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Electrician moving to Gothenburg

Looking for advice on Jobs, training, language etc

post 24.Oct.2017, 09:44 PM
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Hey everyone,

I'm an electrician in the UK, working in facilities management and today I have handed my notice in at work as I am going to move to Gothenburg at Christmas time.

It seems this is still for now at least, an easy process, although I still have the 2 big tasks of learning the language fluently (only used Duolingo so far..) and finding a job.

Ideally I would like to find the same job I have now in the UK which involves electrical/mechanical maintenace of facilities such as hospitals, shops, fire/police stations etc.. although I would expect that until my Swedish becomes fluent this will not be a possibility.

I believe that my electrical qualifications are of a European standard so I should be qualified to work in Sweden, however without being fluent in the language I imagine that possibly construction could be the only work available for an electrician at first?

Would be great to hear back from anyone who's got a good idea of what it's currently like to find work in Gothenburg at the moment, particularly of commercial electrical work. Would be nice to hear from anyone who knows what it's like to go to the job centre as an English only speaker. Would also be great if someone knew how electrical qualifications work over there, if it's possible to take any further training in English anywhere at all (I doubt it) or anything else anyone feels is helpful in any way at all.

Thanks in advance = )

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