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English Food in Stockholm

Iceland Food!

Kevin Walker
post 2.Dec.2012, 11:47 PM
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Hi There Expats,

I would like you to put a little article somewhere,so it is noticeable on your site
to what Ive come across in Stockholm. I wont go to much into it about how I hate the
way all the Swedish supermarkets, all do the same food ,and how boring it is for me as an English man who hates cheese , so you can imagine how I find the food very uninteresting like alot
of expats. And as you probably know there is only the English shop, which I never go to because
they do not do proper food and there profit mark up is like 300% on top.

So the other day I was in the Vedesta Centrum in Järffälla and there is a shop just opened literally
a few weeks ago and to my surprise a big choice of Iceland food. I could not believe it I was in
heaven and spent 1500kr instantly. I want to get the word out ,so they dont go bust before English people know about it. They have even asked me what other food should they import and
I said all things Heinz in tins just to start with. So if you could print this or just write something to let people know about it ,I would be most appreciated.I can see allready that Swedish people will not buy it ,they just walk past and go to willys. Buy the way the shop is called (Vedesta Livs)

Best Regards

Kevin Walker Stockholm.
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post 3.Dec.2012, 12:31 AM
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Please tell me you are taking the piss? If not, I assume by being a fan of Iceland "food" you eat only things found on the children's menu in a chain pub back home.
Heinz, in tins, is readily available almost everywhere and milk comes from cows very similar to our own back in Blighty just so you know.
Also, how much Iceland "food" do you need in a trolley to warrant 1500kr?
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post 3.Dec.2012, 01:31 AM
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Firstly I don't want to rain on the parade by saying anything negative in regards to the initiative some have taken by offering consumers greater choice.

But I like many others have seen adverts on here by said store stating they sell such foods in the Stockholm region.

The issue I have is, do Iceland actually sell their products to non Iceland stores? (wholesale)

As from my understanding, a lot of the time such stock only becomes available through asset management (bancruptcy etc) and as a result often has a much shorter shelf life. And when such happens it also is then a concern that such food has been stored properly in between the various hands it may have passed through and time spent brokering deals to offload such stock.

The second issue is have to be honest and say I never shop at Iceland.

The food, as the name suggests consists of mostly frozen items.
And while I am sure that many people like it, apart from the old arctic role - I find the large majority of food from such retailer as being quite disgusting. Even more so in regards to the combination of advertising to coincide with the "I'm a celebrity" series. Such as the jelly looking bite lasagne or kangaroo anus looking mini cheese cakes.

So again, big props to whichever store has bought the stuff in (in regards to attempting to offer greater diversity) but minus 30000 points to the choice of products its chosen and the legitimacy of said items.
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post 3.Dec.2012, 01:35 AM
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he is taking the piss haha , I hate english supermarkets been here in England its all crisps and chocolate nothing like the Swedish shops where there are a lot of quality goods and more healthier , a bit more expensive to of curse .
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Kevin Walker
post 3.Dec.2012, 10:52 AM
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To Roux, and Blyke

Firstly Im not taking the piss. I am simply trying to get the word out for those that do miss conveiniance foods ,and
yes I know Iceland food is not the best quality and some of the food is Ok and some of it not so nice.
But for those of you who can not cook so well and buy alot of frozen food for quickness or conveiniance, you now have a
shop selling Iceland food. Where can you buy a chicken Tikka masala,,Cornish Pasties ,chicken and Mushroom pies,Beef Curry,Lemon Battered Chicken,Egg Fried Rice,Southern Fried Chicken ,Mash Potato and Sausage,Chicken Korma,.King Prawns,Mint choc chip ice cream the list goes on. And for the person who says you can get Heinz products here is Total Rubbish. Heinz does hundreds of products, you can not even get Heinz Spaghetti in Sweden. So keep your stupid comments to some other Forum. So once again ,for those of you that miss English food get down to Vedesta Centrum in järfälla, ,They have quite a good selection and will try and bring in other foods you miss from back home to. I have suggested Pork pies and real english Bacon.
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post 3.Dec.2012, 11:07 AM
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Whilst I agree the world of convenience food is not so prevalent in Sweden, this is something I rather like... and I do find it a bit frustrating to call ready meals 'English food'.
I miss some foods from England (proper back bacon I agree with), but I can safely say none of them are frozen Iceland type ready meals.
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post 3.Dec.2012, 11:45 AM
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QUOTE (TStockholm @ 3.Dec.2012, 11:07 AM) *
I do find it a bit frustrating to call ready meals 'English food'.

I agree, there is nothing British about food from Iceland.
Iceland is a place where the economy turned to bajs, and no one had any cash.
Coincidence ?
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post 3.Dec.2012, 11:46 AM
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I wouldn't say it was the English food I miss, as some of it you can get here in Sweden. What does do my head in though is why you can't buy a normal packet of crisps. Only family sized packets. Likewise, small tins of beans would be nice as I am the only one in the family who eats them once in a while. On the odd occasion I buy them I end up throwing half the tin away.

I must admit I do like the Heinz variety which we are not very well exposed to here and like many are loathed to buy it From the English Shop with their massive mark-ups and guess they will be making an even bigger killing during the holiday period. Taylor & Jones every time for me :-)

Thanks for the tip Kevin. I for one appreciate you highlighting that there are other shops around the Stockholm area which provide an alternative to the same old, same old provided by ICA, COOP, WILLY etc. The only big supermarket which I find has more variety than the others is City Gross.
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post 3.Dec.2012, 11:59 AM
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The only big supermarket which I find has more variety than the others is City Gross.

My exerience as well. And it is one of the few where you don't feel you are getting totally ripped off as well.
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post 3.Dec.2012, 12:20 PM
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I think the first reaction from "iceland food" is fy fan
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post 3.Dec.2012, 12:42 PM
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QUOTE (Hede @ 3.Dec.2012, 12:35 AM) *
he is taking the piss haha , I hate english supermarkets been here in England its all crisps and chocolate nothing like the Swedish shops where there are a lot of quality good ... (show full quote)

A bit extreme to say "I hate English supermarkets", yes, they do sell crisps and chocolates so don't buy them.
When my Swedish friends are here staying I can't get them out of the supermarkets LOL...we troll round Waitrose Tesco's and Lidl's and of course they love the alcohol row. I leave them and go to the coffee shop and wait for them there.
When my friend was staying here a few years ago she was thrilled to find that M&S were just up the road from the flat she was staying in and bought all her food there (she was here on secondment so she had a good budget given by her company).
I never understand why ppl live abroad and complain about missing certain food and yes, I have lived abroad, just try different things and find out what you like.
I have been to Sweden many times and am quite happy with the food, I find the cheese a bit tasteless but thats ok I can live wih that, there are only two things I take with me when I leave these shores, one is my Yorkshire Gold tea, that is a MUST and the other is English mustard, thats the only mustard I like.
I have travelled all over the world and so long as I have my tea I enjoy trying different country's foods.
I almost forgot to say, my Swedish friends are now hooked on mint sauce, they had never had it before with lamb and absolutely love it also they love our lamb cutlets, they say they are better than what they can buy in Sweden.
I live in the West Country and our our meat is very good, most of it is local.

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post 3.Dec.2012, 05:04 PM
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The difference that separates the UK and Sweden is price, but more importantly consumer choice.
But again, of all the brands to import, Iceland is not something that interests me.

I never buy that crap when I am in the UK and purchasing such in Sweden wouldn't offer any other advantage to the selection already available. In many ways I can only see such brand appealing to fellow Swedes as the quality is on par to what is already available in Sweden.
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Kevin Walker
post 3.Dec.2012, 05:36 PM
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I started this thread and must say I am very dissapointed with the response.

I have not read one positive excited response, to now be able to buy English Food .
I though I was doing everyone a favour , but up to now the people responding probably
have not lived here for 18 years like me and really miss the english food. The supermarkets
in England have 50 times more choice as far as im concerned.. Dont get me wrong, I know
iceland food is not on a par with Waitrose,Marks and Spencers,coop or even asda and Tesco..
Infact Iceland probably comes bottom of the list, but still its better than nothing if you miss all
the Food I mentioned above and lots more.
It would be great if someone goes down there and checks out the choice and comes back here with a little
feed back.
Here is another great Tip about T-bags. Most of you know you can get P-G tips in Willys, but how many of you
did not know that O & B has started selling Tetleys and they also do Pringles Tomato flavour and Beef Flavour
and they taste Delicious.
Now lets see people start to complain how unhealthy crisps are for you. AAHHH, I rest my case. Regards. Kevin
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post 3.Dec.2012, 07:40 PM
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The best thing is I love the proper black morning tea.

I hate this horrible multi flavored tea you get in here which you have to take with no milk .
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post 3.Dec.2012, 09:44 PM
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As I live local to this shop I have been there a few times. It is actually an "ethnic" food shop and sells a lot of asian spices and ingredients, many of which are not available in the main supermarkets. They are also cheaper as the spices are in bulk bags and they have a massive range. Then for some reason they have a load of freezers with Iceland food plus other brands like Weight Watchers and Richmond Irish sausages. I have no interest in Iceland food or frozen food in general so thought it was a bit bizarre.

But as a shop for Asian food ingredients it's great.
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