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Life in Sweden
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Swedish law - some questions
some problematic situation...  * 12
17 mamo 1,563 Today, 21:47
By: lysz
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I want to move to Sweden from Canada
Stockholm specifically  * 12
20 PhantomPai… 2,862 Today, 20:26
By: Gjeebes
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Date moved to Sweden, for Forsakringskassan
Give earlier date registered with Skattverket?
0 northernla… 79 Today, 19:25
By: northernla…
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The Right Skills
Lots of love little talent.  * 123» 5
67 Nitch 11,765 Today, 16:48
By: mjennin2
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Where to buy bath foam
Or bubblebath
0 mollis 1,381 Yesterday, 23:01
By: mollis
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Buying and selling apartments, Stockholm
How loans work in the case of selling and buying
2 AryaK 616 Yesterday, 16:28
By: Essingen55
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Moving out to a new address in stockholm
renting a transport car with a driver
0 rasheed 246 Yesterday, 15:25
By: rasheed
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Fish Oil for Toddler
Is this the norm?
9 jimmyr 1,280 Yesterday, 11:57
By: Gjeebes
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Letter of recommendation when resigning
LORs in sweden -- norms and rights
3 roboseq 920 19.Jan.2018
By: BPlus
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Where can I find cheap winter tires?
CHEAP arround 500/600 krona
3 anose 2,708 19.Jan.2018
By: TLSucks
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Living time in Sweden_due to applying citizenship
How to count the time of being outside Sweden?
3 MChote 608 19.Jan.2018
By: wondering_…
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Dates during which winter tires are obligatory
Updated answer: December 1 through to March 31  * 1234
54 alopeciaa 16,815 19.Jan.2018
By: Kolkish
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2017 Cost of living in Sweden
Southern area (Lund/Malmo)  * 12
19 Calone 8,339 19.Jan.2018
By: Calone
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1st hand rental at Akelius
Preference to 2nd hand contract holder
0 BPlus 305 18.Jan.2018
By: BPlus
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Which private health care to get a Swedish I.D. nr
UK citizen now needs a I.D. number
10 mark jenni… 1,608 18.Jan.2018
By: mark jenni…
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Leaving a psychotic Woman
Is there anything she can do?  * 123
44 kiwiboynz 15,106 17.Jan.2018
By: Svedallas
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Safe area to live with family
Looking information about area in Gothenburg  * 12
16 ggtm213 2,927 17.Jan.2018
By: Svedallas
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PUT criteria for non EU citizen
Working professional
4 vamsi ammi… 2,478 17.Jan.2018
By: put
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Private Health Insurance for Personummer
documents accepted by Skatteverket
6 AGP 4,931 17.Jan.2018
By: Maria Butr…
No New Posts 9 MSR123 771 16.Jan.2018
By: Gjeebes
No New Posts 1 Arietis 306 16.Jan.2018
By: Uncle Fred
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Getting permanent residency after studying?
Do the 2 years count while applying for PR?
3 gurleenset… 717 16.Jan.2018
By: Fernandis
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Divorce and Division of Assets Advice
Any advice would be great.
4 mnvillan 520 16.Jan.2018
By: yet anothe…
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Cleaning services tax rebate
tax rebate going to the landlord or tenant
3 hateuserna… 383 16.Jan.2018
By: yet anothe…
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My experience "trying" to move to Sweden
Please god, just end me now  * 123» 5
72 SmokerT69 15,495 16.Jan.2018
By: Gjeebes
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Best banks for mortgage for new arrival to Sweden
One income, 1+ dependents and UK mortgage still  * 12
18 northernla… 7,679 15.Jan.2018
By: Mib
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E-krona (digital currency)
Is it necessary to complement Swish?  * 12
17 PacoMartin 3,957 15.Jan.2018
By: Svedallas
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UT and Personnummer
Question about residence permit and PN
3 Bong14 613 15.Jan.2018
By: Bong14
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Now it has become clear to me
why Christmas lasts so long in Sweden...
3 Bsmith 434 14.Jan.2018
By: Bsmith
No New Posts 12 HiSweden 5,265 13.Jan.2018
By: Svedallas
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