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Is it mandatory for bikes to have lights?

When should they be turned on?

post 2.Feb.2013, 04:56 PM
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Hi, I have a few quick questions about bicykle lights:

1. Is it mandatory for every bike to have lights? If yes, what kind of lights exactly? Should I have two, one in front and one back and can it be just a little red light or in front it have to be for example white? Should also they be blinking?

2. When the lights should be turned on? Is there a strict time period or is just when it get's dark?

3. I've heard that you can get a ticket (have to pay fine) for riding a bike without a lights? Is that true?

I can't seems to find this information anywhere. Thanks!
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post 2.Feb.2013, 05:39 PM
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Wasnt that hard but here you go for a start http://www.cykelfakta.nu/Belysning/Vad_sager_lagen.htm
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post 2.Feb.2013, 05:41 PM
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Yes, its mandatory and you could get a fine. I think it's 500 kr if you dont have a white light in the front, 500 kr if you don't have a red light in the back of the bike and 500 kr if you dont have any reflexes on the bike. You could also get a fine if you dont have a bell on the bike. If you are under 15 you have to wear a helmet.

I don't think there is a strict time, because the time when it gets dark in Sweden varies a lot, so I think for example its no problem to ride a bike without lights on like at 8 pm in July, but it's not ok to do so like 5pm in November. When it's dark you should have lights on the bike.

The light in the front should be white or yellow and the one in the back should be red and one should be able to see those from 300 meters away. No need to use blinking lights, but if you do, the must make at least 200 blinks/minut.

You also nead reflexes, in the front, in the back and on the sides.

http://www20.vv.se/vvfs/pdf/2008nr163.pdf (in Swedish)

If you go to a store where they sell bikes they will explain and help you with all this.
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post 2.Feb.2013, 08:34 PM
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Thank you very much!
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