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Sweden vs Denmark

What do you think?

post 22.Apr.2012, 07:59 AM
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I'm thinking about my future and where I want to live, I am really attracted towards Sweden, but after
reading and researching more I begin looking at Denmark. I hear a lot of Swedes talk about how
ignorant the Swedish population is about a lot of things. I'm looking to go to University and work,
eventually becoming a citizen.

I just don't know how to choose between Sweden and Denmark, I like Sweden because of the
traditions like Midsummer and Crayfish parties, also its larger then Denmark and seems like
Sweden has more things to do. Some down sides to Sweden are high Unemployment
and Swedes are very Anti-Marijuana.

I'm not a lazy stoner, but I enjoy a few tokes here and there, like someone would with drinking
Wine on occasion. I here Denmark is much more Marijuana friendly then Sweden.
but other then that what does Denmark have ?

I heard Swedish food beats Danish food and that Swedish weather is better.
Also Denmark doesn't seem to have much forest or rural areas, what are the
popular summer vacation places in Denmark ?

What are your thoughts ?
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post 22.Apr.2012, 09:16 AM
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I have lived in both Denmark and Sweden - being married to a Dane - and I found that living in Sweden has been a much more positive experience as Denmark has a strong streak of zeonphobia where foreigners are not fully accepted however if you are young and looking for a place for a short stay or to party then Denmark can be a good option owing to its bar-scene.

Basically I love to holiday in Denmark but wouldn't want to live there full time

The reasons I feel this way is:

While Danes often apear very fun and outgoing to casual friends there is a very strong nationalistic element in Denmark - if you want to live there you have to conform - with an emphasis on fitting in with the exact Danish way of doing things and very little interest or understanding of foerigners - for example in language classes in both countries we discussed the theme Christmas:
- in Sweden there was a discussion of both the Swedish tradition and also a broader discussion of what traditions existed in our home countries
- In Denmark - myself and girl from Canada tried to broaden the discussion to include our own traditions only to be told off my the teacher - we should remember that we "are in Denmark now and do things the Danish way".

At first I thought that this was an isolated incident - but the phrase "doing things the Danish way" became a repeating theme while I lived there:
- you have to have a Danish flag on your birthday table, cake, card etc - regardless of your nationality as this is "doing things the Danish way"
- In fact one of my exam texts for my oral Danish exam was a newpaper article with a Danish Minister stating that foreign parents are bad people becuase they speak their own language which is not "doing things the Danish way"
- many of my English, French and Italian speaking friends were cricised on the street for not "doing things the Danish way" - by speaking their own language with their children - in some cases it was Danish relatives and in other cases people would come up on the street and criticise - I remember an American woman arriving very upset in class as someone had verbally attacked her for speaking English on the bus to her daughter

Danish language was also used as a way of limiting access for foreigners into certain jobs. Most foreigners have to learn Danish for 5 years or more to attend University - I knew a girl from the US who wanted to go to dental technician school - she spoke fluent Danish and had attended class for 3½ years - yet every time they failed her on her accent... The only person who ever passed the exams for gymnasiet/university courses at the school I attended was a person who was half Danish spoke fluent Danish on arrival- and it even took her 2 years.

I also found it hard that it seemed much more socially accpetable for Danes to ignore non-Danish speakers by speaking only Danish at parties etc - whereas most Swedes will certainly give their high school English a go

I had no kids at the time but some of my friends found the childcare arrangements pretty scary - at the nursery her daughters age 1 and 3 attended there were 2 staff for 20 children and no substitute teachers if one was sick leaving 20 toddlers with 1 member of staff. When I went to Danish classes we shared premisese with a school for 7-16 year olds - no staff were out at break - bullying seemed rife and most times kids climbed onto the roof - but noone really cared.

I also found the power of the residents' associations - even in villa areas with owner occupiers pretty hard to stomach as they seemed like a field day for nosy neighbours who had powers including forcing you to have certain colour curtains or roof tiles, making flag poles obligatory or prohibited or in one case (Humlebäck??) passing a local ordinance that no people with foreign backgrounds would be approved to buy property in that area. I beleive that buying some types of property/summer homes is still restricted to Danes only.

The only thing that is negative is the fact that finding work in Sweden can be more tricky whereas Denmark has very strange employment laws with little protection for staff. I remember that a very competent hugely popular Danish teacher was laid off as the school was obliged to hire a long term uneployed teacher who was hopeless - yet after 6 months unemployment I heard that the good teacher had come back as it was "her turn" to be hired as long term unemployed and another teacher was laid off...

I think the tax situation has changed now - but when I lived there tax was a huge issue and it was a relief to move to the lower taxes of Sweden !! - at the time I lived there
- basic rate tax in my kommun was 53%
- high rate tax 69%

I'm not sure what the current drug policy is in Denmark - under the previous Danish government it was pretty hard line with raids in the Christiania area which has now been cleared to be sold to developers
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post 22.Apr.2012, 02:34 PM
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Puffin: I dont know where you lived in Denmark because your comment really baffles me and my partner ...The image you give to Denmark is really negative and wrong, you seem to be talking about the country side villages/folks in the very North of Denmark ( North of Jutland ) and at the same time we feel that you exaggerate a bit

I have a scottish friend who. when she was at university in Glasgow studying nursing , did a student foreign exchang and picked Jutland in Denmark, she was around 25 at the time, stayed there for a couple of months having no problem at all to integrate or make friends even though it was the country side where people are a bit more "enclosed" compared to the big cities

If you go to Sealand ( Copenhagen ) people are defenately not like that and very open to foreigners and there are a lot of mixed people/cultures living there having no problem at all finding work even if they do not speak Danish

I am Belgian and have a Danish partner, we are also living in Sweden now due to his work situation, I know plenty of people living in Denmark, Scottish people, Dutch people, none of them had problem finding work even though they didnt speak Danish which is not the case in Sweden, here if you dont speak fluent Swedish, you have no chance at finding work

The way you talk about Denmark is how we actually feel about Sweden, narrow minded people, starring at you when you talk English, very nosy neighbours, no fences, no curtains, no blinds so that everyone can peak into each others houses and businesses...

Swedes are well known for being very hard to make friends with, not the most sociable people, Danes are not like that at all unless you go to the very North of Jutland where the "farmers" wont be able to speak English at a party because they didnt receive the education ...

When it comes to Marijuana, Sweden is a lot tougher than Denmark

When it comes to food, what Swedish food are you talking anout??? meatballs?? herrings ( rotten )?? lingons??? crappy skinka??? 100 different kinds of crappy hotdogs??? thats all they know in Sweden but in Denmark, they eat pretty much as good as the French and I know what I am talking about since Belgium is the same...Danish food is yummy, Swedish food is boring, choiceless, tasteless, repetitive, dull!!!! There is no culinary culture in Sweden!

When it comes to taxes, yes they are very high in Denmark BUT you dont have to pay a penny to the doctor/hospital when you need to go there where in Sweden you have to pay 150kr to see a GP and 300kr for a hospital visit + you also have higher wages in Denmark so it evens out at the end ...
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post 22.Apr.2012, 02:50 PM
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I'd rather pay for hospital when I need it instead of paying my whole life and not needing it. Some people don't get sick.
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post 22.Apr.2012, 02:52 PM
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Not talking about Jutland at all

I lived on Sealand - just outside Copenhagen - it may be different if you live in central Copenhagen which is more cosmopolitan

It was a shock to Mr Puffin to find out how it was living with a foreign partner - it was of course a lot worse for people I knew who were not white as they were considered with great suspicion - I knew a well qualified African dentist who had worked in several EU countries but was forced to work as a cleaner in Denmark

I found the Danish friendliness very much on the surface - like pub mates - however nothing like real friends

It was also a shock to encounter the Danish medical system - they treated my MIL very badly and eventually killed her
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post 22.Apr.2012, 05:36 PM
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Puffin, Your description of Denmark is, point by point, what most foreigners say about Sweden.
If I had a shot of vodka every time I heard, "You are in Sweden now; this is how we do things in Sweden," I'd have been unconscious for my whole life here.

Ambre, agree totally.
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post 22.Apr.2012, 07:34 PM
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QUOTE (Osorum @ 22.Apr.2012, 07:59 AM) *
Hey,I'm thinking about my future and where I want to live, I am really attracted towards Sweden, but afterreading and researching more I begin looking at Denmark. I hear a ... (show full quote)

My advise would be to holiday in both places a couple of times, so that you get a feel for each place.
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post 21.Nov.2012, 05:47 AM
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QUOTE (Ambre @ 22.Apr.2012, 01:34 PM) *
Puffin: I dont know where you lived in Denmark because your comment really baffles me and my partner ...The image you give to Denmark is really negative and wrong, you seem to ... (show full quote)

Belgian and Danish food is like the French?! LOL! .. Do you have some lil-bro complex or something in Belgium? All you damn frogs eat are fries, steaks, oysters and waffles. and that's pretty much all. It's dull, unhealthy, boring and repetitive. Been there, done that. Never again.
Clearly you're a poor egocentric fuck whose experience with Swedish food stretches no more than to the supply in the nearest convenience store and haven't visited a single of the multitude of great restaurants or markets (especially seafood) where quite a few of the restaurants in some cities hold a star in the michelin guide. Neither you've tasted the vast variety and fresh supply of freshly smoked fish along the coasts or had a good old traditional meal at a good restaurant or been invited for dinner or experienced the variety in food traditions all over the country. You and your lovely Danes can keep their smöööörrebröööd, röööd pööölse and fleaskesvaaeeeeel (how can one eat pigs rind?! yuck!) and shove it up your asses.
People seem to LOVE the Swedish food at IKEA no matter where in the world. It really baffles me as it's not really considered as high quality. What have you people contributed with? .. Waffles? .. lol .. Here, have some rotten fish frog!
And have a look at all the successful Swedish restaurants in New York sucker!
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post 21.Nov.2012, 10:46 PM
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Sweden vs Denmark, nothing in it, go where your heart takes you. Sounds to me like you want a more laxed out lifestyle with plenty of nature, in which case I suggest New Zealand or Australia, forget about these uptight Scandinavian countries, half of us can't wait to get out, to NZ or Oz of course, lol. The weather sucks badly in both countries, I assume you realize there is 8 months of cold dark winter in both.
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post 22.Nov.2012, 02:58 AM
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You must decide by yourself,no one can say to you where to go .
I personally prefer Sweden and Swedes.
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post 5.Jan.2013, 08:48 PM
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I am an american or rather southern Californian to be more specific. I fell in love with a swede and since same sex marriage is not federally recognized in USA as it is in SE, our future moved to SE. I have lived in Sweden for almost a year now and as a SoCal girl I have to say that ganja has always been very important to me. To be honest, Sweden is very anti weed. You can catch a drug deal in your face and when you go up to the dealer and ask for weed or hash, they let you down fearing you're a narc. Weed in Cali is like having brussels sprouts or broccoli. It´s a fucking vegetable. Weed in Sweden is like heroin or worse. So what i reccomend is go to Denmark and visit every 3 mos or so and buy your 3 mos worth of stock in christiana. take the train back home like every other swede weed closet head. It is worth it. stay low and let no one else know. just like the swedes that smoke hash or weed, they stay low and say nothing. move to Sweden. when you learn swedish you get paid very well for it. They also accept your homelands accademics which allow you to go to universities or get a good job if you meet the requirements. My point is that there are more opportunities. Just be wise and be happy.

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köttbulle med sås
post 16.Aug.2014, 07:23 PM
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Ok I want to give my input to this...If I think Denmark (DK)...I see outrageous housing prices...I see very very expensive car prices...and dito fuel...:-( Also food is way more expensive as in SE.

Besides that I also think it
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post 16.Aug.2014, 07:36 PM
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Yeah for sure Danish is a horrible language. Do you speak Dutch? If so Swedish will be quite easy for you.

I'd probably go to Norway over Sweden, even though it's expensive jobs are easier to get. Language is same same.
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post 17.Aug.2014, 08:54 AM
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I would take a different view, how many Swedes buy holiday homes in Denmark? If it was so great there, the summer traffic would be the other way around. Although legoland, experimentium, Tivoli... are good, I've little else to draw me there for longer than a few days.!

Opelnera, Norway... I do often wish I was there, but they get even more rain than Sweden.
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köttbulle med sås
post 17.Aug.2014, 09:18 AM
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@Opelnera: yes I speak Dutch ( I am Flemish) as my mothertongue,Besides that I speak French,German,English and Spanish. All more or less fluent. I must admit my French is getting a bit rusty...

Imho Denmark just looks like Holland or Flanders...flat...flat...and more flat. Nothing realy to get excited about. CPH is nice...but only for 2-3 days. Brussels in fact has wayyyy more to offer:-) Better cuisine...better public transport...and cheaper hotels!!

Somewere on this forum I read that somebody said (and that was a fellow countryman of mine!) That Danish cuisine could meet up with French or Belgian...I only can laugh about that. Danish cuisine is NOTHING near that...!! No offense but it
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