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The Local _ Life in Sweden _ Best route to drive from UK to Sweden ?

Posted by: mark jennings 16.Dec.2018, 10:12 PM

I have a Transit in the UK with some of my stuff to bring over early next year and wondered if anyone had driven over here recently and what route they found was most cost and time effective and which ferry companies they used on which routes.
I know about the freight ferry Hull/Gothenberg but they stopped taking passengers some time ago.
Any replies from people with recent experience of this trip would be appreciated.

Also, anyone wanting anything moving either way feel free to get in touch.

Posted by: Björn Bear 17.Dec.2018, 03:38 AM

I've always done the shuttle recently. Seems cheaper than ferry. Just PM'd you with some questions.

Posted by: skogsbo 17.Dec.2018, 06:42 AM

I've done immingham to Rotterdam. Depends where in the UK you are heading from. It cuts the corner so to speak and gives you a nights snooze so you are fresh to head off from Rotterdam at 7am ish.

Posted by: sarcastrix 17.Dec.2018, 09:41 AM

Think I've done all the surviving routes, Newcastle - Amsterdam (16 hours), Harwich - Hook (7 hours), Hull - Rotterdam (11 hours), Dover - Dunkerque to avoid the scum at Calais.

As said above, it really depends on your start and end point. From the south-east of England to the south of Sweden then the tunnel is quickest but may not be the cheapest with a van.

Another *curveball* way is to send the van on the RORO ferry from Immingham - Gothenburg or Brevik route then fly over. I've sent cars to Norway using this route (I delivered the car to the port of Immingham and the new owner picked it up a the port in Norway).

Posted by: mark jennings 17.Dec.2018, 11:08 AM

Thanks for the replies so far, I am in the south east.

Posted by: sarcastrix 17.Dec.2018, 01:37 PM

In that case, I'd opt for the DFDS Dover-Dunkirk ferry. Book in advance you'll get a better price also checkout sites such as hotukdeals for discount codes. From Dunkirk, it's a little over 750km to the German ferry ports or 1000km to the Bridge.

Load up on beer & mince pies smile.gif

Posted by: yet another brit 17.Dec.2018, 02:37 PM

There was rumour a couple of years ago that someone was going to try to reopen the Esbjerg-Harwich route, but I don't think anything ever happened. I used to use that route when I lived in Skåne. Pity it closed. The bar was always full of quality Danish piss-heads.

Posted by: lancemate 19.Dec.2018, 09:03 PM

I did Manchester to Mariestad in April of this year (and then back again 6 weeks later as I couldn't keep the car here)

I did Manchester to Dover day 1 and stayed with some friends there, Dover through the tunnel and drove to Hamburg day 2 and stayed in a hotel (Leonardo Stilhorn - highly recommended, cheap but very decent) then day 3 up to Puttgarden on the ferry to Rodby, only takes 45 mins and is about 30 euros for a car, then final stint through Denmark, across the bridge to Malmo and then up to Mariestad.)

All in it cost me about £300 each way for the ferries, trains, hotel and diesel.

Happy to answer any more questions if you have them, I did look into ferries, there was one to Holland somewhere but it didn't save any time overall so I just bit the bullet and drove the whole way.

Posted by: mark jennings 19.Dec.2018, 09:54 PM

That’s a decent reply thanks, so you just had the two ferries then ?

Posted by: lancemate 21.Dec.2018, 12:46 AM

1 ferry from puttgarden to rodby.

Dover to Calais i did the chunnel which was great, 40 mins and you're there and I didn't see any of the migrant camps or anything like that.

Posted by: gse1986 23.Dec.2018, 10:31 AM

I did Dover -> Dunkirk, then drove to Bremen the first day, stayed over night and drove Bremen to Linköping the next day via the bridge (so no more ferries).

I did want to take the Puttgarden to rodby ferry, but to get it much quicker you needed to book the exact departure time a week or so in advance...but i had no idea really how long it would take to drive there - since didn't know about traffic, how many breaks we'd need etc, and I didnt want to be sat around waiting because i'd allowed way too much time.

That said, the drive through Denmark was pretty dull. there was effectively one turn, which was a right at a roundabout after 100km or so, then was another eternity until the bridge. It also started raining a few km before Denmark, and stopped once we were over the bridge in Sweden...which didn't make the journey more enjoyable smile.gif

Posted by: mark jennings 23.Dec.2018, 07:26 PM

That might be the way to go, I,m not too bothered about a boring trip, no drama and straightforward would be good.
So about 2 days but how many miles London/Stockholm do you think ?

Posted by: Cheeseroller 25.Dec.2018, 12:53 PM

I never pre-booked the Puttgargen to Rodby ferry in either direction. Turn up, pay in the machine by credit card and join the queue to board.

I drove from Wokingham to Stockholm many years ago. I prefer not to drive more than 5 or 6 hours a day, so broke the trip up with an overnight in Aachen and then Hamburg.

From Aachen to Stockholm is just under 1500km and is a trip we've done 5 or 6 times the past 4 years. Usually we stop over in Malmo - the German roads being faster you can make better progress. Personally, I find the road between Malmo and Stockholm so boring that I prefer to do this as a separate days driving.

Posted by: Cheeseroller 25.Dec.2018, 12:58 PM

QUOTE (mark jennings @ 23.Dec.2018, 07:26 PM) *
That might be the way to go, I,m not too bothered about a boring trip, no drama and straightforward would be good.
So about 2 days but how many miles London/Stockholm do you think ?

Google maps says 1900km and nearly 24 hours. You will lose time waiting for the EuroTunnel train and Putgarden ferry, plus road works and depending in the time of the day, rush hour traffic (around Hamburg can be slow).

Posted by: vortigern 29.Dec.2018, 02:31 PM

If you get a bropass that will do you for the Puttgarden ferry as well as the Öresund bridge or HH ferry.

I've done it in a car (via Dover/Dunkirk) but might need to do in a van myself soon.

Does the Immingham/Göteborg ferry not allow you to drive if you have a van or does it have to be a proper lorry for you to do this?

On the subject of, does anyone know if a transit style van classed as a car for parking? Most places round here have that car symbol, but I'm thinking that just means anything under 3.5tons?

Best clue to that I can see is p12 here as there's no other specific symbol:

Posted by: mark jennings 30.Dec.2018, 08:39 PM

Forget the Immingham/GBG route, they no longer allow drivers to accompany the vehicles.
Let me know if you are going to do it perhaps we can help each other out.

Posted by: javiluna 11.Jun.2019, 11:07 AM

Hi all,

I am considering to rent a van in south London and drive all the way up to Karlstad. I know it is a long ride specially when you also have to do the way back on your own.

If someone is considering to move to Sweden by the end of July - beginning of August, please give me a shout we might find a way to reduce costs.

Thank you!


Posted by: vortigern 20.Jun.2019, 09:15 PM

In the end I bought a car cheap enough to not have to drive back again, although I did need to use one in the UK for a couple of months that made it viable.

I took the DFDS Ferry to Dunkirk as it was cheap (~£40 for the car on 8pm sailing although they let me on the 6pm for no extra)

This was mainly as I made the mistake of misreading google maps & thinking the leg of the journey from there to Kolding was the full journey.
Was a bit of a surprise to me when I got to my night stop near Essen that I still had 10hours to go.
I had a passenger seat stocked up with sausage rolls & Irn bru and apart from an there being an accident in Bremen it was mostly clear run straight up the autobahn. So just kept on going (except for Petrol/Pee stops) and was home in time for tea. That's the advantage of travelling alone!
Not sure I'd want to do that for the extra hours to Karlstad and then the same on the way back though. That'd be tough.

Anyway, I'd went via as the bridges as they work out much cheaper than ferries and wasn't too much longer so would recommend that unless stocking up at the bottle shop.

Anyone want to buy a Volvo V70? smile.gif

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