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Blonde hair, blue eyes

Swedish myth/stereotype

post 21.Sep.2009, 05:17 PM
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Okay like many girls are brunettes in Sweden and of course those who visit are aware of this and I suppose spread this actualization, but still many people are under the impression that Sweden is a land for "blonde hair, blue eyed women"? Now my question is why do Swedes or Swedish government still allow the image? It's like in the USA, tons of people annoyed that abroad "we're seen as dumbass racist rednecks" and the Brits "seen as jagged tooth chavs". I'm not saying the Swedish stereotype is a negative, but I wonder if the stereotype has any effect on how a foreigner in Sweden might see "women or react to" them. I've asked a few Swedes about the stereotype and they didn't seem to care what a foreigner would think, but isnt the stereotype so old fashioned? It paints a picture to perhaps an older time whereas Sweden is forging a more new global identity.
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post 22.Sep.2009, 08:44 AM
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Most people I know have confused Sweden with Switzerland! The sad reality is it's so common that you can't help but just laugh about it all. As for the stereotype about Swedes, all stereotypes are the same - they are all old and outdated. As a foreigner, I don't think it's a bad thing at all. In fact, just last year there was a few articles about strong, recognizable brands in the world and Sweden as a country ranked high in it?!!

Basically it just means that there is a collective ignorance of Swedes in general, but it works because it's generally positive views! If you live here, why is that a bad thing? I personally do not care what people outside the country think about Sweden if it is generally positive. When they arrive and attempt to find the Swedish Bikini Team - in vain (lol), I can't help but laugh!

Keep in mind that all of this doesn't mean I can't complain about issues within Sweden. I just don't care how we are portrayed outside of it. Plus, it helps wit tourism! happy.gif
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post 22.Sep.2009, 10:59 AM
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A list of myths I've heard from people about Sweden:

1. Swedes are all tall.
2. They are all blonde hair and blue eyed.
3. Most of the females are named Inga, and the men Sven.
4. Polar bears live in Sweden.
5. Sweden is Switzerland or vice versa.
6. They're really open about sex and porn.
7. All Swedes are fluent in English.
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jack sprat
post 22.Sep.2009, 11:11 AM
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QUOTE (Baned @ 22.Sep.2009, 08:44 AM) *
Most people I know have confused Sweden with Switzerland!

Not so hard to tell the difference after a few pints.
The Swiss can yodel and walk home under their own steam.
The Swedes just make a few funny sounds and then fall over.
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post 22.Sep.2009, 12:13 PM
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The Finnish word for Sweden - Ruotsi - stems from their word for 'Red'. Because Sweden was a nation of gingers.
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post 22.Sep.2009, 12:54 PM
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My favorite "myth" was from an American who asserted that Sweden was the capital city of Norway. Mind you he also thought Europe was a country and that Poalr Bears were just old and grey grizzlys!
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post 22.Sep.2009, 01:27 PM
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It's absolutely true. A large majority of true Swedish people (Not "I've lived here for 5 years, so im Swedish" type of people)...are in fact Blonde and blue eyed, this is no myth. The small majority who are not have in some way been( and will be) infected by the "outside" world.
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