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Cheapest mobile internet

Preferably without a USB dongle...

post 28.Nov.2011, 08:19 PM
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Hej! I'm looking for the cheapest option for mobile internet. I don't care about the speed or how much traffic I get. I just want it to work, be cheap and don't stop if I didn't recharge on time, just diminish speed.

Preferably a mobile operator internet type that I can use with my SIM card in the phone because I'm already using my phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot but a USB stick for the internet is fine also.

Please help if you know of a cheap deal.
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post 28.Nov.2011, 10:40 PM
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Prob Telenor ... their Internet connections are usually unlimited.
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post 29.Nov.2011, 10:14 AM
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I dont understand aspects of your question including "don't stop if I didn't recharge on time", who does that ? Whose sim do you have in your phone now ? If you are happy with phone access any Swedish operator. Comviq give free internet if you keep your phone topped up with a reasonable monthly sum, or 6kr max a day. By contrast their dongle has a daily charge of 29kr. If you have a pn get one of their packages. But why dont you surf their web sites for yourself, or watch the ads. Its not that hard. And you want a comparison web site, not the Local for a detailed answer.

Or even read the thread already on here giving one answer
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post 29.Nov.2011, 01:30 PM
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Hi all,

Will be visiting Stockholm & Uppsala in two weeks time and would like to know if guys/gals can recommented any pay as you go SIM cards for an iphone4 which use a micro sim?

Would prefer a pay as you deal which includes some free mobile internet browsing. I currently have a Conviq Amigos PAYG, which isn't a micro SIM.

Tack in advance
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post 29.Nov.2011, 01:36 PM
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Dont know of one but you could buy a cutter Some folks have cut sims down without a cutter however. But I would perhaps buy a fresh sim to do it on ?
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post 29.Nov.2011, 02:33 PM
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This page acts as a node in the navigation bar on the left to group all information about Internet access via 2G/3G in Sweden.

The main 3G operators in Sweden are Telia, Tele2 (Comviq), Telenor and Tre (3). Telia and Tele2 share the same network, Telenor and 3 have their own networks. There is also other operators like Parlino who's under Tele2 and Halebop who's under Telia networks, GlocalNet who's under Telenor and also an operator Net 1 (former that uses the old analog NMT network but with a CDMA2000 protocol.

There are two times two ways to connect to Internet by 3G:
1) a) Internet Only SIM or cool.gif PhoneCard SIM.
With a) Internet Only SIM you can only use it to connect to Internet and not use the SIM for ordinary mobile calls (unless you use SIP but that's another story). With cool.gif You can also you it to connect to Internet but usually operator charges you $$$ per MB and download speed is lower and also earlier limits transfer if there is a limit to charge.
2) Each of above is as PrePaid or Subscriptions.

And it's an ocean of prices and regulations on each and every of them so it's easy to go nuts! And Actual speed vary heavily depending on your geographic position, all from decent speed to zero (!) just 50 meters away!

The cheapest on the go provider is Tre (three (3) in Swedish) with about 10 SEK/MB. The others charge between 15-25 SEK / MB. Tre and Telenor has a upper cost limit of 19 SEK per day regardless of usage. Telia and Halebop has the cost limit of 9 SEK per day. Comviq has 3 SEK per day until August 31 2011 if refilling phonecard with atleast 150SEK and after that maybe what they had before: 9 SEK per day.

It seems that the only operator not requiring registration (and a Swedish id number) is Telenor.

Update 1:

Telia offers a PAYG startpaket at 99 kr (approx £10.00) a week for 2 GB 3G surfing. You need to sign up for a full package though, and I think they're only available for Swedish residents (my Swedish father-in-law signed up the paperwork). Each segment lasts 1 week only, then you have to text the word VECKOSURF to 4466 to activate the 3G for another week). The SIM lasts 1 year.

Update 2:

You can get an unlimited prepaid for data from 3 without a Swedish id. The cost is very reasonable
and you can activate a plan for a day, week or month. The only rub is that you (probably)
have to purchase a USB-modem for 900SEK. I'm not 100% sure about the latter. Go to a '3' Boutique
for more details. Could not find info on the web.

I got the modem and all and it works fine.

Update 2.2:

I recently got a prepaid SIM card for 3G internet access from Tre (aka "3") without being a Swedish citizen. I did not have to get the modem, so the SIM cost me 99 SEK (about 10€ or 13USD) and included seven days of unlimited internet access. (They supposingly cap the data speed to GPRS once you reach some data traffic volume which is claimed to be 20GB/month)I have not tried to top it up, but will try that soon and then update this information, also about using Tre 3G in remote swedish areas. You can get these SIM cards at The Phone Shop, and if they are out of them, you can find them at any Tre booth. I got mine in Stockholm's Gallerian mall next to Sergel torg. (Beware that you need to change the APN in the configuration to if you use the Mac OS X software on the data partition of the modem, since it seems to be set to or something by default. They might eventually change this flaw, though.)

Comviq offers a similar prepaid 3G product, virtually the same prices, slightly cheaper even (SEK89/week SEK249/month) but also slightly lower FUP of 5GB/month before they cap the speed.
Update 2.3:

Another interesting option is Net1, using the old NMT network with CDMA2000 protocol, so no SIM card, just a dedicated USB modem, and Scandinavia-Wide. So all countries SE-NO-DK in one go. But while it exists in all 3 countries, in Sweden they only sell subscription, it is only in Norway they sell week-prepaid, and for the price of NOK249, it is on the high side, compared with Tre.
However, if you have a Camper/RV, it is all of Scandinavia you can roam, and while somewhat slower then 3G, the low-frequency NMT network (450MHz) should have better coverage in the remote emptyplainsof Norway and northern Sweden.
Update 3:
Telia's prepaid SIM card, as mentioned in "Update 1", costs 99 kr for a week of 2 GB 3G, in addition to normal voice and SMS services. You do not need to be a Swedish resident; I signed up for mine at the Telia store near the Stockholm Central Train Station, didn't have a p-number nor an address then, and it all went fine. The SIM card itself costs 100 kr (I think). SIM expires 1 year from purchase or last top up.

Halebop prepaid cards:
A cheap option is to use the maxtaxa (maximum charge) of SEK 9 ~ EUR 0.9 per day with the Halebop prepaid phone cards. This is more price worthy than Telias weekly offer. Just set the APN to or for Halebop and ensure that there is enough credits on the card. Verified to work with Halebop. Telia might also work (with apn

Update 4:
As said above about Halebop prepaid cards, the same applies to Telia, get a SIM card for 100SEK~10EUR ( I got mine at Telia's shop, might be cheaper in 7/11 ) top it up with needed amout of money,
make sure your APN is set to and you will be charged 9SEK per day only if you use Internet from your phone. Customer representative was saying that if I use it to download files then I use my phone as a modem, then It will be charged per megabyte, but I didn't get the price. Summer 2010

Update 5, valid until August 2010, unless prolonged:
Buying phone prepaid cards are usually always cheaper than buying specific mobile broadband prepaid cards.
Comviq: SEK 1 = € 0.1 per day until august 31, use apn, max 700 MB/week, internet blocked if exceeded, can be reset once. Speed is 2-3 Mbps.
Update 6 (24 May 2011)
I just bought a Comviq USB modem which comes with 1 day 0.5 GB data included. It is a prepaid broadband modem which can be recharged for a day (SEK 29, 0.5 GB), for a week (SEK89, 2 GB) or for a month (SEK 249, 5GB, 30 calendar days). Got it from a shop called The Phone House which is in an underground shopping arcade at Sergels Torg. No Swedish ID and address is required to purchase the modem and the SIM cannot be purchased without the modem. It is a plug and play modem, works with PC and Mac. All up I paid SEK 468 (SEK 199 for modem, SEK269 for 1 month recharge) which is cheaper than if I was buying the same back home. Only got asked for an ID because I was paying by credit card. I produced my Australian drivers licence and they were happy with it. The 0.5 GB data that came with the modem can only be used with this modem. Will try the SIM in my own router modem once I recharge it with the monthly voucher.

Update 7 (6 July 2011)

For those who's in Sweden for much longer time than a tourist there's a much better solution which isn't told loudly by the salesmen.. get a Telia PrePaid SIM card (free) and refill with "Årskort Mobilsurf" (Yearcard Mobilesurf) which costs 499 SEK. Now you can surf for a whole year and it did cost you less than 1,37 SEK per day!
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post 30.Nov.2011, 11:59 AM
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thanks for the detailed feedback!
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post 30.Nov.2011, 03:27 PM
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can't take credit for it, just what i come across while researching. should of linked the page.
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post 30.Nov.2011, 03:31 PM
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QUOTE (jonrice @ 29.Nov.2011, 01:33 PM) *
Update 7 (6 July 2011)For those who's in Sweden for much longer time than a tourist there's a much better solution which isn't told loudly by the salesmen.. get a ... (show full quote)

This is no good for any serious surfing on TheLocal forums. The 'Årskort' option is severely crippled as per these conditions from Telia:

Den 1:a varje månad får du tillgång till den pott som ingår i årskortet, 5000 sms eller 0,5 GB (med en hastighet på upp till 1 Mbit/s), utan något krav på laddning.

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