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How to close a bank account in Sweden

Nordea cannot get my name right

post 27.Sep.2011, 06:37 PM
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Hi Localers

I recently opened an account at Nordea in Stockholm. When they set it up and handed me some papers to sign I realized that my name was spelled wrong. I pointed it out and they promised me to correct them and send me some updated forms (for some reasons they cannot correct it on the spot). However when I got some more forms from them a few days later my name was still wrong, just in a different way.

Today I also received the password generator thing from them (the thing where you type in certain codes and it gives you some other certain codes you can use to login your internet bank and such). I also get a notification from the post office which I believe is the bank card from Nordea (NOT a visa or mastercard though, as they told me). Funny enough on this notification my name is still wrong so I dont think I can even pick up the card.

Now I got really tired of them and would like to close everything and get an account from another bank.

The question is: would it be OK if I just pack everything I got from them and send it back? I will also attach a mail saying I would like to close my account right now and terminate any service from them, with my signature.

P.S. I dont have time to go to their office since they close before I am off from work. Even if I had time I dont want to waste time on them anymore.

Any suggestions or experience sharing highly welcome! Thanks in advance smile.gif
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post 27.Sep.2011, 08:25 PM
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Call them...
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post 28.Sep.2011, 12:40 PM
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you should have never have signed something with your name spelled wrongly in the first place, having said that, i dont see why you cant send everything back,as technically its not your name on the contract. If a bank cannot be bothered for ANY reason not to get your details correct, i certainly would not give them any money.
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