatever, let me know. My name is Francois. I am an artist (painter). I am originally from Québec and am one of the few who did not come to Sweden because of a mate.

Hej då!

Posted by: Guest 26.Oct.2005, 10:07 AM

Hello, Francois,

I think we have "met" long time ago. So you are in Sweden now...


Posted by: Francois Lavigne 26.Oct.2005, 03:40 PM

Perhaps we have...Are you from Russia?


Posted by: Francois Lavigne 14.Nov.2005, 02:25 PM


Are you the person I think you are? Could you reply please? Are you in Sweden now as well? How are you??


Posted by: Eyallow 14.Nov.2005, 02:44 PM

I know one Elena too! Is that you? If it is you, how are you doing? Long time no see! I have missed you heaps! laugh.gif

I also about 5 Francois' maybe one of them in you..hmmm..what a small world? :shock:

Posted by: Lelebeauxart 14.Nov.2005, 02:49 PM

HAHAHAHAAA!!!! Either that or this is some long lost star-crossed thingy ...

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