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Swedish Police Kidnaped their son at Arlanda

Help reunite this persecuted family!

post 14.Oct.2009, 01:44 PM
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Many of us here may not know the REAL truth regarding the state, the social Services in sweden and how they routinely take peoples children. Only Germany has such bizzarre and corrupt officials in this matter as far as we know.

Swedish born Christer and his Indian wife Annie wanted to homeschool their child before moving to India to help poor and homeless children.

Homeschooling is legal in Sweden, though the principal at the school decided that he (illegally) would not cooperate.

What followed was a nightmare of beurocracy whereby a few social workers decided that Dominics 2 bad milk teeth (he is 7 years old) were cause to take him from their family.

All accusations agains Christer have been proven and shown to be true in a court of law. Christer has recorded ALL communications, is working as hard as he can and is suffering from stress. His wife Annie has a bad heart, and since then has been bedridden for the most part.

They are stressed, depressed and trying their best through the courts to get their son back, many authorites in the Social Services agree that the actual system has done wrong, as do Family support groups.

This happens more than we realise, and Sweden is a country where the beaurocrats react and act without any reprecussions all too often.

What has happened to them can easily happen to us all.

With an almost total media blackout.

2 bad teeth = We take your child.

Much more information in Swedish and English:

A few words from the article:

As the airplane was about to depart, it was stopped by the Swedish Police, who came onboard, took us all into custody at the airport and took away our son! We were completely surprised and shocked, my wife collapsed in a state of overwhelm and panic, no one was there to help, I tried my best to comfort her as she went in and out of consciousness. Her lips turned blue and her whole body had gone into a state of shock.

Finally I was able to resuscitate her, comfort her, though to this day she is understandably feeling extremely down, sad and in a state of disbelief. As an Indian citizen she could never have imagined such things happening in a modern western country.

Through all the madness, the brutal inhumane and complete disregard for basic human rights, the only reason for all this explained to us was the fact that our son Domenic had two bad milk teeth, which the social services deemed enough evidence to "kidnap" him away from us, and place him in the custody of some strange family.

As this gross negligence progressed and as we have fought day and night to get him back we have heard only the most pathetic and absurd excuses from the social workers responsible. Who have, by the way been pathetically unhelpful and downright uncooperative.

Our civil servants have cited the bad teeth, and a few anonymous letters as being the cause for the "kidnapping". Unbelievable, that a modern western country, in the EU would act like something out of a banana republic, with a dictatorship gulag mentality, with total disregard for family and the love between child and parents.

After a few weeks they changed approach and claimed we are bad parents, for no reason!

Who are these people who are responsible?

Obviously confused or unable to accept other cultures etc, individuals with the names of "Sofi Rosenqvist and Caroline Palmqvist", work for "Gotlands Kommun".
( -

The "Socialtjänsten" over here on Gotland has a history of over-reacting and complaints against them and their fellow co-workers are on our side in this regard.

What is happening right now, is our son Domenic is placed in an extremely stressful situation, we have little or no contact with him, his diet of organic healthy foods is non existent (when we finally got to meet him briefly he told us, under supervision how much candy he has been eating, ironic considering his so called bad teeth would be a central issue for their actions).

The more our lawyers look at this case, the more apparent that their is either total corruption and disregard for human rights within the social services to allow this negligence to continue

I am and have a background in social work, I am and have been working together with my wife to make this world a better place, and not just talk about it in endless meetings like so many beurocrats do.

I will and have worked with the police and other aspects of the social departments to help rid society of criminal elements, establish communication and responsibility with youth needing help and working on our project for the better part of 10 years.

That two misguided individuals would use the Swedish police to "kidnap" Dominic, to cite anonymous letters and bad teeth as evidence to do this is a dangerous precedent, it is without compare in an open and free society and indicative of the big social problems in society at large.

Link on blogspot with more info, mostly in SWEDISH.

Christer was on American radio yesterday...

From Renew America website in english

Renew America article

Home schooled boy grabbed by police on plane in Sweden
Help reunite this persecuted family!
By Donald Hank

Christer and Annie Johannson are a Swedish couple from Gotland that attempted last year to home school their son Dominic, a bright and happy 7 year old, just prior to their leaving the country to take up residence in India. They made all the right moves, informing the school of their plans.

Home schooling was — and still is — legal in Sweden (there is discussion about banning it) and when Christer asked the principal of the local elementary school if he could supply some teaching materials, he agreed to do so.

But in the meantime, some locals decided that these parents should not be allowed to do this. The reasons for this are no more clear than they are legal, but Christer was once involved in an alternative on-line news mag that expressed politically incorrect ideas and as near as anyone can tell, this was the reason his home schooling plans were opposed.

When Christer went back to the principal to get the materials, he was told that he would not supply any materials and that Dominic must go to school.

The Johannsons insisted that the principal keep his promise. The drama quickly escalated and soon the local social services imposed a fine of 250 kronor per day that Dominic was not in school. This did not intimidate the Johannsons, because they knew they were within their rights under Swedish law.

But the Gotland authorities unanimously stood against them and eventually the court got involved and decided that while the school board had violated some of the parents' rights, they still would have to send Dominic to school.

The Johannsons were on the plane, which was due to leave the gate in one minute when the Swedish police descended on it. Like commandos, they stormed the plane and took Dominic into custody, without stating any reason for doing so. Dominic was so traumatized he later threw up. Annie later fell unconscious to the floor of the police station. The police did nothing to help. Four days later, she stopped breathing in front of social workers, who also did absolutely nothing to help.

Can you even imagine this insanity?

The full story is given below (NOTE: the English version is below the Swedish version), but please come back after you have read it so you can help get Dominic back home where he belongs:

I called Christer some time after this happened and we had a long talk. He had not seen Dominic in a while, was only allowed short visits and had spent the night before and most of the that day crying. Annie has been in bed with a heart condition that was exacerbated by the abduction of their son. (Tonight Christer emailed me that he had fallen into a state of semiconsciousness with an irregular heart rhythm.)

I was very impressed by what a kind and gentle person Christer was. He told me "ever since I was born I have only wanted to help people." He described how he had traveled to help earthquake victims in India in 2000. He had, unfortunately, been thwarted by the large unruly crowds and was unable to help. I am not easily fooled, but I knew this was a genuinely good man with a kind heart. We both broke down crying when I ended the conversation telling him that God loves him, Dominic and Annie, that this was part of God's plan and that everything would be all right.

I promised that because I know my readers and know that you will help.

After this conversation, I wrote an email to the Swedish authorities, and would like you to do the same. Please, if you have limited time, just write in the subject line "Please return Dominic Johannson to his parents. Thanks"

Dear Reader, Christer and Annie are actually giving you a rare privilege to help reunite a frightened little boy with his parents who love him with all their hearts. Remember what Jesus said: inasmuch as you have done it to the least of these, you have done it to me.

These words are just as true today as they were 2,000 years ago. God will bless you for just taking a few moments out of your busy day and sending an email to the Swedish authorities pleading their case. Pray that God will give you the words to write and then pray that the icy hearts of the authorities will be melted by reading these words.

Here are the emails of some of the authorities involved. The first two, Sofi Rosenqvist and Caroline Palmqvist, are the ones responsible for the decision to separate Dominic from his parents. The third is Lena Celion, a politician who thinks that kidnapping was the right thing to do. Apparently, according to her statements in the interview, she thinks children have a right to go to school but not necessarily to be with their parents and definitely not to be home-schooled by people who care about them rather than taught by strangers teaching for money.

Please tell them your opinion of their thoughtless actions, but be as polite as you can. YES, THEY ALL READ ENGLISH!

Pattern in Swedish here:

Hej pa er,

var vänlig och ge Dominic Johansson tilbaka till sin föräldrar.

Hälsningar fran USA

The 4th is the address for a politician who may be able to help. To save time you can copy them all into your browser at once.;;;;

Here is some contact info for Swedish government officials:

I especially recommend the Swedish Ministry of Education and Research. Send at least one email to the Minister of Education, but there are others too here:

Then if you have time left, please send a few words of encouragement to Christer and Annie:

Finally here is a petition supporting the right to homeschool in Sweden:

Now, there is one more job and it is the most important: Pray that God will have His way here and that this experience, as terrible as it has been for this family, will bring them closer together and will bring them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, who, as you recall, told the stoners "whoever is without sin, cast the first stone," and THEN said to the woman: "go and sin no more."

God bless!


My letter to the Swedish authorities:

I am a friend of Christer Johannson and have seen several documents pertaining to his case, namely, the seizure of his son Dominic by the Socjaltjänst in Gotland.

It is obvious that the authorities have misrepresented the Johannsons' case to the public and I would like to help shed light on this.

Please consider, for example, the following misleading article:

In an attempt to whitewash perpetrators in a sensational case of child abuse, this article ignores important facts of the case, such as the following.

* The Johannsons originally requested study material so that Dominic could be temporarily home-schooled in anticipation of their permanent move to India, and the school originally agreed to supply this material.

* Inexplicably, the principal changed his mind and the school board started to fine the Johannsons exorbitant amounts of money for not sending their son to school, even though they knew that the parents had properly applied for homeschooling materials and were soon moving to India. I understand that, unlike the former Soviet Union, Sweden has no law that bans citizens from moving away, so once the authorities were notified that the Johannsons were leaving, they should have let them go. This would have obviated all the unnecessary trauma to Dominic and his parents.

* The Johannsons then asked for a meeting with the school board, to which they are entitled by law under such circumstances. The person in charge, Lena Celion, failed to meet with Dominic's parents, in violation of the law.

* Later, Mrs. Celion was quoted in the above-linked news article saying a child has the right to go to school. However, this is misleading, because it suggests that the parents denied Dominic an education, whereas they only decided to move to the mother's country, where the boy would no doubt have a right to citizenship and would no longer be under Swedish jurisdiction.

I remind you that a few years ago, at the time of the great tsunami, it was widely reported that Swedish pedophiles had been flocking to Thailand as a place to have sex with boys, some of them quite young.

At that time many people here in America were outraged that the authorities in Sweden had done nothing to stop these evil criminals.

Now in an ironic twist, the Swedish government is trying to stop good, loving parents from traveling to Asia to give their child a better life and to steep him in a culture that will teach him diversity first hand — something he could never accomplish in Sweden with its rigid attitudes and dictatorial polices. Many of us are starting to see a pattern here: In Sweden, pedophilia is viewed with tolerance, but parents who wish to give their children the best possible life are considered criminals. Do you not see something terribly wrong here?

I am absolutely baffled at these actions on the part of the Swedish government. How can they be justified?

I ask that particularly in view of the fact that, as I understand it, Dominic vomited when the police seized him and separated him violently from his parents. The police apparently did nothing to intervene. From what I have learned about child psychology, one of the most clear-cut signs that a child is being severely abused is vomiting. Clearly, the authorities abused this child.

Now, imagine a child whose loving parents come to school and force him to come home with them for the day. Can you imagine a child under these circumstances being so traumatized by his parents that he throws up? Of course you can't. Yet the authorities continue to insist that what they did was good for the child.

The fact that the people who made the decision occupy positions of power in government does nothing to mitigate their guilt. Rather it exacerbates the heinousness of the crime they committed.

Further, instead of remedying the severe trauma done to Dominic by quickly reuniting him with his parents, the authorities further traumatize him by banning further contact with the parents and allowing only very short "visits." It is my understanding that Dominic, who was very close to his parents and had a warm and loving relationship, was so traumatized that he hardly responded to his father's first words when they were reunited under very strained and difficult circumstances. This is a clear indication that the child was brainwashed to alienate him from his own parents — another instance of cruel child abuse.

Despite the misleading article linked above, there is nothing noble about this act on the part of the officials, no excuse whatsoever. They pose as champions of children's rights but that is hypocritical. No human being with a beating heart could call their action by any other name except kidnapping and no one who knows the Johannsons' story will call it "protecting children" or think of these pompous officials as heroes. Through their incompetence, these authorities may well have destroyed this child's trust in others for the rest of his life! Every one of them deserves to be fired.

What strikes me about this case is that, here, for the first time, a country other than Germany has adopted such an inhuman approach to 'child protection.' In Germany, there are several grassroots groups (I am a member of one) that have arisen to oppose these tactics and it is common knowledge that the authorities there (das Jugendamt) began to use these cruel tactics around the time of the Third Reich.

Now my question to the Swedish government is this:

Why are you reverting to the cruel tactics of the Third Reich? Do you not have the imagination, natural kindness and good will to devise a family-friendly and child-friendly way to deal with unique and special families like the Johannsons? Can't you tolerate a dissenting viewpoint? After all, the Johannsons represent true diversity, not the stultifying politically correct type that is rammed down children's throats in schools throughout Europe by ideologically indoctrinated teachers, many of whom have never traveled abroad or lived in a foreign culture.

Finally, is Hitler not officially condemned throughout Europe? If so, then why does Sweden — like Germany — now wish to resurrect his cruel policies that led to so much misery in Europe?

We thought we had rid the world of him. But now it seems he is back.


Don Hank

Organisation for family rights in Sweden says that they have NEVER seen such case as this

In Swedish
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post 14.Oct.2009, 03:57 PM
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It is a very sad story, and I wish the family the best of luck.
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post 14.Oct.2009, 04:17 PM
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Yeah me too.

I talked to Christer over the summer quite a bit, and I hope that if people become aware either they can help or get the word out, and be very aware of this if you have children in Sweden. Or even visiting here as well. sad.gif
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post 14.Oct.2009, 04:19 PM
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Hej Bob the Editor ! where are you?
Doe the Local offer any prizes for what must be the single longest winded starter posting
thus far on the discussion forum . ?

I was honestly interested in this topic , but quickly switched off ,when it just went on & on & on ...& on
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post 14.Oct.2009, 05:16 PM
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My appologies on the scope of the text, felt more like a favour on my part to include relevant information.

Looking at it now, yeah it is long. Would be good to edit it after the first couple of links perhaps, but I cant do that myself. sad.gif

My intention was and is to highlight a disturbing FACT about swedish beurocracy that was unknown to me before I learned the language, and to pass the information on in a way that readers could consider without having to click away from this fine forum.

Hope you find the time to look into it otherwise. If not for your sake or your childrens, then for the family involved smile.gif

I contacted the Admins to help with that. thanks for the tip-
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post 14.Oct.2009, 07:05 PM
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I've heard about this story and I have also heard from people who live on Gotland that the whole thing seems to be persecution by social services of this family's alternative lifestyle - to snatch a child from parents who were moving abroad to live appears and abuse of power

social services on Gotland belevie that home education = child abuse

I think this family's only real chance is to appeal through the courts and then take their case to th European Court of Human Rights
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Gustav- Fælbönnran
post 14.Oct.2009, 11:00 PM
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The irony of this case is that after a lifetime of supporting violent totalitarian Stalinist groups throughout the third world, such as the Vietcong, SWAPO, ZANU, and Palestinian militants, when Christer finally runs into some heavyhanded state socialism in action at home, it is the Christian Right and St0rmfr0nt that support him in the blogosphere.

The world is filled with surprises.
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post 14.Oct.2009, 11:20 PM
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Are you saying that Christer supported such groups?

I wasnt aware of that, fill me in with the details, though in keeping with the SUBJECT here, Christer is married to an INDIAN national and their only ambition was to help children in INDIA.

The real point here is that like STALINSITS there is a heavy handed totalitarian attack against individuals here, no matter the political leaning, its about PEOPLE making decisions that hurt other people.

In their case, totally immoral and without evidence to support their claims on the part of the beurocrats...
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post 14.Oct.2009, 11:30 PM
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What's the story here? Social services are allowed to step in if they believe a child will have their rights infringed upon. All children in Sweden have to attend school. They clearly suspected that this right to an education would be infringed upon if his parents took him to India. This has happened before which is why Social Services are on the lookout for it. You can go on about "totalitarianism" and "socialism" all you want but I personally care for what's best for the child. Do you think Social Services are doing this for fun? Letting them leave would have meant less cost for them. I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt that they're on to something. Someone needs to tell the parents to chill. All they have to do is enroll the child in a school in India and do whatever they need to do to get their child back (and that does not involve going on American radio. WTF?)

Talk about melodrama. blink.gif You can't expect people to take a rant that mentions Hitler, socialism, and God seriously, can you? And the claim that "the social Services in Sweden [...] routinely take peoples children" is nothing short of a conspiracy theory. Which is fine. Rock on, I say. But I prefer waiting until evidence is presented in a court of law, thanks.
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post 14.Oct.2009, 11:57 PM
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Whats written in law is "right to education", there is no law that says, everybody has to go to school. Read the law!
It takes up to 10-15 years to heal from a trauma like that, think twice before you write about whats best for children. A child is not a thing that you can pick up and re-program to fit you own beliefs!
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post 15.Oct.2009, 12:00 AM
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Kaethar, I've noticed that your replies here follow a very predictable pattern. In your book, is there anything, anything at all, that the Swedish authorities do that you don't agree with?

You try to come across so hard as a voice of reason, trying to convince us ignorant expats that surely things in Sweden aren't quite as bad as we think, and if they are bad they certainly aren't intended as such, because after all the Swedish authorities wouldn't possibly allow bad things to happen, right?

Has it ever occurred to you that in the eyes of an expat, who has seen more than just the Swedish system and who hasn't been implicated by it, you might come across as rather naive, gullable and, well, overbearingly Swedish?

Try not to feel so personally attacked every time people criticise Sweden or the Swedish system. Don't identify yourself so much with the system. You're not the system; you're an individual, you know. You're allowed to think for yourself. Try it, you might surprise yourself.
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post 15.Oct.2009, 12:14 AM
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Kaethar: According to SWEDISH LAW they family was doing the right thing.

Homeschooling in swedn, like most or all western countries is legal.

The parents asked the Education Board for advice on how to do it.

The PRINCIPAL at the school denied them this by REFUSING to cooperate.

You mention about MELODRAMA. Do you have children?
would you feel it was worth some DRAMA if they were taken away from you?

All of the beaurocrats arguments and CLAIMS have absolutely NO proof, and their claims of abuse are totally wrong.

A few people have made a BIG mistake, this is ADMITTED by other social workers I believe, and all their claims against the family have been proven to be WRONG.

When asked to PROVE any of this, they are quiet and have not shown the EVIDENCE of any crime, abuse or such.

Dominic is now depressed, lonely and scared and wants to be with his family of course...

DO some researchinto the case, read the blogs to understand this more.



And no, they were not concerned that Dominic would NOT recieve an education in India, their claim is that the parents are unfit to mind their own child when ALL THE EVIDENCE refutes this.

The corruption here is probably a few beurocrats that messed up, broke the law and feel the need to cover it up. They are afraid.

A few great points there nlidukdese by the way! ; )
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jack sprat
post 15.Oct.2009, 12:50 AM
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The authorities are most likely concerned that the child has been missing out on its regular doses of Socialist indoctrination.

Came across a case in a local village about three year back,...two kids removed from their home.
Absolutely no one in the village could understand it, believe it or even find out any justification or reason for it.
The family and kids were well known as very happy with no obvious problems by their close neighbours, who knew them exceptionally well, spending quite a lot of time in their home.
After a public outcry the kids were eventually returned, and seem to have lived happily ever after.

Excellent post by nlidukdese,..lets hope the message sinks in,...but somehow I doubt it. wink.gif
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post 15.Oct.2009, 10:56 AM
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Hello Jack! Do you remmeber what village that was? Or where the information came from?

This is happening in Germany as well. Its pretty well the same situation as in sweden and in Dominics case, again, the family is very loving and even plan to work with poor and homeless children in India.

Christer, the father has even worked with social programs to help problem youth on gotland as well.
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post 15.Oct.2009, 11:09 AM
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For what I understand, I believe there is an exemption for home schooling based on religious grounds?

However saying that, if you conceder that the child is only 7? at present I cant seen the justification for social to step in on a family trying to leave the country.

Can you renounce the childs nationality (if he is a dual citizen?)
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