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No New Posts 1,671 Alex29 527,385 22.May.2018
By: nanomat
No New Posts 1,050 HiSweden 356,964 Today, 12:42
By: hesper83
No New Posts 6 sai538 309 Yesterday, 22:07
By: sai538
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Citizenship vs. PUT
Trying to stay out of MV's hair
2 spoonrabbi… 206 Yesterday, 15:03
By: Martian
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Maintenance Requirements for Spouse
6 months apartment contract
1 activityx 220 Yesterday, 10:00
By: mhm
No New Posts 6 RRR-3 341 22.May.2018
By: Gamla Häl…
No New Posts 1 Surafel34 177 22.May.2018
By: Scottish
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Migrationsverket deportation rage
salary, insurance, vacation, then what?  * 123» 91
1,357 wallace183… 158,744 21.May.2018
By: wallace183…
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Sambo visa extension
Aktivitetsstöd from arbetsförmedlingen
3 omerkay 342 19.May.2018
By: Martian
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How long I will get work permit
completed 3 years as a dependent
6 DeSummer 331 17.May.2018
By: Case offic…
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Working Holiday - Health Insurance?
Trying to figure out best policy
0 AYearAbroa… 91 16.May.2018
By: AYearAbroa…
No New Posts 4 Tenacious1… 385 16.May.2018
By: Tenacious1…
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sick parent visit
tourist visa
2 m_j_1986 428 13.May.2018
By: hatim
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Usa tourist from sweden
Permanent resident
1 Awoaanto 247 8.May.2018
By: vosovicd
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Changing visas as non-EU member
Student to sambo visa
2 Fenrisulve… 259 7.May.2018
By: Fenrisulve…
No New Posts
Changing in visa status
changing to work permit
0 merin 265 6.May.2018
By: merin
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Residence permit for non-EU citizens
Share your experience!
2 ay_psy 380 5.May.2018
By: eleandreon
No New Posts 1 nanomat 305 4.May.2018
By: wallace183…
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Profession change after 48 months
share your experience
1 badol 248 3.May.2018
By: maggi
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Eligibility for personnummer
A case caused by the Erasmus Mundus Program
7 harsha95 371 3.May.2018
By: good_luck_…
No New Posts 4 NitinJain1… 457 1.May.2018
By: Case offic…
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UK national registering with Försäkringskassan
Help - what supporting doc do I need?
1 beanz 591 30.Apr.2018
By: beanz
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Visit Sweden on Work Permit but with no work
Search another Job on this WP
1 Jenny3006 644 29.Apr.2018
By: hatim
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Doing biometrics in another embassy
other than my home country
1 daniel7 215 25.Apr.2018
By: daniel7
No New Posts 0 francispal… 478 25.Apr.2018
By: francispal…
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About Family member of a person who has a work per
Can anyone provide information about this
3 lulululu 1,840 25.Apr.2018
By: lulululu
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Need some help about divorce and visa
Divorce, Marriage, Family, Visa
0 rsrzrcj 170 23.Apr.2018
By: rsrzrcj
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Interview and descision
Interview: How long does it take to get a response
7 Marion 2,596 20.Apr.2018
By: littlered
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Anyone at Mid Sweden University, Sundsvall?
International Student Autumn 2018
0 Pavel 219 20.Apr.2018
By: Pavel
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Work Permit and Personalnummer
Skatteverket procedure
1 eLmrCh 2,053 16.Apr.2018
By: Scottish
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