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No New Posts 871 Alex29 131,292 Today, 15:37
By: Vicky
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Migration Court Appeal Time ?
Case rejected, What's the avraged appeal time?
9 Barcaloni9… 921 Today, 18:35
By: the_dome
No New Posts 218 HiSweden 51,032 Today, 17:51
By: lelu
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What are these codes with my ID Kort?
Skatteverket ID Kort codes
2 pebbletots 163 Today, 10:33
By: yet anothe…
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Work Permit - Adequate Funds from Company?
Extra Scrutiny Company Application
1 Katten78 158 Today, 9:27
By: wallace183…
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Double Application for Residency
Is it possible to have two applications at MV?
8 pijio 240 Yesterday, 16:06
By: help.each.…
No New Posts 2 smokedsard… 103 Yesterday, 15:10
By: browngirl
No New Posts 10 Kitteh 157 Yesterday, 10:33
By: yet anothe…
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Traveling in Schengen
While waiting for a decision
5 the_dome 231 Yesterday, 9:06
By: mjennin2
No New Posts 11 Bharath 1,601 24.Mar.2017
By: Alex29
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Family Joining Law
apply in advance?
0 Runesmith 103 24.Mar.2017
By: Runesmith
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How long have you been waiting for the decision
Starting from application date  * 123» 61
903 CBDZ 177,162 24.Mar.2017
By: sridhard19…
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Why are employees at Migrationsverket so lazy?
Sweden has longest waiting times in EU  * 123» 9
124 the_dome 11,197 23.Mar.2017
By: wallace183…
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Permanent residence permit
based on work permit
9 imbad005 509 23.Mar.2017
By: imbad005
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Speak out this Sunday or shut up forever!
Foreign workers to form human chain to stop deport  * 123» 6
86 strawberry… 2,917 23.Mar.2017
By: Bsmith
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Swedish Citizenship WHY
Should i cancel my application and re apply?
11 helpplease 558 22.Mar.2017
By: axiom
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What's MV Position on good conduct
Domestic Issues with my Spouse without charges
4 Kay4ziggy 173 21.Mar.2017
By: axiom
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Rejection based on nationality
Palestinian student visa
8 Kitteh 422 21.Mar.2017
By: Barcaloni9…
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Moving to live with someone in Sweden
What are the maintenance requirements
11 the_dome 563 17.Mar.2017
By: axiom
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Work permit extension and travelling for work
Has anyone here travelled for work and applied for  * 12
16 nicola4444 595 16.Mar.2017
By: nicola4444
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Biometrics for permanent residence card
Do I have to do them again
7 Sabzeena 321 15.Mar.2017
By: Sabzeena
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Applying forVisitor's visa as a temporary solution
while decision for residence permit is pending
4 ash811m 356 14.Mar.2017
By: ash811m
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New Swedish organisation
of work permit holder
0 wallace183… 247 14.Mar.2017
By: wallace183…
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Employer does not provide offer of employment
to extend residence permit after 4 years  * 12
18 Alex29 3,302 14.Mar.2017
By: Alex29
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Total stand-still on prolongation cases
information from my company  * 12
28 nabil 1,510 13.Mar.2017
By: immigranti…
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Moving with Swedish husband to Sweden
– if we both live together abroad now
3 Darina 258 13.Mar.2017
By: Barcaloni9…
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Questions regarding sambo visa questions etc
Interview soon, need advices
2 gruenberg 213 13.Mar.2017
By: gruenberg
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Work Permit Extension after completing 4 years
First WP with Indian employer  * 12
15 kumam 1,748 10.Mar.2017
By: kumam
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Work Permit rejected
Due to not matching minimum wages  * 123
42 Vinnie 1,843 9.Mar.2017
By: immigranti…
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Swiss citizen in second admission ro
Allowed to study without permit the first 3 mths?
5 Zahnpaste 296 9.Mar.2017
By: Gjeebes
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