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Surviving in Sweden without a job

How do you guys do it?

post 15.May.2009, 09:16 PM
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There are always threads on here about how people have been living in Sweden for months or years and still haven't managed to get a job. How do you afford to live? Do you have a rich lover, or did you save up a fortune before moving to Sweden? Do you get benefits?
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The Lix-a
post 15.May.2009, 09:36 PM
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Location: Norrbotten
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I moved here with some money in the bank, we bought a house, that moneys gone now due to no job. Being supported by my girlfriend right now, hmmm not ideal, i want to contribute and have money to fooking spend.
If i dont get a job in the next yr, it dosent look good, back to britain, giving up owning my own house to live in a bedsit, mmmm great!
As my girlfriend says if i had a job too we would be rich. I was working for 6 odd months here and during that time, we were, it was great about 300 pounds a week which is twice as much as i ever made in the uk. The money i saved up from that has gone now, well it would wouldnt it.
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post 16.May.2009, 09:30 PM
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yea, I have been here now for close to a year. When I came over I had about 240,000sek saved up. now I am at about 180,000sek, which I think is pretty good. I have not been able to find work, probably for many reasons, not speaking swedish, half-ass effort, economy.

In the states banks will give you like 400-800sek as a promotion for opening an account with them, sometimes with just a min of 1000sek to open the account. I have done that a handful of times to make some quick money. Let the accounts sit there for a 3-6 months and then close them. I have done paid online surveys, although not really recommended. They give you like 10-20sek for an hour of your time. I have made about 8000sek in the last month trading in the stock market. Basically you just have to watch what you spend and figure out ways to make some money and or live frugally. I was fortunate to live with a girlfriend for about 4 months rent free. And now a friend of a friend is on vacation for 6 months and he let me take his room for 500sek a month, which is great.

I might be getting a job at a restaurant here, but I am considering going stateside after the summer. I do love Sweden very much, but going back to California or perhaps a move to New York is appealing to me as well. I mean back home I could just walk into a financial service job making 500,000sek a year, so at this point, I am really questioning what path I can take if I decide to stay here. Who know's maybe I go home and work for Citibank and then transfer to a position in Sweden with them when it opens.

Good luck and I hope part of my story helps.
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post 17.May.2009, 06:51 PM
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lucky you, at least you made some money with stock trading...Mine is dropping constantly, can't even bother checking them any more. I am in the financial service industry as well which makes it even harder to get a proper job in Sweden, really miss the last couple of years(before the crisis), every month was a good month with lots bonuses...hehehe...I might consider either moving back home or London after finishing my masters, but who knows, the economy might be getting better, and my swedish is improving, I might be able to get a good job here...but for now, just have to take anything reasonable, so I don't have to be financially depended on my bf all the time.
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post 17.May.2009, 07:00 PM
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Location: Umeå
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It's not easy, i'm one of the lucky ones, I had a summer job here in 2000 and when I decided to move here in 2007 I went to the same company and got a job after only living here for 2 weeks. That will be 2 years in July.

BUT, iv'e been pre-warned that i'll be jobless after September, so I could be heading home too, don't think i'd last long here without a regular income as it is expensive to live, even if the wages are better, a lot better than I was getting in the UK.
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post 17.May.2009, 08:47 PM
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Helllo there,

I have been applying for jobs for over 7 months and have written many letters.
I speak and write quite a bit of Swedish but stating that in the application does not help.

They do not care and just do not reply if you are a foreigner...

Mind you - I am Dutch and speak various other languages but to me the Swedes are discriminating bunch of people.
Back in Holland we love to hire people from various parts of the world with their experience...

The Swedes do not seem to want to understand...
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post 17.May.2009, 09:04 PM
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I hope that even though this is a little Job seeking experience.

When i was first unemployed here in sweden, I ambled everyday down to Arbetsförmedlingen in seek of gainfull employment. I would go in and explain my work background and qualifications and finally ask if they has a job for me:

To my amazement everytime they replied "Nun"!!!

I replied that as I was athiest and male that this might not be the most suitable person for such a position and that payment from God was not as useful to me as cash in my pocket.

On very visit it was the same thing until I realised that they had actually meant "none" as in there were no jobs... didnt I feel like a charlie...
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Eric Cantona
post 17.May.2009, 09:16 PM
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I also had a money in the bank before making the move as was about to buy a house in sunny Spain, then became a love refugee in the frozen north and like many other non-Swedes found work hard to come by. Spent a lot of savings just partying..

In fact I left Swe but kept an eye on things from distance and found a route back (via a year or so in Copenhagen). Potential employees sometimes take you more seriously if you're already in work - even if it's elsewhere.

For any of you people who've paid tax and national insurance in Sweden, you should be entitled to some government assistance. Certainly if you're an EU citizen, and possibly if you're not.

Jim747, if you know it's coming and if you wanna stay and seek govt help, think about what's in your accounts as they'll want your last six months statements before giving you anything..
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post 17.May.2009, 09:17 PM
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Family support now my own money has gone.
Luckily I've only a set time here of 1 more year than I can go to elsewhere (anywhere) to get work. I've heard good things of Denmark and I figure if I improve my Swedish that will help a lot there.

I have done paid online surveys, although not really recommended. They give you like 10-20sek for an hour of your time

How do you find those things? I've heard rumours of their existance but googling just brings up endless scams trying to draw in idiots with promises of huge money for no effort.
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post 17.May.2009, 09:31 PM
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QUOTE (kaze @ 17.May.2009, 10:17 PM) *
Family support now my own money has gone. Luckily I've only a set time here of 1 more year than I can go to elsewhere (anywhere) to get work. I've heard good things of ... (show full quote)

I have used greenfieldonline.com and had great success.
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post 17.May.2009, 11:03 PM
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whats the pay rates they offering for completed survey?
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post 18.May.2009, 02:31 AM
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like I said the pay is not quite well. Sometimes its a 10 min survey for 1usd (8sek) and sometimes its 40 min for 2usd. I have seen the rare 3usd survey, All of the survey's I have taken and or seen offered, have been 45 min or less. A lot of the surveys you will get emailed about just offer an entry into a weekly sweepstakes for prizes. I did a couple, than decided it wasn't in my best interest to do the survey's unless it was for cash.

Its just something I do when I am bored. I had two really cool ones. One was about my opinion on a cover for some new motocross game on xbox and another was about a Chinese restaurant called PF Changs, and its competitor Cheesecake Factory. Basically what you would expect from an online survey company.
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post 18.May.2009, 09:05 PM
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Location: Gothenburg
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QUOTE (bas @ 17.May.2009, 09:47 PM) *
Helllo there,I have been applying for jobs for over 7 months and have written many letters.I speak and write quite a bit of Swedish but stating that in the application does no ... (show full quote)

How good would your Dutch have to be to get the jobs you are applying for here, in Holland? That's the bottom line really.

As to the original question, almost everyone I know just sponged off their Significant Other until they got work. Or until the Significant Other had a tantrum about the situation. Largely Swedes appear rather aware of what a difficult place it is to bring their partners, so they give a fair bit of slack before kicking off.

Hang in there.
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Renfeh Hguh
post 19.May.2009, 07:43 AM
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I'm more wondering why do people do it?

Unless you come from a 3rd world country I really struggle to see why people accept unemployment or employment at a level much lower than what you could get back home, when in many cases if you moved back home, both you and your Swedish bimbo or lap boy could get the jobs you are qualified for? rolleyes.gif
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post 19.May.2009, 10:49 AM
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Location: Kristianstad
Joined: 15.Sep.2008

I'm not there and very sad.
I'm not willing to give up a good job in the UK for a step down or unemploymnet. I miss my husband so much (and all my possesions as they moved over with him), but I can't justify in my own mind moving over and scrounging off him. Firstly, he's not really earning enough to suport us both, and secondly I would go stir crazy without a job.
I think it's great that so many of you have folowed your hearts and moved to be with the one you love but I seem to be far too practicle for my own good.
Sadly we've got ourselves stuck in a bad situation, as neither of us can now find work in the others country so that we can be together again.
I'm applying to all the things I can find, but the options seem to get more and more limited each month. I am so desperate to move and be reunited with my CD's, clothes, furniture,pictures, computer and of course my husband. This thread is rather interesting, sadly none of you have managed to convince me that I can just come over and it will be ok.
Please somone tell me that it's easy to live without a job in Sweden. I'll be on the first flight over.
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