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How long have you been waiting for the decision
Starting from application date  * 123» 50
742 CBDZ 118,923 Today, 0:58
By: rainbow
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Applications for Swedish citizenship
Share your experience!  * 123» 7
101 HiSweden 14,245 Yesterday, 15:57
By: lelu
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New extensions forms
What else is needed
12 wallace183… 362 29.Sep.2016
By: wallace183…
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URGENT - Help needed
Travelling without resident card
4 Thomas24 194 28.Sep.2016
By: hatim
No New Posts 384 Alex29 42,997 28.Sep.2016
By: wl19860807
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Waiting times - migrationsverket
Case officer & waiting time  * 123
35 bvraju20 3,110 27.Sep.2016
By: Sabzeena
No New Posts 0 Sabzeena 88 26.Sep.2016
By: Sabzeena
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Late in Applying for Student Visa Already in Swed.
US Passport Holder Exchange Student at Uppsala
7 stephknee 2,152 26.Sep.2016
By: Tman
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PUT/Work permit extension
Waiting time?  * 123
43 omerkay 5,317 26.Sep.2016
By: Hisingen
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Implications of missing insurances in the past
Could it be a problem when extending work permit?
3 Julias1987 1,365 26.Sep.2016
By: anki22
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Missing employer insurance
Work permit requirement
13 aquatic 1,524 26.Sep.2016
By: hatim
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Visitor Permit Visa
Questions about applying for this visa
1 jamesjoyce 148 25.Sep.2016
By: visahelp
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Which company did you get your insurance through?
Insurance company won't give me required policy...
7 Settar33 290 23.Sep.2016
By: LLHope
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Work permit extension
Employer letter
2 wallace183… 199 22.Sep.2016
By: wallace183…
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work permit for dependents
dependents work criteria
0 kiru 90 21.Sep.2016
By: kiru
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Job visa and Sambo visa?
can I do this
1 brandyzomb 124 20.Sep.2016
By: Scottish
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Work permit extension
certified proof of insurance
10 wallace183… 1,087 20.Sep.2016
By: ITProf
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Time counted for permanent residency
does it get zeroed after rejection & reapplication
3 strawberry… 407 19.Sep.2016
By: strawberry…
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Which Visa Should I Apply For?
American wanting to join his GF in Stockholm
3 jamesjoyce 280 17.Sep.2016
By: mjennin2
No New Posts 0 fahed.alkh… 174 15.Sep.2016
By: fahed.alkh…
No New Posts 5 SYS998 272 14.Sep.2016
By: SYS998
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missing 3 out 4 insurances
for the first 6 month of my work permit period  * 12
27 strawberry… 2,388 12.Sep.2016
By: wallace183…
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Visa to Canada
Processing of canada permit  * 12
19 luckylefty 6,262 12.Sep.2016
By: MyersCire
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Sambo Visa HELP!
Trying to submit more info
1 bubblegum_… 263 12.Sep.2016
By: Scottish
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Do I have to leave Sweden?
Residency permit
12 NorthernWo… 713 8.Sep.2016
By: Hisingen
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Work permit Restrictions
Educational work beside work permit
10 Zesh 510 8.Sep.2016
By: hatim
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Staying out of Sweden
After applying for citizenship
2 HiSweden 272 6.Sep.2016
By: HiSweden
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Moving from UK to Sweden
The drama of getting there
6 hudson0804 645 6.Sep.2016
By: Laurelia
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HELP new immigration law
really hope to hear answers  * 1234
48 oraling 14,531 5.Sep.2016
By: mjennin2
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Waiting Time Statistics for Study
Residence Permit for Study  * 12
15 Hamedhhh 2,208 5.Sep.2016
By: Lux_ME
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