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If you were building a house today

What would you do differently?

post 4.Jan.2013, 02:24 PM
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I would make the swimming pool larger as this one I find rather constricting.
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post 20.Jun.2016, 08:05 AM
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Morning All, So we are in a bit of a dilemma and was hoping that somebody out there could possibly help/advise.

We are new to Sweden and currently living at mor mor's house. We have actively been looking for a nice family home within an hours commute of central Stockholm for a number of months but nothing is hugely sticking out as 'the' house for us.
We recently saw a plot of land outside Balsta which ticks every box for us locationwise, price, size, local school, commute etc etc... We have asked various family members opinion on new build Vs buying an existing house nearby and the feeling is that it is such a long drawn out process that inevitably ends up more expensive than budgeted that it simply isnt worth the trouble.

I was wondering if people could share opinions on their experience in this matter like a best case/ worst case scenario. To add to the confusion we recently viewed a house which would be at the top end of the budget and for all intents and purposes it also fits the bill ( Its a move in tomorrow house ), however there were a few niggles like constant road noise and a longer commute through both Sigtuna and Marsta?

Basically, if we go down the new build route for a plot that costs 1.3m, and buy a house that costs 2m, what is the likeleyhood that we could conceivably come in at under a 4.5m ( total cost ) budget in 6 months or under. That is basically the balance I am weighing at the moment. Any advice welcome.
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Båg Såg
post 16.May.2017, 09:45 AM
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I'll feed the Zombie thread...

I have no experience with new house builds, but I do know the following (and if you are new to Sweden you will learn them soon wink.gif )

1)In Winter: Your can't build the footings, dig the sewerage/water lines (frozen ground), paint the outside or pull the power cables (too cold)
2)In Summer: Everyone take 3 months off, so you can't get anything done from june-august. This includes planning approval.

I'm sure there are ways to extend the winter build window like erecting a massive heated dome over the worksite, but it sounds expensive.
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