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Life in Sweden
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Leaving Sweden - Private pension?
How to get this payed out or moved...
6 IronSteve 448 Yesterday, 17:37
By: Essingevik…
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Expat Facebook Group?
For random questions and such.
4 jkell 2,533 Yesterday, 15:39
By: mjennin2
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How to know market value of apartment
Real estate agents donot trust  * 12
16 Pravs_harr… 1,261 Yesterday, 0:28
By: Mib
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Can i work at 2 places
Can I work part time along with full time job?
4 girishneht… 438 19.Aug.2017
By: Twiceshy
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Regaining Swedish Citizenship
Lost Citizenship after moving to Canada as a kid  * 123
36 6Living 2,976 19.Aug.2017
By: Svedallas
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Work Visa Extension
Payslips and general information
0 flaneur 206 19.Aug.2017
By: flaneur
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Moving from Sweden to the UK
Method/company recommendation
5 jellybread… 394 19.Aug.2017
By: Cheeseroll…
No New Posts 5 Marsian 390 17.Aug.2017
By: Marsian
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Help to buy from sweden
Shipping sevice
0 mrhaboobi 175 17.Aug.2017
By: mrhaboobi
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University Crisis in Sweden
the failure of Swedish universities to educate  * 123» 12
175 Gjeebes 50,363 17.Aug.2017
By: Gjeebes
No New Posts 4 sheikhnave… 252 17.Aug.2017
By: sheikhnave…
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Non EU worker with family
Should avoid Sweden  * 12
28 wallace183… 30,368 17.Aug.2017
By: Twiceshy
No New Posts 6 us_to_se_2… 1,399 16.Aug.2017
By: nicola4444
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42 months rule in 48 month for PR
Will i get a PR for 40.5 months out of 48 months?
0 AKSS 199 16.Aug.2017
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Separated sambo with kid
We separated, both should take some responsibility
2 MChote 309 15.Aug.2017
By: Svedallas
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Turning a bad situation around
There is always a way
4 rajarana 497 15.Aug.2017
By: Twiceshy
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How much loan can you get for Bostadrätt
Which banks offer the most
10 zanahn 3,698 15.Aug.2017
By: grandvoyag…
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Would Skatteverket accept c/o address?
Can I get a Swedish person number with c/o address
9 Walkingsun… 5,233 14.Aug.2017
By: browngirl
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Health Insurance & Uppehålskort
Skatteverket and Migrationsverket
0 A.luay87 439 13.Aug.2017
By: A.luay87
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Private health insurrance
For personnummer and being folkbokförd in Sweden
5 sanniz 5,689 13.Aug.2017
By: A.luay87
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Please give me some feedback
New website development...
3 Salamswede… 481 13.Aug.2017
By: Twiceshy
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ayslum seeker who got a job
work permit process
1 gudboy123 261 13.Aug.2017
By: gudboy123
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is it possible to take loan on bought apartment
apartment was bought without loan.
1 Pravs_harr… 611 11.Aug.2017
By: axiom
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Ikea's Fart Survey Reveals Some
Disturbing Facts About Swedes
2 Gjeebes 741 11.Aug.2017
By: Twiceshy
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E.D. medication ?
Available over the counter??
6 tonygsmart 1,494 11.Aug.2017
By: Twiceshy
No New Posts 31 Alice 13,036 10.Aug.2017
By: Alice
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Family issues in Sweden
Housing Problems  * 12
22 johnmelton… 2,550 10.Aug.2017
By: Twiceshy
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Parquet Flooring Repair
whom should i contact
8 Raaz444 925 10.Aug.2017
By: Svedallas
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Job discrimination based on heritage?
Hard time getting callbacks  * 123» 15
219 newkidonth… 28,572 10.Aug.2017
By: Twiceshy
No New Posts 9 Hisingen 1,732 8.Aug.2017
By: mjennin2
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