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how much do teachers earn in sweden?

post 31.Jul.2006, 03:40 PM
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hi...I've been wanting to know this for some time and was promoted by the recent post about how much dentist earn here. So does anyone know how much swedish teachers earn? Also in high school/gynasmium do they have to be able to teach 2 subjects? Also do they get tax breaks as in germany? Also what are the school hours over here?

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post 31.Jul.2006, 04:28 PM
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The amount that Teachers earn in Sweden depends on qualifications/types of school/ shortage subject etc - on average a high school teacher wold earn around 20,000- 27,000 Swedish crowns per month before tax - however this is Teachers who are certified as qualified to work in the Swedish state sector i.e. have a recognised teaching qualification from Sweden or overseas and have fluent Swedish (Svenska B - Gymnasiet)

However you can work as an unqualified teacher on short/long term temporary contracts ca. 15,000-18,000 per month. Or you could seek work via one of the International schools although some of these pay poorly.

Normally full time teachers offer more than one subject - many Swedish High Schools are small and to work full time you need to be able to offer other subjects - however at a large school you may be able to find work.

School hours vary depending on the local authority/school - not all schools have the same hours each day.

One note of warning - it is often very hard to gett full time pay on and hourly paid contract - I had a Swedish friend who was unemployed following her teaching degree - despite working from 8am - 3.30pm - her job was only classified as 75% as meal/coffee breaks are unpaid and it was not possible to get up to the 40 working hours on an hourly contract in a school.
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