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Moving to Sweden w/ British partner

Game plan to move back to Sweden!

post 20.Feb.2017, 11:48 PM
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Hi all,

To give some background, I am a US citizen. I lived in the UK for 3 years and on in off in Sweden ~1 year. At one point I had a sambo visa but I never actually got my personnummer as the relationship broke down before I had had time to even settle in.

I moved back to the US with my current partner (UK/US dual citizenship) a couple years ago and we have been talking about a medium-term plan to move to Sweden.

I have a couple questions:

1. Will having a previous sambo visa affect my process going forward? My partner would (currently) have more of an easy time settling since he is British. If it makes any difference, the break down in relationship previously was not by choice but by an abusive situation.

2. I am currently working in non-profit (admin/accounting). I am taking Swedish lessons, I am at late beginner/early intermediate level right now. What would my job prospects look like? I am not looking to make a ton of money, just enough. English is my first language and I have a degree in interior design.

3. Is there any idea of how the immigration process will look like later on with Brexit? I haven't heard anything concrete yet, but it's hard to decipher exactly what is happening especially since we aren't in the UK.

4. People with experience moving to Sweden: how much money did you have saved? We would likely not be bringing furniture etc so shipment costs wouldn't really be a factor.

Thanks for your input smile.gif
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post 21.Feb.2017, 12:22 AM
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QUOTE (barkbarkbarkbarkdog @ 20.Feb.2017, 11:48 PM) *
Hi all,To give some background, I am a US citizen. I lived in the UK for 3 years and on in off in Sweden ~1 year. At one point I had a sambo visa but I never actually got my p ... (show full quote)

1. There are way to many "what ifs" in your situation for anyone to give you an honest answer and I would take any attempt at an answer with a grain of salt as nobody is going to be able to know how migrationsverket is going to react to you trying to come back to the country with an EU member when you were previously a sambo, that is just a downright tough ask. Perhaps it will not be an issue, perhaps it will be a major issue, only time will tell. I don't even know if it's possible for you to come back to Sweden as the sambo of an EU member and play tag-along with his right to residency? You may need to sort your own visas separately and in which case which visa could you qualify for?

2. There are plenty of jobs in Sweden, unemployment is quite low and you are I am assuming Caucasian in which case it shouldn't be to difficult to find some kind of work. Most Americans I know here have managed to find work quite quickly if they aren't to picky about the job. I would put out a word of caution for your partner though assuming he is on any kind of upwards career trajectory I have yet to meet a single person that has actually advanced their career in Sweden by any margin that could not have been beat by going to another western country or just staying put. The amount of time one must invest to learn the language and business customs as well as the rampant nepotism and "ethnic Swedes" first in line for promotion tradition it can be very difficult to continue on with one's career without feeling disappointment at nearly every turn. Make sure your partner understands that he will need to take in all probability a large step backwards careerwise.

3. Most recently I have heard that the UK and Sweden have agreed to let foreign nationals stay without issue. What this means for actual immigration after the fact is still a mystery. I am going to go out on a limb and assume it will be like how Norway is with the EU, separate but still open to movement of EU nationals.

4. Currently, just to qualify to come to Sweden from the UK you need to show at least 10,000 pounds in savings (last I heard). I would say the more money you have in savings the better. It can take months to get setup in the system and if you are planning on living in one of the five biggest towns it is near impossible to find accommodation at the moment, plan for that.

Definitely take everything I have said with a grain of salt, like I said there are a ton of "what ifs" attached to you question that nobody is going to be able to answer.
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