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Life in Sweden
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No New Posts 38 izeytinci 1,837 Yesterday, 23:32
By: Bsmith
No New Posts 14 jrock 1,018 Yesterday, 15:58
By: nicola4444
No New Posts 6 Brenton7 528 Yesterday, 13:01
By: Essingevik…
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Long term relationship
Meeting someone  * 123
30 scfisher 1,751 22.Apr.2017
By: ChocOwl
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Getting a summer job in Sweden
Obtaining work as a foreigner
0 wabroad 140 21.Apr.2017
By: wabroad
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Problem obtaining personnummer.
Spanish citizen struggling to obtain residence.
2 VictorCL 209 21.Apr.2017
By: Case offic…
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I have been offered a job in Sweden...
Looking for some advice on housing.
3 Paladine 398 21.Apr.2017
By: yet anothe…
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Looking for newly immigrated people for interviews
Interview to be done as basis for a school project
0 VRG Interv… 185 21.Apr.2017
By: VRG Interv…
No New Posts 2 Korramatta 3,301 20.Apr.2017
By: kroosmay
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foreigners buying house problems
purchasing property, applying mortgage
2 Reireidook 322 19.Apr.2017
By: ChocOwl
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Rent in Guthenburg/Lund/Malmo/Helsignborg
rent in one of these areas
0 noudzyy 160 19.Apr.2017
By: noudzyy
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Getting married with a Swedish girl
Europe - setteling down  * 12
19 scfisher 2,987 19.Apr.2017
By: Barcaloni9…
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How aktivitetsstöd is calculated
if you miss activities  * 12
17 HiSweden 911 18.Apr.2017
By: aaron2017
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Health check up
vårdcentral or private clinics?
7 HiSweden 602 18.Apr.2017
By: rouet
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Long distance father
Who wishes to receive a Swedish residence
5 haber 405 17.Apr.2017
By: mjennin2
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After Tax Salary calculator
Working out take home pay  * 12
17 Eric Canto… 192,540 16.Apr.2017
By: yet anothe…
No New Posts 8 Seandn 648 16.Apr.2017
By: yet anothe…
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swedish consumers and '.se'domain extension
Does it give more confidence than a .com extension
0 CAndygodis 247 14.Apr.2017
By: CAndygodis
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Asylum seekers and refugees
how do they survive
6 Seandn 980 13.Apr.2017
By: Seandn
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How hampered down am I in Sweden?
If I am not folkbokförd
1 CAndygodis 449 13.Apr.2017
By: ChocOwl
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does ielts score matter in study visa
accepted in halmstad university with 6 bands
0 raycoolray… 221 12.Apr.2017
By: raycoolray…
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Hiring trailer for one way
Any cheaper alternative?
5 maxfrombd 2,153 12.Apr.2017
By: Båg Såg
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Trucks = Terrorism // Grenade Attacks = Crime?
Where is the logic ? - Linkoping, Sweden.
1 Savage 288 11.Apr.2017
By: Uncle Fred
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Wait times for SFI, how do I get answers?
For the love of everything, how long do I wait
1 pebbletots 316 10.Apr.2017
By: gse1986
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Need help for college
Is the GED accepted in sweden
2 FaresJanda… 315 9.Apr.2017
By: yet anothe…
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Magnet insektnätt dörr
Has anyone tried one of these?
2 mjennin2 395 9.Apr.2017
By: axiom
No New Posts 43 Swedish Wo… 2,456 9.Apr.2017
By: Gamla Häl…
No New Posts 1 CAndygodis 311 8.Apr.2017
By: Gjeebes
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Contents Insurance in Sweden
Looking for some advice..
0 helen123 222 8.Apr.2017
By: helen123
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Becoming a Swedish citizen
Adult American son of a Swede
2 psexton 534 8.Apr.2017
By: yet anothe…
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