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Going to the Doctors

With out a personal number?

post 8.Dec.2012, 12:24 PM
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I can't get a personal number because my job contract is less than 12 months, and skatteverket has denied me twice saying that my private insurance is not comprehensive enough. I still pay monthly for my insurance in the States (which covers me overseas) but don't know how to go about making an appointment here without a personal number. My gf tried to go to the doctors a couple months ago and they pretty much denied her by charging such a high fee that she just couldn't afford to go.
I am a British citizen and have my right of residence.

Anyone gone to the doctors without a PN?

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post 9.Dec.2012, 12:39 PM
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They will charge you a lot if you don't have a PN.
That's just how it is
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Seamus Sean
post 9.Dec.2012, 12:59 PM
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As a British citizen you should be entitled to an E111 form that allows medical care through out the EU, or so I believe, I have used my E111 here in Sweden and other EU countries, it was even accepted in Norway, it was a few years back but check it out and see.
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post 9.Dec.2012, 01:18 PM
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You do not need a personnummer to go see a doctor. If it isn't urgent then wait until your local Vårdcentralen is open and ring to book an appointment. Otherwise in your area there will be a place where you can go as drop-in, normally the hospital.

If you are a UK citizen, and have lived, and paid National Insurance, in the UK before coming to Sweden, then You should be able to get your care at the same price as a Swedish citizen, anything extra will be charged back to You and you claim back in the UK. Alternatively, You should have got eithe rthe S1 form and/or the EHIC card, which means they don't charge you the extra but claim direct back from the UK.

NOTE: What many people do not understand is that even with the EHIC card, the general rule within the EU is that if the treatment can wait until you return to your home Member State you are not entitled to treatment under the free portion using teh EHIC card. (this is why you normally are required to have other insurance for longer stays).

Since You have Medical Insurance from the US, I suggest giving the insurance company a call before you make any doctor visit (if possible) ... check the policy, they may have authorised centers for treatment and not using those may invalidate the cover.
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Bender B Rodriquez
post 9.Dec.2012, 03:14 PM
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Getting an appointment without a personnummer should not be a problem. Just explain the issue to them.

You may need to pay the full cost and then get reimbursed from your insurance company, call them first since they may have a list of approved private providers in Sweden (I know Bupa has).
In general, private providers such as Capio have more experience in dealing with insurance patients.

If you have an UK EHIC you could also use that in an emergency. In that case you should pay the regular fee.
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post 10.Dec.2012, 12:56 PM
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Going to the doctor without a personalnumber is fine - but if you have neither insurance or a European Health card you may not be entitled to subsidised care and have to pay the full amount for a GP visit + the cost of any tests/prescriptions ie treated as a private patient
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