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Needing Home Insurance

Who and where to get it from?

post 30.Aug.2010, 06:46 PM
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Location: Stockholm
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So, after 2 months after living in our new home, I realised yesterday that we have no home insurance. I know absolutely diddly squat about this, since I've never owned a home before or needed home insurance until now.

To all you home owners out there, which insurance companies do you use and why? I will be doing my own research, but personal testimonials are always nice to read, especially when they're not on the company site, they just seem more authentic that way.

I really do appreciate your help in this, so thanks in advance!
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post 30.Aug.2010, 07:27 PM
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Well unless your house is worth nothing, insurance is a good thing, as the salesmen will always tell you. Seriously we are with our local Länsförsäkring company. You can get a quote there online. But you only know how good a company is when you have had a claim.

Its the same as everywhere, buildings cover and contents cover, set your own value for the latter. Things to look out for. Cover varies by my observation and needs care for the extent of rot and damaging insect cover, and for water damage cover if you leave the place unoccupied (important for us with a cottage, left empty for spells in the winter with background heating on).

There are certainly insurance (försäkring) companies easy to find in the high street - we even have one in our village with otherwise only a small sparbank, an ICA and bensin mack.
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post 30.Aug.2010, 08:41 PM
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All the major insurance companies do home insurance: IF, Trygg Hansa, Scandia, Folksam etc. Most if not all do on-line insurance. I have IF but haven't made a claim so can't testify. The insurance cover in sweden in general is rubbish. You get actual cash value for your stuff, not new for old. Also beware if you are in a brf then you need to include a little brf add on insurance.
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post 30.Aug.2010, 10:23 PM
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We are with IF - have some kind of package that covers everything including travel. We rang around the majors and got quotes but the thing with IF is that I can do everything online which I like.
Maybe that's the case with all of them but we have no complaints with IF
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post 31.Aug.2010, 01:05 AM
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You can do a comparison on
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Rick Methven
post 31.Aug.2010, 04:54 AM
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If you have a mortgage on the house, I find it amazing that the bank has not required you to have the minimum of buildings insurance. Contents insurance is something else, that is up to you if you want to get cover on. Building insurance is mandatory.

As far as the best company to choose, you can get similar cover with most companies, and you can get discounts for the more policies you have with a company. Start with the company you have you car insured with.

Ignore the stupid statements that Swedish insurance is crap, you get what you pay for in terms of cover. Low premium, low cover. But you can get better cover as long as you pay the higher premium.
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