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Private Health Insurance to obtain Personnummer
Swedish bureaucracy strikes again!
13 AnnaDvdH 7,187 13.Nov.2017
No New Posts 2 RAFS 138 11.Nov.2017
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Medical situation while waiting on personnummer
Will it cost a fortune to see a doctor?
4 gruenberg 208 3.Nov.2017
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Importing personal car assistance
need hand in importing the car
2 ToSheila 369 28.Oct.2017
By: Uncle Fred
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Six months in... does it get better?
Regretting moving here  * 1234
51 yurodivy 23,693 18.Oct.2017
By: contomlon
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To get a personnummer
Change of coordination number to personnummer
0 shoushou 210 8.Oct.2017
By: shoushou
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Fix motherboard power?
IPTV motherboard power supply issue --------------
2 akaash 466 2.Oct.2017
By: akaash
No New Posts 1 zander 483 26.Sep.2017
By: manmanam
No New Posts 5 Felelico 619 19.Sep.2017
By: intrepidfo…
No New Posts 0 omerkay 500 18.Sep.2017
By: omerkay
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want solution for my problem
please respond quickly
5 sai 677 18.Sep.2017
By: sai
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How long till Försäkringskassan health insurance
Confusing statement on MV website
0 RAFS 239 17.Sep.2017
No New Posts 8 umers 5,918 14.Aug.2017
By: jensleman1…
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Is there USPS Forwarding?
Is it possible to forward US Mail to Sweden?
0 jbeuckm 757 27.Jul.2017
By: jbeuckm
No New Posts 2 ArishiaLar… 2,667 10.Jun.2017
By: the_dome
No New Posts 0 Tcm 1,905 30.May.2017
By: Tcm
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From Texas to Sweden
Searching for some moving advice
14 SammyLeeB 3,960 26.May.2017
By: axiom
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Bringing My Kitties Into Sweden
Please HELP with a Customs Clearing Agent
6 goodbyesa 2,811 23.May.2017
By: Mistress_O…
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Old light ceiling socket wont work ?
Wiring problem or socket problem ?  * 12
17 Typr40 19,344 22.May.2017
By: elsabeskow…
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Conflict of priorities
Lose a day of work to pick up belongings?
0 Akkarath 2,239 19.May.2017
By: Akkarath
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Help a German foreign national please.
how to become swedish and have a better life.
4 sashafox 2,854 14.May.2017
By: LLHope
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Moving from UK to Sweden
Moving company recommendations
5 katyhether… 3,408 10.Apr.2017
By: thegreger
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Bringing in a car from Non-EU country
Switzerland to Sweden by road
0 Jamie_39 2,636 5.Apr.2017
By: Jamie_39
No New Posts 4 CircusChel… 3,288 24.Mar.2017
By: CircusChel…
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US to Sweden
Relocation Feedback
4 comingtoyo… 3,178 11.Mar.2017
By: Bsmith
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Hi from Italy
moving to Gothenburg
2 Dan.gem 3,223 7.Mar.2017
By: Dan.gem
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Moving from the U.S. to Sweden --- with firearms..
Confused about the rules for importing firearms  * 1234
51 rfmann 55,739 2.Mar.2017
By: Gamla Häl…
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Hello from Ireland
Hoping to one day move to Sweden
8 SansaAnne 4,867 27.Feb.2017
By: SansaAnne
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Australian moving to Sweden
Would love to hear your experiences
9 bellabee88 6,366 26.Feb.2017
By: Cheeseroll…
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I need to move to my wife in Sweden but
I have some questions please
1 Benjy.Yeld… 5,033 24.Feb.2017
By: Mistress_O…
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