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Being a patient in a

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post 15.Nov.2012, 05:14 PM
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Bohusläningen reported yesterday that:- Fler politiker ska hantera vården på småsjukhusen.
If I go into hospital, the very last person I would want messing around would be a b****y politician. They cause far too much trouble in the medical system as it is. Hospitals should be run by the medical profession in my opinion. Politicians are too generous with their dogma to be of any use in the running of a hospital, and the state of the Västra Götaland medical care is the direct result of political interference. The article states that more politicians will be involved in the leadership of medical care in northern Bohuslän in the future! ! ! The mind boggles at the thought of it.
They should be striving for FEWER politicians and more medics, since the former could hardly organise a booze-up in a brewery. The reds want this, the blues want that, and the greenies want something totally different, and the end result is one hell of a mess. Look at the way Uddevalla Hospital has been emptied of what, for the coastal region, were important ward services, including A & E. Now, due to prestige from the bosses, A & E is now some 20km further away - enough to make sure a lot of injured folk don't make it within the first two hours, the crucial period.
Politicians and medical care don't mix. I can remember years ago when hospitals were run by the Matron. But then, that was way back when - - -. Even Florence Nightingale would have a fit today, I reckon.
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post 15.Nov.2012, 08:21 PM
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I thought that the proposal related to the Governing Board's of hospitals? - not the actual treatment!

Although come to think about it I do know of a small kommun (in dalarna) where the elected miljöpartiets representative on Kommunstyrelsen is a doctors

Sometimes I think it can be a good idea to force politicians to experience the consequences of some of the decisions they take - years ago I was on the committe for FFF (föräldrar för förskola/parents ofr preschool) a local action group that protested against the decision to increase group sizes/reduce staff at dagis - my kids were in one with 26 kids and 2.75 staff!
We challenged the politicians on BUN to do praktik in dagis for a day - a few turned up but did not manage more than a couple of hours - a couple of months later the decision was quietly reversed
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