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Life in Sweden
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I want to work whatever it takes!
Where to search or look for to find a job?  * 12
19 ismailsafw… 1,087 Today, 13:51
By: flaneur
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Finding an apartment
I mean, wtf?  * 123» 5
69 flaneur 2,300 Today, 11:00
By: Tenacious1…
No New Posts 5 NYDave 287 Today, 7:41
By: wallace183…
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Swedish Hunting Course
Available in English?
5 jbeardsley 4,750 Yesterday, 23:18
By: Brit Vikin…
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Moving to Sweden.
Help and advice  * 12
29 Jpk55 26,814 Yesterday, 19:52
By: axiom
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Driving licence rules
1 year limit?
6 Hopgood 251 Yesterday, 19:06
By: Gjeebes
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How does a-kassa works?
timanställd / vid behov
2 HiSweden 309 Yesterday, 10:35
By: HiSweden
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Citizenship application wait time
How long does it take these days?
3 LockStock 141 Yesterday, 10:28
By: flaneur
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employement without contract
work not paid scam
0 robocar 91 20.Sep.2017
By: robocar
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Arrived just one month ago in sweden
Where can i play football?
6 ismailsafw… 858 20.Sep.2017
By: ismailsafw…
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Use of electricity
Save fuel but use electric cars etc.
2 BritVik 1,223 20.Sep.2017
By: Gamla Häl…
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before ordering a new car registration number
registration number before ordering a car
3 Lascael 240 20.Sep.2017
By: BhuBhuKaZo…
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Working Holiday Visa
For what reason do you wish to come sweden?
1 sonofsimsa… 106 20.Sep.2017
By: Mistress_O…
No New Posts 14 ismailsafw… 775 18.Sep.2017
By: ismailsafw…
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Swedish church elections today
What are your views?
3 intrepidfo… 362 18.Sep.2017
By: Savage
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Can anyone recommend what bike should I use?
I am planning to work for Ubereats/Foodora
1 Sammy_bewd… 252 17.Sep.2017
By: elliha
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Need gynecologist in Sweden
Or some kind of specialized women's health care
3 Mmmmmnnnnn 293 17.Sep.2017
By: ChocOwl
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TMJ Disorder insurance
Information about TMJD insurance and treatment
2 gus 164 17.Sep.2017
By: gus
No New Posts 2 pebbletots 759 13.Sep.2017
By: ChocOwl
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Legal Housing Contract for admin related processin
is it legal to subletting his own apartment
0 forever_us… 261 11.Sep.2017
By: forever_us…
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Married overseas recently can I move to Sweden?
Is that possible or is there other ways around ?
5 jlbm1 1,287 11.Sep.2017
By: Mistress_O…
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Headphone Repairs Stockholm
Help Need a place where I can get headphones fixed
5 todd265 791 11.Sep.2017
By: Mib
No New Posts 4 luckylefty… 581 10.Sep.2017
By: Bsmith
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Am I (soon) illegal in Sweden?
I need a few advices ...
13 LetsGetFre… 1,454 8.Sep.2017
By: rex
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Partner having problems with c/o address
landlord not wanting another person
0 Raindear 335 8.Sep.2017
By: Raindear
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Help! House agent is way too Interfering
Help needed to take acion against a bullying house
3 MrsKumar 564 7.Sep.2017
By: ChocOwl
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Moving from Sweden to the UK
Method/company recommendation
8 jellybread… 1,873 7.Sep.2017
By: TheExpatEa…
No New Posts 0 IndoSwde 336 6.Sep.2017
By: IndoSwde
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Freelancing (in US) while on work permit in Sweden
Working as independent contractor while in Sweden
9 CodeToLive… 4,885 6.Sep.2017
By: ginnybloss…
No New Posts 0 seanmusse 327 5.Sep.2017
By: seanmusse
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