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And some suggestions on implementations

post 25.Mar.2019, 12:09 PM
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1 "Many international workers suggested that a clear time limit should be set on processing times for work permits and extensions, in order to reduce stress and give workers more freedom, since they are subject to certain limitations during processing."

Easily done, If no reply within 1 month -> automatic rejection.

2. "Several people said they had the impression that hiring managers treated applications from foreigners differently than those of native Swedes, with one saying a friend had found it much easier to get interviews after getting married and changing her name to a typically Swedish one."

If you are international talent, comming to Sweden on a work visa you have already been hired. Or did TL do the same misstake as the rest of the centre-of-right parties did and confuse work migration with asylum?

""It needs to be addressed at a very basic level. Companies need to be told they are to be more international. Zero tolerance for only respecting Swedish experience and only employing Swedes," stressed another reader."

Maybe you should look up homiebridgning then and how indian/pakistani/bangladeshi hiring managers handle recruitment.

3. "Another said that smaller companies and startups in particular often didn't know all the relevant labour and immigration laws for hiring internationals, and suggested seminars for HR managers." This information is already widely available, if you are assuming that these startups are actually hiring in good faith, and not just trying to pull a fast one in order to cut down on wage expenditures.

4. "Some argued that the work permit restrictions should be eased for those with in-demand skills or qualifications."

What restrictions are they refering to? The hard lower wage threshold of 13000 sek/month? The demand for insurance? The demand that the wage payed not fall short of the minimum salary stipulated in the collective agreement?

5. "The Local's readers mentioned the housing crisis in Sweden's large city as a major problem for international workers; the big cities, where most English-language jobs are on offer, are all experiencing major housing shortages." You claim to be "superior talent with exceptional skills" but you want more handholding than what is offered to locals. Swedish authorities don't even help the indeginous population find housing. How about you place those demands on the employer instead, they are the ones talking about "invaluable talent that can't be sourced domestically".

6. "Many people said they were surprised at how often Swedish language skills were a requirement for jobs, particularly given the high English proficiency among Swedes. Others pointed out that this was particularly true in smaller cities and towns, and that in order to attract more international talent it would be helpful both to increase English language use outside the major cities and to offer more language training for internationals." So, once again Swedish society should change to accomodate these invaluable talents. How about they use their supposedly "superior minds" to pick up swedish on their own? It isn't that hard, you are world-class talents, I believe in you.

""It is impossible to learn the language if people don't want to talk to you in Swedish," said one respondent. "So it becomes a vicious circle. It is required to speak the language to get a job but there are no ways to learn Swedish."" So first they are pissed of that people don't want to use english and then they are pissed of that people don't want to speak swedish. What is it that they want then?

"Integrating with the local community is especially important for job hunting in Sweden compared to other countries. "

"Companies view their employees as tools or machines, but forget that we as people need a little bit of love too," said another worker."

Naaaaw, they want companies to hold their little superior hands, navigating the barbarian lands populated by uncouth natives. Contrast this with the work migrants who despite having skills that are in demand by employers everywhere still need to be let into swedish society so that they can hunt for jobs.
Is this once again a case of The Local mixing work migration with refugee migration?

9. a tax rebate for certain skilled workers who move there for work, and suggested that Sweden could introduce a similar policy.

There already is, it's called "expertskatt", See 11 chap. 23 § in the income tax law
If you don't qualify, then maybe you aren't that big of a "rockstar performer" as you think you are.

10. "One said that working culture could be improved by changing "Swedish society's expectation that international people will have to adapt completely to fit into the market." So once again, swedish society should change to suit the international talent.

What's next? The Local India demanding that indian society has to accept my right to wear leather shoes, leather belts, eat hamburgers with bacon and wash it down with beer while working in Mumbai?
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post 25.Mar.2019, 03:40 PM
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Wow, got some time on your hands? That was quite the load of blithering.

And..."while working in Mumbai"...haha, sure, like YOU could get a job in Mumbai.
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post 25.Mar.2019, 04:05 PM
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QUOTE (Gjeebes @ 25.Mar.2019, 03:40 PM) *
Wow, got some time on your hands? That was quite the load of blithering.. And..."while working in Mumbai"...haha, sure, like YOU could get a job in Mumbai.

No shoes, no shirt, no substance.
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post 25.Mar.2019, 04:37 PM
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QUOTE (Gjeebes @ 25.Mar.2019, 02:40 PM) *
Wow, got some time on your hands? That was quite the load of blithering.

Said the pot to the kettle.
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post 26.Mar.2019, 09:05 AM
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