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The Local _ Life in Sweden _ Water & electric for vacation property

Posted by: Terryponton 14.Aug.2019, 01:42 PM

Hi guys, was wondering if anyone can help or steer us in the right direction. We are about to go look at a small vacation cabin up in Åre and the plot has no water or electricity. It has been used as an off grid cabin by the current owner.

Has anyone had any experience with getting a well drilled and having electricity installed to a plot. We haven’t actually viewed the property as it’s 12 hrs from our house so we go up next week but the real estate agent was 0 help.

The only information I can gather on it is I can see via handy old google maps the property next door around 100 meters away has electric, and the electric pillion stops at that property, I can also see that the same property had a well drilled in 1988 to 100 meters and the ground water level is 20 meters beneath the surface.

Any info on permits required, difficulties, things to look for and companies that can be recommended would be a great help.

Thanks terry

Posted by: skogsbo 14.Aug.2019, 04:22 PM

A well; 50 to 100,000kr. Once you factor in a filter system, as it might be too hard or soft, radon, iron etc and you won't know until it's sampled.

Depth. I would not reckon on just 20m. For all you know they could have supply problems. It needs to be deep enough to not be impacted by seasonal peaks and troughs. We have water in an old 5m hand dug well, but our main supply is at 68m.

Electric could vary hugely depending on if the local kommune or power company wants it buried or hanging.

Sewage you haven't mentioned but that's another 30- 50000kr. Perhaps more if you live in a water protection zone, or it's a large house etc. Again it's local council rules that decide.

Ask about road clearance in winter. Many holiday homes that are categorised as summer only living won't be on the local road clearing plan.

The house probably isn't insulated. That's not cheap either.

Åre, because of the skiing it's a bit of property hotspot. Watch you don't pay over the odds.

Posted by: Terryponton 14.Aug.2019, 05:11 PM

Thanks for the info.

With the water that was just what it said about the water level being 20m below ground, wells on surrounding properties seem to be 60-100m mark so we was in our heads expecting 100m and again expecting a costing of around 100,000 sek for that, more just wanted to know how to find local companies for the well to be drilled and is there any trouble with permits generally for wells, we have no clue with this.

Electric is still hung overground up to the neighbours property and then stops. Again who would you contact regarding trying to get power to the property, are permits again hard for this or pretty easy.

Sewerage isn’t an issue we was looking at compost systems for the toilet.

Bearing in mind this is simply just a 25 square meter log cabin, which is what it will be kept at just housing 2 people for holidays, we just want permanent power and water.

We would have around 200,000 sek to spend on power and water and bearing in mind I’m a plumber and machine operater working for a national Swedish company I get all plumbing and sewerage parts cheap.

Thanks for the reply pal, appreciate it . Tery

Posted by: Terryponton 14.Aug.2019, 05:15 PM

Forgot to mention, road clearance also isn’t an issue, you access the site through the neighbouring farm which clears the access in winter for a very small fee. The cabin is already built with log burners and insulation.

Posted by: skogsbo 14.Aug.2019, 07:28 PM

Short on time now. What you consider acceptable sewage facilities for year round living, the kommune might not. Nationally all single stage septic tanks are being replaced by 3 stage and a soak away. Holiday homes included. I doubt you'll dodge around it but good luck.

Google brunnsborrning åre for your well.

Ring eon as a start point for your lecky. But the work is likely sub contracted out.

Posted by: gsurya 15.Aug.2019, 06:28 AM

Great and most helpful thread. Will come in handy when I look out for my sommerhus a couple of years later.

Posted by: Terryponton 15.Aug.2019, 08:45 AM

Thanks for the information mate, the sewerage shouldn’t be a problem as we are literally using it for weekends away but if sewerage is required it’s no problem for me to install a system as that’s literallly my job but I’m be never dealt with wells. Thanks so much for your reply mate we will give them a call.

Posted by: skogsbo 15.Aug.2019, 11:21 AM

Sewage. The local kommune will base the size of the sewage system on the number of potential occupants of the house. Not it's useage. What will change is how often they'll say you need to pump the tank out, usually every other year for holiday homes.
Same with the chimneys for any stoves.

Posted by: joshr 16.Aug.2019, 07:23 PM

Have you thought about putting in a solar based system? If you can land mount it (not roof), shouldn't be that expensive. Throw on a couple of deep cycle batteries and you have 24hour power. Can go for a gas oven. Fridge can be a combined gas and electric (same as you get in a motorhome), so uses electric if available and gas when not.

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