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Life in Sweden
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Depressed since moving here
Dreading the year to come  * 123» 5
60 refresheds… 14,257 Yesterday, 21:33
By: Bsmith
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online shopping in sweden
looking for recommendations
3 grim_fanda… 4,147 Yesterday, 13:05
By: Svedallas
No New Posts 0 RobertsDal… 466 Yesterday, 10:16
By: RobertsDal…
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How to get coordination number
I have applied using a contract from uber eats
1 tauhid007 1,439 19.Apr.2018
By: MatthewYun…
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Career Counselling in Stockholm
Looking for a career counsellor for my girlfriend
0 b00k4 579 18.Apr.2018
By: b00k4
No New Posts 9 Meetjoebla… 2,192 17.Apr.2018
By: Cheeseroll…
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What kind of meat is a Fransyska?
Beef, but what cut?
6 JonG 2,450 17.Apr.2018
By: yet anothe…
No New Posts 0 francispal… 230 17.Apr.2018
By: francispal…
No New Posts 8 jonesyg10 1,631 17.Apr.2018
By: SussexBoyI…
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When to notify employer re parental leave?
as I am on probation until shortly before birth...
5 northernla… 4,957 17.Apr.2018
By: globetrott…
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Studying in Sweden
About funding my education
2 jaddaou99 304 17.Apr.2018
By: iamaho
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Mortgage in Sweden for buying a house with UK loan
Does loan in UK affect mortgage in Sweden?
0 globetrott… 218 17.Apr.2018
By: globetrott…
No New Posts 9 Pegasus82 5,279 17.Apr.2018
By: globetrott…
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Swedish Krona falling and falling
What's bringing it down?
3 JonG 1,166 14.Apr.2018
By: JonG
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Student to Sambo
as separated man, I put my sambo in my visa applic
1 cdrhelp@gm… 274 13.Apr.2018
By: DuneSunny
No New Posts 0 HiSweden 1,031 13.Apr.2018
By: HiSweden
No New Posts 1 Katink 2,094 12.Apr.2018
By: EmmaEhrent…
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An Uncertain Future
Brexit supporters, shame on you!
13 diablo0905… 5,858 11.Apr.2018
By: bonviveur
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Where to buy a good bed?
For those who don't just sleep...
7 Paladine 2,839 11.Apr.2018
By: GamlaSkogH…
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Moving to Sweden
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly  * 123
30 santiago 16,110 9.Apr.2018
By: Bsmith
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Temporary number and work contract
Arbetsformedlingen vs. Skateverket
0 Gazzi 290 9.Apr.2018
By: Gazzi
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Buying a car in Sweden
Export to EU country
0 sambenedet… 350 9.Apr.2018
By: sambenedet…
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Locked ouside my home in Stockholm
Autolock door with keys inside
7 jaycee425 1,152 9.Apr.2018
By: Bsmith
No New Posts 1 jaycee425 248 9.Apr.2018
By: Case offic…
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Do I need to register for a new vårdcentral?
If I'm moving within Stockholm
4 Kittysue 347 9.Apr.2018
By: intrepidfo…
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Can i get work permit
i am from india
2 josenattun… 1,064 6.Apr.2018
By: isbjorn
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Can I get an IT job in Sweden? (fresh graduated)
How open is the IT market towards fresh people  * 12
21 metalismyl… 10,340 5.Apr.2018
By: Svedallas
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Problems with the post mail
Can't get mail delivered to my address.
9 aericson 8,194 3.Apr.2018
By: DuneSunny
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Advice on critical illness /unemployment insurance
How to find best deals? Price comparison site?
1 northernla… 851 1.Apr.2018
By: Svedallas
No New Posts 1 Yvonne 1,222 29.Mar.2018
By: EastCoaste…
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