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The Local _ Legal _ Exporting a car without a personal number

Posted by: weydagizi 2.Feb.2018, 08:37 PM

Hi guys!

Back when I used to study in Denmark, I visited Sweden a lot. I love cars and I always noticed how in Sweden somehow they are better equipped than, say Denmark or many other countries.

Anyway, I am thinking of travelling to Sweden just to buy a car for immediate export(I want to drive it out of the country rather than put it on a trailer).
I'm trying to find info on how it's done, what documents I need, etc. I've bought cars from the UK and Germany before, and there the procedure was very fast and straightforward.

My problem is, that of course, I don't have a Swedish personal number (PN), and as far as the info I found (might not be true though) is that I need the personal number to get export/temporary registration plates on the car immediately. Without the PN, I might need to wait 2 weeks or so, while the authorities send me the plates and documents to a Swedish address.(this wouldn't work for me)
Also, someone said that I could apply for some ?coordination number?( or temporary personal number) forehand, which I can use instead of the real PN to buy the cars and get the plates immediately. I'm trying to find out how much of this is true, or how it is really done?

Alternatively, I have friends, who are Swedish citizens. I don't know, maybe they could buy the car on their name, get the export plates and I can drive the car home like that? What about insurance in this case? Would it cover me as a non-swede?

Oh, and I'm Hungarian, so I'm an EU citizen, in case you need to know.

Thank you, I appreciate your help!

Posted by: yet another brit 3.Feb.2018, 04:19 PM


Read/translate this :

on export and temporary registration. You don't need a personal number (as long as you aren't resident in Sweden) to apply for temporary export plates.

Read also this : on what insurance you need.

And this : on the process in general. Note that it is the seller who reports the vehicle as exported/deregistered and sends in the plates. Note the bit about making sure that the new owner has a complete set of registration papers, for use in the new country [the same is true in reverse - you need a complete set to register an imported car in Sweden].

If in doubt, give Transportstyrelsen a call and ask.

Posted by: weydagizi 5.Feb.2018, 08:34 PM

Thank you for the information!

The process seems straightforward, except this part (quote from

"Vid tillfällig registrering får fordonet ett nytt registreringsnummer. Transportstyrelsen skickar beslutet om tillfällig registrering, registreringsbevis och särskilda registreringsskyltar till den utländska köparens svenska adress. Den utländska köparens svenska adress ska anges på ansökningsblanketten för tillfällig registrering."

When I google translate this, it says that they will forward the documents and the registration plates to the Swedish address of the foreign buyer. That means, that the process is not immediate and will take some days at least.

In any case, I guess it's easier if I just give them a call...


Posted by: yet another brit 8.Feb.2018, 12:11 AM

Yes, that would seem to be the interpretation.

The other point that isn't very clear is the "make sure the buyer gets both parts of the registration document"... which is difficult, I suspect, in practice, as the seller has to sign and send in one part! The answer is *probably* for the seller to register the export electronically, and/or request a copy of the paper version *before* sending in ... but again you should ask. You are hardly going to be the first person to do this...

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