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Filing tax return in Sweden

First time, what needs to be counted?

post 10.Apr.2012, 12:23 PM
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This is my first year in sweden for filing taxes. I have recvd the form from skatteverket, but in swedish. I'm not sure if Im suppose to pay more taxes or get taxrebate. Also had question so as to what can be counted when filing. I get barnbidrag and same goes to paying for my barn dåggis. Does that make a difference. Also, i live in rented apartment, should that amount gain me some relief in taxes.

Please provide information that you have.

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post 10.Apr.2012, 01:03 PM
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Best if you download and read the appropriate guides in English http://www.skatteverket.se/otherlanguages/...5800095591.html
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post 10.Apr.2012, 01:33 PM
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On the printed form, there is a final white page that also has the Bankgirot part, this page shows the Preliminär skatteuträkning... if the last line of the calculation says "Beräknat belopp som du ska få tillbaka" then You are to get a refund, otherwise if total is not 0 you pay extra ...

Tax is not paid on Barnbidrag.
You cannot claim deductions for dagis (that is already subsidised heavily, maxtaxa)
You cannot claim deduction for rented apartment, unless it is a 2nd apartment due to working away from home, dubbelt boende. And then only if Your family cannot move with You, and for 3 years max, I think!.

Basically, the printed info from Skatteverket is often quite accurate, and the most one has to change is when You have sold shares, property, rented-out property, earned income from hobbies etc... make claims for deductions for travel to work ... have worked related expenses that Your employer will not/does not allow You to claim etc...
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post 10.Apr.2012, 02:29 PM
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Thanks Yorkshireman. you have replied to all my queries. So this filing now becomes very easy job as I dont have any thing else to claim for.
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post 5.Feb.2013, 05:46 PM
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Your link to Skatteverket proved to be a lifeline. I received a demand for income tax for 2012 which had to be filled in if I owned a property1/01/2011. I didn't. I cannot remember what I did with it but I had a reminder threatening me with monthly charges if I didn't fill the form in. I tried phoning but each time there was an announcement saying there were eight hundred or similiar large numbers in the queue ahead of me. I searched " The local discuss" forum archives for information. This is easier said than done. Phrasing the question correctly is of paramount importance. My queries have been rejected on a number of occasions because I included a word of less than three letters. On this occasion i was lucky to find your link. Thanks again
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