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So you want to boycott Israeli goods?

...better get rid of your computer then!

post 10.Jan.2011, 05:12 PM
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So, you want to boycott Israel ?????

I’ll be sorry to miss you, but if you are doing it – do it properly. Let me help you.

Check all your medications. Make sure that you do not have tablets, drops lotions, etc., made by Abic or Teva. It may mean that you will suffer from colds and flu this winter but, hey, that’s a small price for you to pay in your campaign against Israel, isn’t it?

While we are on the subject of your Israeli boycott, and the medical contributions to the world made by Israeli doctors and scientists, how about telling your pals to boycott the following…

An Israeli company has developed a simple blood test that distinguishes between mild and more severe cases of Multiple Sclerosis. So, if you know anyone suffering from MS, tell them to ignore the Israeli patent that may, more accurately, diagnose their symptoms.

An Israeli-made device helps restore the use of paralyzed hands. This device electrically stimulates the hand muscles, providing hope to millions of stroke sufferers and victims of spinal injuries. If you wish to remove this hope of a better quality of life to these people, go ahead and boycott Israel.

Young children with breathing problems will soon be sleeping more soundly, thanks to a new Israeli device called the Child Hood. This innovation replaces the inhalation mask with an improved drug delivery system that provides relief for child and parent. Please tell anxious
mothers that they shouldn’t use this device because of your passionate cause.

These are just a few examples of how people have benefited medically from the Israeli know-how you wish to block. Boycotts often affect research. A new research center in Israel hopes to throw light on brain disorders such as depression and Alzheimer’s disease.

The Joseph Sangol Neuroscience Center in the Sheba Medical Center at Tel HaShomer Hospital, aims to bring thousands of scientists and doctors to focus on brain research.

A researcher at Israel ‘s Ben Gurion University has succeeded in creating human monoclonal antibodies which can neutralize the highly contagious smallpox virus without inducing the dangerous side effects of the existing vaccine.

Two Israelis received the 2004 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Doctors Ciechanover and Hershko’s research and discovery of one of the human cells most important cyclical processes will lead the way to DNA repair, control of newly produced proteins, and immune defense systems.

The Movement Disorder Surgery program at Israel ‘s Hadassah Medical Center has successfully eliminated the physical manifestations of Parkinson’s disease in a select group of patients with a deep brain stimulation technique.

For women who undergo hysterectomies each year for the treatment of uterine fibroids, the development in Israel of the Ex Ablate 2000 System is a welcome breakthrough, offering a noninvasive alternative to surgery.

Israel is developing a nose drop that will provide a five year flu vaccine.

These are just a few of the projects that you can help stop with your Israeli boycott. But let’s not get too obsessed with my ducal research, there are other ways you can make a personal sacrifice with your anti-Israel boycott.

Most of Windows operating systems were developed by Microsoft-Israel. So, set a personal example. Throw away your computer!

Computers should have a sign attached saying Israel Inside. The Pentium NMX Chip technology was designed at Intel in Israel . Both the Pentium 4 microprocessor and the Centrum processor were entirely designed, developed, and produced in Israel.

Voice mail technology was developed in Israel.

The technology for the AOL Instant Messenger ICQ was developed in 1996 in Israel by four young Israeli whiz kids.

Both Microsoft and Cisco built their only R. & D. facilities outside the US in Israel .

So, due to your complete boycott of anything Israeli, you can now have poor health and no computer.

But your bad news does not end there. Get rid of your cellular phone. Cell phone technology was also developed in Israel by MOTOROLA which has its biggest development center in Israel. Most of the latest technology in your mobile phone was developed by Israeli scientists.

Feeling unsettled? You should be. Part of your personal security rests with Israeli inventiveness, borne out of our urgent necessity to protect and defend our lives from the terrorists you support.

A phone can remotely activate a bomb, or be used for tactical communications by terrorists, bank robbers, or hostage-takers. It is vital that official security and law enforcement authorities have access to cellular jamming and detection solutions. Enter Israel ‘s Net line Communications Technologies with their security expertise to help the fight against terror.

So All The Noise About The Usa Listening To Our Private Telephone Calls, You Should Know It Is Israel Who Is Doing The Listening For Us.

A joint, nonprofit, venture between Israel and Maryland will result in a 5 day Business Development and Planning Conference next March. Elected Israeli companies will partner with Maryland firms to provide innovation to the US need for homeland security.

I also want you to know that Israel has the highest ratio of university degrees to the population in the world.

Israel produces more scientific papers per capita – 109 per 10,000 – than any other nation.

Israel has the highest number of startup companies per rata. In absolute terms, the highest number, except the US . Israel has a ratio of patents filed.

Israel has the highest concentration of hi-tech companies outside of Silicon Valley . Israel is ranked #2 in the world for venture capital funds, behind the USA .

Israel has more museums per capita.

Israel has the second highest publication of new books per capita.

Relative to population, Israel is the largest immigrant absorbing nation on earth.

These immigrants come in search of democracy, religious freedom or expression, economic opportunity, and quality of life. Believe it or not, Israel is the only country in the world which had a net gain in the number of trees last year.

Even Warren Buffet of Berkshire-Hathaway fame has just invested millions with Israeli Companies.

So, you can vilify and demonize the State of Israel. You can continue your silly boycott, if you wish. But I wish you would consider the consequences, and the truth.

Think of the massive contribution that Israel is giving to the world, including the Palestinians – and to you – in science, medicine, communications, security.
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post 10.Jan.2011, 05:28 PM
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Israeli is usually good quality.

I have picked a few things from Israel on Ebay.
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Rick Methven
post 10.Jan.2011, 05:45 PM
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Oh my God

Now I realise that Israel invented EVERYTHING in the world.

We must never ever criticise Israel or they will take away all our hi-tech toys and make sure we all die in horrible ways without ANY medicine.

Yes we must stand by and let Israel bomb Iran ( and anyone else they like) they should be allowed to kill everybody in Gaza and remove every Palestinian from the West bank to make way for more and more settlers.

Because it is clear that unless we do everything that Israel wants us to do, we are all doomed.

Israel is the master of the world and we must all vote for Netenyahu for dictator of the world.

At least the world will be pork free which suits me laugh.gif
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post 10.Jan.2011, 06:43 PM
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Haha, mind you Rick, that'd be no shell fish for you too wink.gif
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post 10.Jan.2011, 06:52 PM
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@ Rick: why NOT criticize Israel? It was just a post informing you what you should be 'giving up' if you decide to boycott Israel.
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post 10.Jan.2011, 07:27 PM
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post 10.Jan.2011, 07:34 PM
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Haha, Israel has the most museums per capita! That must be the best reason I've ever heard for not objecting to the occupation smile.gif I'm sure the Palestinians feel a lot better about their situation now they know you've contributed so much to their computers and mobile phones!
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post 10.Jan.2011, 07:49 PM
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Litterbin, nobody is saying that it's a reason for not objecting to the "occupation". Only that if one DOES decide to boycott Israeli goods and services (and sports), you may as well do it properly.
Like the China situation, so many screaming and shouting about human rights, torture, forced abortion, no freedom of speech, etc...but nobody willing to go without their cheap Made In China goods.
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post 10.Jan.2011, 08:25 PM
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Boycotting is obviously not for me, then. I could never live without my "Centrum processor" with "NMX Chip technology"! wink.gif

(Hint: Google those terms)
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post 10.Jan.2011, 08:53 PM
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If anyone wants to boycott a country such as Israel because of human rights abuses, I would hope they have already boycotted other countries with a significantly worse human rights record, such as;

Saudi Arabia










Sierra Leone

North Korea




The Central African Republic



Gaza Strip


Palestinian Authority










Israel has a significantly better human rights record, than any of the countries or entities listed above.

Israel's record on human rights is far from perfect to put it mildly. Israel has a significantly better record in the area of rights for women, religeon, disabled, children, LGBT, education, freedom of speech and privacy.

Israel is far from perfect in the area of human rights and is not anywhere near as good in the area of human rights as countries in Northern or Western Europe. However compared to the countries listed above, Israel would be a bastion of human rights.

If anyone wants to boycott Israel for human rights abuses, go ahead.

However if anyone boycotts Israel for human rights abuses, without firstly boycotting the countries I have listed above, then the boycott is not for the reason of human rights. I would ask that person what the real reason is.
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post 10.Jan.2011, 09:26 PM
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Blimey Nem, I think I'm agreeing with you twice in the same day!! Something must be wrong...
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Rick Methven
post 10.Jan.2011, 09:37 PM
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QUOTE (Nemesis @ 10.Jan.2011, 08:53 PM) *
If anyone wants to boycott a country such as Israel because of human rights abuses, I would hope they have already boycotted other countries with a significantly worse human r ... (show full quote)

As mentioned before its RELIGION not religeon

apart from that, would agree that most of he list of countries you have made dredged up up mostly from a litany of the shit heap of the world are poor in terms of human rights

Adding the Vatican however, shows your anti-catholic bias without evidence and some of your other choices show your other hangups.
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post 10.Jan.2011, 09:38 PM
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Oooh, I think I will start with the Vatican! smile.gif

I don't really know who the OP is posting this to in the first place, this isn't a boycott Israel forum as far as I know?? It seems he's just posting the same thing on random forums trying to make a point by bringing up things of which most are completely irrelevant to anyone boycotting Israel (are there a lot of people here doing that??). Like how many museums they have.

I don't know if boycotts are very effective (think they were reasonably effective when it came to South Africa), it wouldn't be my choice of action or inaction. But I think the people who stop buying a product from a specific country are doing it to take a stand, not because they think it will solve the whole political issue. I'm sure there are many people boycotting Egypt and Jordan and whatever else too, people tend to pick their battles rather than go for every single thing they think is wrong in the world. You can't really justify one sides actions by saying that another one is worse, and that you need to start with the very worst one from some kind of scale. I think the important thing is that you object to something you think is wrong (in a non-violent way!).

Anyone not agreeing with Swedish politics, feel free to stop buying some Swedish products if you think that will make a difference (maybe it will!). I'm not gonna tell you that you're never allowed to drink from a Tetra Pak juice carton again if you do smile.gif
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post 10.Jan.2011, 09:46 PM
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QUOTE (Jamtjim @ 10.Jan.2011, 09:26 PM) *
Blimey Nem, I think I'm agreeing with you twice in the same day!! Something must be wrong...

Dodgy, very dodgy smile.gif
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post 10.Jan.2011, 09:55 PM
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QUOTE (Rick Methven @ 10.Jan.2011, 09:37 PM) *
As mentioned before its RELIGION not religeonapart from that, would agree that most of he list of countries you have made dredged up up mostly from a litany of the shit heap ... (show full quote)

The Vatican is a serious abuser of human rights.

My father is catholic, so keep your bigotted assumptions to yourself. I have made clear in the past my parents were a mixed religeon marriage.

The Vatican is responsible for raping tens of thousands of children and working thousands of vulernable women to death for profit in its workhouses, in Ireland alone. As for its activities eslewhere. I support rounding up everyone in the Vatican and the archbishops. The Vatican is a bunch of paedophile loving, women hating, malcontented, tax avoiding and money laudering criminals who campaign against every possible human rights advance planet wide.

I have sat with friends in court cases and listened to those perverted religeous sicko's making excuses for there actions and trying to blame there victims. I know what they are and that they are abusers of human rights.
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