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No New Posts 1,500 Alex29 440,131 Today, 12:05
By: cableguy
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Migrationsverket deportation rage
salary, insurance, vacation, then what?  * 123» 44
649 wallace183… 67,094 Today, 12:33
By: hatim
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Getting a independent Visa work permit
can my employer sponsor my visa
1 thakre28@y… 214 Yesterday, 19:12
By: visaissue
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Changing job if PR application was rejected
(application in court for appeal)
4 raj_sal 511 Yesterday, 18:36
By: hatim
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New born baby in Sweden
Residence permit Non EU  * 12
18 wondering_… 1,625 Yesterday, 14:36
By: maksmaks
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Anyone applied a sambo visa within Sweden?
How was the processing time for you?  * 123
33 paperclips… 14,223 Yesterday, 12:44
By: critic
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Dodgy employers in Sweden
Also cdlled rogue employers
12 the_dome 933 20.Nov.2017
By: john.boy
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Appeal Decisions for Residence permit
Let's share our experiences
0 Dallas 295 20.Nov.2017
By: Dallas
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missing 3 out 4 insurances
for the first 6 month of my work permit period  * 123» 5
60 strawberry… 45,236 20.Nov.2017
By: Athenian91
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Dependent Visa: work from home
Is there any legal or tax related issue
7 NishantHad… 3,505 17.Nov.2017
By: Case offic…
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Cancellation of extension of work permit
what are consequences of cancellation of WP?
1 Zvjezdanin… 317 16.Nov.2017
By: visaissue
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EU Right of Residence or Sambo Residence Permit?
Confusion for an EU citizen living with a Swede  * 12
22 noshoesind… 13,108 16.Nov.2017
By: hjoian
No New Posts 501 HiSweden 242,293 16.Nov.2017
By: dr_MadGeek
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Work Permit Extension Insurance missing
Insurance document is missing for visa extension  * 12
28 zohaibmir 12,821 15.Nov.2017
By: Athenian91
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Visa Extension can get approved or not
Work Permit visa extension queries
0 thakre28@y… 107 15.Nov.2017
By: thakre28@y…
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Regarding Work Visa extension
by Canceling the student visa appeal
1 flash 144 15.Nov.2017
By: hatim
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PUT/Work permit extension
Waiting time?  * 123
44 omerkay 11,437 14.Nov.2017
By: Athenian91
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Sambo interview Canberra
Australians give me your advice!!
5 unsilentde… 319 13.Nov.2017
By: Cheeseroll…
No New Posts
Migrationsverket check your application
Is you data still there?
4 wallace183… 348 12.Nov.2017
By: wallace183…
No New Posts 1 coldstar 230 10.Nov.2017
By: Case offic…
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Work Permit Extension
Information needed
4 husain 421 9.Nov.2017
By: husain
No New Posts
How long it takes
To manufacture uppehållstillstånd card?
7 the_dome 490 8.Nov.2017
By: tckmasr
No New Posts
Will PR be granted ?
Have some Unused visa
8 Rooz_swede… 436 8.Nov.2017
By: visaissue
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Residency Card Question
For EU citizens' family who are non-EU citizens
4 jamesjoyce 198 8.Nov.2017
By: the_austri…
No New Posts
Sweden Work Permit Start
Non-EU Applicant
7 tckmasr 359 8.Nov.2017
By: the_dome
No New Posts
Resideny Permit Question
Can I exit Sweden before card is issued?
4 jamesjoyce 292 8.Nov.2017
By: jamesjoyce
No New Posts
After break up Sambo meet a EU citizen! what to do
I need some help with this trick situation.
0 dadi 127 7.Nov.2017
By: dadi
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2nd Work Permit Extension
Complex Scenario (few days in hand)
9 raj_raj 889 3.Nov.2017
By: flaneur
No New Posts
Working holiday to partner visa...
Advice for an Australian and Mex/US couple
1 Annamil 100 3.Nov.2017
By: Case offic…
No New Posts
Size Matters or Not
Apartment for Work Permit Extension ?
12 siddharthc… 877 2.Nov.2017
By: Gjeebes
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