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Swedish citizenship decision waiting time

How long it takes for migrationsverket

post 21.Oct.2012, 08:41 AM
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dc, if you take the time to look back through the poster's history on this site, you'll see that language is not their biggest problem. They appear to have a problem in accepting any theory other than their own. Read the post and then the follow up. It's not a question, it's a very poorly disguised criticism based on nothing. As usual. And, like the other frequent flyers here who try to pull this stunt, it gets the respect it deserves. That's being proactive. You may also like to note that the poster dived in with a typical nonsense post which was completely unrelated to the thread, a thread which had been treated seriously and answered accordingly by a number of posters acting in good faith. You want to blame someone ? Blame Byke. He used up all the tolerance for time wasters that we had.
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post 21.Oct.2012, 09:46 AM
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hear hear !
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post 21.Oct.2012, 10:45 AM
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As i said ,

Whats the logic in not treating Parents like visitors to ur home land here in Sweden ,

Unlike USA ,wich u right to give ur parents access USA as permanent Resident Card holders .

Ofcourse , i didnt say citizenship .coz it need time spent of residence´ years.

U can be rich or in good life while ur parents can be very poor.

And u cant accept them cause of dummy unchanged law from 1950`s
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post 21.Oct.2012, 11:50 AM
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QUOTE (gplusa @ 20.Oct.2012, 10:03 PM) *
You are misreading the requirements. You need to fulfill the time requirements, which can vary depending on the applicant. You also need to have received Permanent Residency w ... (show full quote)

Hi Gplusa,
I have permanent residence granted this year in February and I did the medborgarskapsguiden on the migrationsverket website. According to the website, my 4 years of work permit is not counted as hemvisttid: "Du får i regel inte räkna tiden om du har fått ett tidsbegränsat arbetstillstånd för ett visst yrke."(http://www.migrationsverket.se/info/499.html) since arbetstillstånd does not grant me uppehållstillstånd för bosättning (UT), which is the requirement to count the time as hemvisttid. Therefore, my hemvisttid is counted from the day I got my permanent residence.
However, like what I have mentioned I got a friend from Germany working here for 6 years and after 5 years of working in Sweden he applied for Swedish citizenship and he got it, which means that his 5 years of working here is counted as hemvisttid. As an EU citizen he does not need a work permit so he has been here just on regular residence permit and he got his permanent residence after 5 years. Well, this makes me so confused to understand if my 4 years of working here on work permit is counted as hemvisttid.
Below is the result of the test I did on migrationsverket website:
Så svarade du på frågorna
Över 20 år
Medborgare i Amerikas Förenta Stater
Tid i Sverige
Kortare tid än två år.
Kravet på tid i Sverige.
Permanent uppehållstillstånd
Du har permanent uppehållstillstånd (PUT) eller permanent uppehållsrätt i Sverige.
Styrkt identitet
Du kan styrka din identitet med ett pass från hemlandet eller ett nationellt id-kort.
Du har inte dömts till straff och har inte heller skulder eller andra anmärkningar på hur du skött dig i Sverige.
Har du fyllt i fel uppgifter kan du stega tillbaka med bakåt-knappen och ändra det.
Mot bakgrund av dina svar gör vi följande bedömning:
Tyvärr, du verkar inte uppfylla kraven för medborgarskap.
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post 21.Oct.2012, 12:32 PM
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A lot of people get confused with the wording on the website and think that the time period starts from the date of an issued PUT. That's not the case. The two are not automatically connected. The date starts from the date you received the right to live in Sweden. That can be a UT, a PUT, or whatever it is that EU citizens get. In your case, you may be right, using the date of your PUT. As you say, a work permit related to a specific task or profession does not automatically count, and I don't know what your work situation was in Sweden. I think you might need to read that in context with the paragraph above which talks about being a musician etc and seek clarification directly from MV. My date was taken from my PUT date, but that was because I was only ever issued with a PUT. That's what I arrived into Sweden with.
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post 7.Nov.2012, 01:13 PM
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Finally got clarification and confirmation from Visa officer from Migrationverket. There are 2 categories

1) Who came here on study and got permanent job right after that or came to Sweden on Permanent.
These types of people can get citizenship in 5 years from the period when they were given work permit based on their permanent employment
2) Who came here on temporary Job or study and got temporary job.
The time does not count as long as they are on temporary employment till they complete 4 years get PR and then they times counts from the day they got PR.

Rest I am not sure but that is what I have been told based on my case.
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post 14.Nov.2012, 10:46 PM
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Dear Aliraza,
Could you please tell me more about your response in the topic Swedish citizenship waiting time on the local.se?
May I ask if you applied for Swedish citizenship and your time on work permit was counted towards hemvisttid?
I got permanent contract since I moved back here to work in 2008 so I am curious to know if it is counted towards hemvisttid.
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post 15.Nov.2012, 01:56 AM
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QUOTE (aliraza.jibs1 @ 7.Nov.2012, 01:13 PM) *
Finally got clarification and confirmation from Visa officer from Migrationverket. There are 2 categories 1) Who came here on study and got permanent job right after that or c ... (show full quote)

This is very true and I can second it because I'm living with a person in the same situation.
As for how long it takes to get the citizenship I believe it has a few very simple factors- time of the year when you're applying and how much you contributed and how to the society (taxes, work, marriage, children etc.)
This is just my opinion. I don't think that they will look at your nationality much if you have been working and contributing.
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