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No New Posts 1,814 Alex29 578,483 9.Nov.2018
By: planet
No New Posts 1,465 HiSweden 431,259 12.Nov.2018
By: IndianInSt…
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EU Blue Card
The process
6 xeeshankh 495 11.Nov.2018
By: hatim
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Work Permit Basics
Plus Renewal and PR + Citizenship
2 JohnP1 171 11.Nov.2018
By: JohnP1
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Work Permit Vacation Rules
Is it mandatory 20 days per year?
0 kempyyyy 217 8.Nov.2018
By: kempyyyy
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How long have you been waiting for the decision
Starting from application date  * 123» 63
932 CBDZ 417,160 7.Nov.2018
By: Cedar2
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Migrationsverket deportation rage
salary, insurance, vacation, then what?  * 123» 104
1,548 wallace183… 187,135 7.Nov.2018
By: mayin2018
No New Posts 2 emmanguyen… 239 7.Nov.2018
By: watergarde…
No New Posts 15 carmijoon 6,416 6.Nov.2018
By: carmijoon
No New Posts 0 Qasqot75 171 6.Nov.2018
By: Qasqot75
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PUT and Work Permit Rules for Non Europeans
Please share your knowledge and experience  * 12
20 put 4,042 31.Oct.2018
By: mayin2018
No New Posts 7 questionsa… 1,443 31.Oct.2018
By: Panika
No New Posts 13 mayin2018 599 30.Oct.2018
By: mayin2018
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Resident Permit Appeal
To know the future procedure or to dis continue my
0 prra5983 238 30.Oct.2018
By: prra5983
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Will jobless affect citizenship application?
Is the job status part of the consideration?
0 watersteel 254 29.Oct.2018
By: watersteel
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Enter Sweden while waiting for work holiday visa
Canadian work holiday visa in Sweden
1 mrsraffels… 239 28.Oct.2018
By: mirnass
No New Posts 4 lookingfor… 340 26.Oct.2018
By: lookingfor…
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6 month looking for work permit - After Studying
When should the permit start?
2 JM1469-T3 260 25.Oct.2018
By: watergarde…
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Working Holiday - Health Insurance?
Trying to figure out best policy
1 AYearAbroa… 445 25.Oct.2018
By: mrsraffels…
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Wait time for working holiday visa?
For citizens of Canada, Australia, etc
4 Femketje 3,084 25.Oct.2018
By: mrsraffels…
No New Posts 21 Sullen 1,134 25.Oct.2018
By: rebbeccaca
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Employed to Self-employed
Please help!!!
7 Alex83 578 24.Oct.2018
By: Alex83
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Getting my fiancé to Sweden
A couple of questions
5 Kristina_t… 408 23.Oct.2018
By: Case offic…
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Dependent Residence Permit
Are they allowed to go back to home country
0 kempyyyy 213 23.Oct.2018
By: kempyyyy
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salary slips for a year
and 13k limit
0 SantN 170 23.Oct.2018
By: SantN
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Study Visa permit extension
No valid credits.No exception.Need help.
0 Htanmsa 308 23.Oct.2018
By: Htanmsa
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Permanent residence permit for phd students
Adding up prior work permit
7 montecarlo 534 21.Oct.2018
By: Case offic…
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Permanent residency PUT
4 years of non-continous work?
0 watergarde… 368 19.Oct.2018
By: watergarde…
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Residence Permit vs Right to Reside
Whats the differences?
1 XmanNZL 407 17.Oct.2018
By: GamlaSkogH…
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Dependent visa duration of one year
Working if spouse with WP leaves country
7 AnandSingh 489 15.Oct.2018
By: AnandSingh
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