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I'm looking for an IT job

Does your company have an opening?

post 15.Jul.2009, 02:55 PM
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I have already ben working for 1.5 years and now my visa is going to expire.
I have 7 years IT experience in VB, Oracle , SQL Server , Crystal reports , ASP. .NET.

Somebody please help me...
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Miss Kitten
post 15.Jul.2009, 03:11 PM
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Well, you haven't specified how you want anyone here to help you. If you need a job, then you need to look at the job search websites. Try this one:

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post 15.Jul.2009, 03:23 PM
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Thanks for the reply.
I am keeping an eye on the job portals.
But any of your companies are having opening , please respond.
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post 4.Aug.2009, 11:08 AM
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Hi All ,

Is there any one who knows about openng , in your companies for Programmer.
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post 4.Aug.2009, 12:42 PM
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You should check out platsbanken that Miss Kitten posted - there are over 300 vacancies in their programmer category
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post 2.Sep.2009, 03:06 PM
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Hey there. Everybody okay? I am quite a mess, because I lost my job too and I am also looking for a job as an IT. I have searched several websites and applied to several jobs but I have always been refused. I desperately search for an executive job in this industry. Can anybody recommend me something? eventually? I would be very thankful for any hint.
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post 2.Sep.2009, 03:38 PM
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Any Linux, python, C++, blender, PostgreSQL experience?
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post 2.Sep.2009, 09:21 PM
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For all of you that have programming/web skills, have you considered working in Sweden but for other companies outside Sweden. I have heard of people who work from home working on projects etc and if you're good enough, I'm sure you can get the work. Of course, sometimes they have to travel to the office, but that is only occasional and considering how salaries tend to be lower in Sweden, you could probably undercut the higher salary demands of the Brits etc.

From January 1st, the UK VAT rate changes back to 17.5% from 15%. So, that will require skilled programmers over the holiday season. I heard some guys earnt 5 figure sums in sterling for a few days work to reprogram customer's systems. But, I suspect you would have to be in the UK to do this type of work. But, for a couple of weeks work, it might be worth considering.

Another area that seems to be rolling fast is writing applications for the iPhone and the new Android OS from Google. Again, if you're good, you will make money doing this.

Finally, freelance work while difficult could be another way to go, especially if you can create simple business solutions that save money/increase inefficiencies.

Good luck!
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post 6.Feb.2010, 07:48 PM
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Dare I say it? Swedish, Swedish, Swedish.
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post 8.May.2010, 08:21 AM
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the company i work for have just started a recruitment drive. we have about 30 IT vacancies right now. programming, DBAs, project managers etc etc. PM me your CVs.
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post 9.May.2010, 09:05 AM
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IT Job Openings:

We are a large leading conglomerate in our field of operations and an explosive success story since operations began in the backwaters of south south west asia in the late 70s/early 80s taking on a lucrative and never to miss opportunity to pay back a business rival for the loss of business in South East Asia in 1975. The original conglomerate was built by venture capitalists from Saudi Arabia, technology from MIC USA and Western Europe and cannon fodder from Afghanistan/Pakistan. The current conglomerate structure has undergone radical changes what with the financial crisis, new owners and interests.

We operate worldwide with special interests in Middle East, Western Europe, Russia, US, South East Asia and South Asia (especially the growth market of India). Looking for self motivated individuals hungry to reach the next level where the rewards are heavenly and simply out of this world. We are an equal opportunity employer and support local recruitment and encourage local natives to apply. Current vacancies are open in all locations where we have interests. The ability to operate smoothly within one's country is essential for our success. Candidates may be required to travel extensively and at short notice, hence ability to travel without requiring a visa such as H1B and other complications is most essential.

Initial interview will be held via video and telephone. The candidate may have to fly to our head quarters (at their own expense or if they know how to work the Hawala system) for final interview and initial training which will equip him(mostly, her in very exceptional cases). The successful candidate must be a keen believer in our philosophy and pursue the business with single mindedness despite distractions and temptations that may sway the candidate. The candidate should be clean shaven, bear good moral character from a status family, have a driving license, hold dual citizenship to make travel even smoother especially on extremely short notice. Experience in I.E.D, RDX operating systems and C++++ (C4) programming language is desirable but not essential. However, motivation, ability to adapt and improvise solutions is essential and to keep our overheads down, the successful candidate will work from home.

Send your resume to either of our affiliates: Al Qaeda, Taliban, TTP, LeT/JuD, JeM, SSP, LeJ, ISI c/o Mr. Haqqani, Director Recruitment, North Wazirstan, Pakistan or c/o Mr. H. Saeed, Head of Recruitment - Special Ops South Asia LeT/JuD, Muridke, Punjab, Pakistan. The recruitment office in Riyadh/Jeddah has been downsized due to cost reasons and our HR dept exclusively operates from a low cost country.

PS: All things being equal, candidates who have license to drive trucks or buses will be preferred. tongue.gif
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post 6.Dec.2011, 10:02 AM
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You might try at Sony/Erikson in Lund,.I know many people who work there and, as in most IT white collar jobs,.you dont have to know or speak Swedish!
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post 6.Dec.2011, 11:34 AM
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Hi ranji,

My company is a small virtual conferencing and collaboration provider. We are in the process of moving our legacy systems over to new technology.

If you match one or more of the following we may be able to talk:

- .net programming ability and python (porting from legacy LSL/opensim to custom python back end)

- smalltalk programming ability and python (porting legacy system from open cobalt to custom python back end)

- blender scripting ability (part of our "demand feeder" tool chain)

- technical writing ability (translating python code to clear documentation)

- process documentation writing ability (writing documentation for client support, new client procedures, day to day task handling)

- ability to work well with others (our clients are in various eu countries and now a few african and asian countries too... You need to be able to deal with people sensitively because cultures var widely)

- if you can speak swedish it will be a bonus (it's not the office language per se, we speak mainly english for tech communications, but some people who have started here without understanding swedish have felt left out and eventually resigned, crazy but true in this economic environment!)

If you match any of the above I can offer:

- fun working environment (we have foosball table and a relaxed atmosphere)

- market based salary

- challenging technical environment (the main programmer is a very very technical swede, I guarantee that keeping up with him will improve your skills).

- possible opportunity to travel to other eu countries to do on site work from time to time (our recently reacquired Dutch client demands a lot of on site work and it has been an issue due to lack of programmers)
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post 6.Dec.2011, 12:50 PM
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This is what annoys me - people bitterly complain about lack of jobs in SE, yet despite these whiner's protestations, when you actually need staff - and come middle of next year I may actually lose clients due to lack of programmers to service them, when you need staff - guess what, no viable candidates, and a level of interest that is totally out of sync with the claimed desperation for jobs.

It is attitudes such as this that make me consider places like oDesk, despite the general lack of communication ability and poor quality coding that candidates usually have.
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post 6.Dec.2011, 08:32 PM
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It may annoy you dave smith but you are hardly brains material answering a post from 2 years ago.
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