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Why did you move to Sweden?

And leave your homeland...

post 22.Dec.2012, 08:22 AM
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Moving to another country is such a huge undertaking and most people would not even consider it. Just curious as to what your reason(s) might be.

For myself, it started when I met a Swedish girl who grew up in Öland. After hearing about it for years, I finally saved up enough money to take me and the missus over there. It was (and is) such a beautiful, peaceful place that I just fell in love with it. When our kids came along, it was always in the back of my mind that they could have such an idyllic life there. Then, my wife's brother died tragically and she was so distraught that I booked a trip for us to travel back to her home and let her heal. Once there, we took note of the fact that the crown was so weak at that time, houses were a bargain. We looked around and found a little, well-built home in the country on 7 hectares of land with a barn made of hand fitted stone and within a 15 minute walk to the ocean. The house was selling for the equivalent of 69K American which happened to be the exact amount of money we had in savings. It seemed prophetic. We bought the home and rented it out for 4 years while we planned and saved. During that time, the terrorist attack of 9-11 occurred and Bush responded by going to war in Afghanistan and then Iraq. Of course, something had to be done in response but the attackers came primarily from Saudi Arabia, why go to war with Afghanistan and Iraq? It seemed too political and I was (and continue to be) disgusted. Also, I was growing more and more unhappy with the over-indulgent, fast-food culture here in the States. Because I could take a year leave of absence from my job, my wife and I figured, "What the hell, let's give it a try". We sold our house, had a big auction and sold most of our possessions, said goodbye to our family and friends and moved to Sweden.

Truth be told, we ended up not staying permanently, but that is another story.

So to summarize, I moved for:
1. love of a Swedish girl
2. love for the beauty of Sweden
3. the promise of a better life for my kids
4. unhappiness with the current state of affairs here in the US

What were your reasons for undertaking such a big move?
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Aussie Sven
post 22.Dec.2012, 07:21 PM
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The Wife is Swedish.
We are here for a few years while the kids are young. We will head back to Oz in 3-5 years. We both like Sweden, but prefer the weather, schools and opportunities for the kids in Australia.
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post 23.Dec.2012, 10:26 AM
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I like you Smith so will reply to your post even tho I don’t really like sharing personal stuff but you seem interested in people's stories.
I moved here because my other half is swedish and I wanted to learn the language and immerse myself in the culture in order to understand it as well as wanting to communicate effectively with my MIL and extended family so they didn’t have to break into English whenever I was present.
Besides, I collect languages.
I didn’t find it such a huge stretch to move to Sweden but then we've lived in a bunch of countries and have become adept at moving around . Having had to start from scratch in each place we moved to (work being the reason) I long ago resigned myself to living an IKEA lifestyle. It's the only affordable way I discovered and can now furnish an apartment in record time and be happy with the result. My philosophy is that we are only passing thru this life so why have things to weigh you down ?
anyhow, like most of us on this forum, I came here because I hooked up with and decided to spend the rest of my life with a swede. however, I doubt I will spend the rest of my life in Sweden. Just here for a couple of years for family reasons. I love Sweden but I think I handle living here so well because I know it’s not forever. Like a salmon I’ll go back to my place of birth to die smile.gif ( btw the swede likes my place of birth as much as sweden, maybe even more so won't be sorry to leave when the time comes wink.gif

Oh and God Jul Smith to you and yours and whoever else is reading this biggrin.gif
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post 23.Dec.2012, 01:53 PM
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Thanks for the nice words, Chazza. I do like people's stories. It is always interesting to hear how different people approach life.

God Jul!
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post 23.Dec.2012, 02:03 PM
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I didn't leave my homeland to move to Sweden as I was already living in my husband's home country

The reasons we moved were
- my husband was offered a new job with a 50% high salary
- it enabled us to escape my husband's mother
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post 23.Dec.2012, 08:33 PM
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My ex-wife no longer knows where I live.
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what would thomas paine d...
post 24.Dec.2012, 09:32 PM
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Most simply, for work and continuing education opportunities plus the lovely countryside. Will not stay, however. Primarily due to lack of healthcare... God Jul all and Svensksmith whose wit so many of us seem to enjoy. smile.gif
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post 24.Dec.2012, 09:55 PM
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Education .. then got a job .. bought an apartment and so on ...

Haven't planned on the long term future ... will take it as I see

Merry Christmas everyone !
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