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Life in Sweden
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Where did Marknadsfokus get my name and address?
Just moved to Sweden and got junk mail from them  * 12
21 RAFS 1,125 Today, 2:06
By: Cheeseroll…
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Moving to adult child in Sweden
Alone, unemployed, and dependent parent
6 nomadicast… 181 Today, 2:03
By: Cheeseroll…
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how can overstay my visa effect my PUT app
can overstay be overlook for wife and kids
0 pingy 137 Yesterday, 23:55
By: pingy
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Is long-distance dating a thing for Swedes?
Please help this confused soul :')  * 123» 9
125 chuchaqui 5,375 Yesterday, 17:30
By: Bsmith
No New Posts 0 newuser 260 17.Nov.2017
By: newuser
No New Posts 5 Tom78 4,010 17.Nov.2017
By: kapildogra
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Union and A-Kassa
which and why
9 MSahyouni 979 17.Nov.2017
By: Gjeebes
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Lost item on a train
I need your help!
2 rytierfilk… 557 16.Nov.2017
By: Sthlm83
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When Sweden's Housing Bubble Pops
And Homes Are Lost, Where Will Swedes Live?  * 1234
57 Gjeebes 5,097 16.Nov.2017
By: Gjeebes
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The Swedish Pension Trap for foreigners and expats
Expecting a minimum pension in Sweden?  * 12
23 Taxalien 36,888 15.Nov.2017
By: john.boy
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Working visa from a restaurant?
Chance of obtaining it from such an organization?
4 Dora 325 15.Nov.2017
By: Gjeebes
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2017 Cost of living in Sweden
Southern area (Lund/Malmo)
14 Calone 862 15.Nov.2017
By: Calone
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School Options and Questions
what are my options
0 MSahyouni 95 15.Nov.2017
By: MSahyouni
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Apartment Rental Fee in Gothenburg
average cost for apartment
1 dwichandra… 286 14.Nov.2017
By: egads
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Best bank for a student?
An international student looking for bank tips
8 propanejan… 658 13.Nov.2017
By: RedGreenBl…
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Winter Jackets for Dalarna
What do I need to buy to stay warm?
10 Paladine 514 13.Nov.2017
By: rouet
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Swedish house deposits
Getting deposit back after selling Swedish house
3 Rebecca VN 310 13.Nov.2017
By: Cheeseroll…
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S1 form and personal number
Moving to sweden
6 AnthonyJ 3,288 13.Nov.2017
By: Cheeseroll…
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Remote job for Swedish company
Employment the staff to work remotely
2 aleksandrt… 252 13.Nov.2017
By: aleksandrt…
No New Posts 4 nomadicast… 417 13.Nov.2017
By: Sthlm83
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Best stores to buy pillow?
Satisfaction guarantee?
4 HiSweden 311 12.Nov.2017
By: HiSweden
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E-krona (digital currency)
Is it necessary to complement Swish?  * 12
16 PacoMartin 3,251 11.Nov.2017
By: PacoMartin
No New Posts 2 rechdxs 2,153 11.Nov.2017
By: n0lik69
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Private Health Insurance for Personummer
documents accepted by Skatteverket
4 AGP 4,018 10.Nov.2017
By: Cheeseroll…
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Where to replace glow plug VW transporter T5 2007
Any recommendation of credible garage in Stockhol?
3 joe2010x 338 10.Nov.2017
By: Bsmith
No New Posts 25 Zshaikh 14,720 10.Nov.2017
By: Svedallas
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Giving birth in Sweden
Baby Delivery
0 nadly 338 9.Nov.2017
By: nadly
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Anybody want to share a van?
Do you need to move stuff to UK in Dec or Jan?
2 tomandsoph… 580 9.Nov.2017
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International School Options (Southern Sweden)
Review/Feedback required for International Schools
0 kapilkrbha… 243 9.Nov.2017
By: kapilkrbha…
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Pension withdraw when you leave
What happens if you leave Sweden?
8 kiwiboynz 688 8.Nov.2017
By: yet anothe…
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