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Help me in a seriosly problem, with the police

Plz plz, any advice is welcomed!

post 24.Dec.2012, 06:47 AM
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Hello people, and thank you for taking the time to read about my huge problem, and thank you for any advice that you will give me!
My name is M, i have 29 years old, and i did some mistakes! I am not sure if they are mistakes, but i think, based on the sweedish law, i am a criminal, and a dangerouse one!!
Let me start with my first " mistake"!!!
One year ago, i was in Sweden, to see if i can buy some cheap Volvo parts from there, and to see the beautiful city of Stockholm...
In one evening, i was walking on the street with the name Master Samuelgatan, alone, to buy a perfume for my miss, when a girl smiled to me, and ask if i want some fun, i told her nicely No thaks u miss..she made a sad face..and i continued to walk! She was walking with me, keep tryed to make me accept her propose! In that time, her phone was ringing..and i heard her, speaking on my language ( i am not a sweedish guy, ) , that she didnt made any money, and she is freezing, and she really need to drink a hot tea!!
Whean i heard that, and the fact that she is from the same country with me, i stoped, and start talking with her! I invited her to a couple of tee, payd a meal for her, and talking and talking..She told me her name is Julia, she comed in Sweden to work, but she did not found, and she end up doing prostitution on the street..i asked her if anybody forced her, i told her i will drive back in our country in few days, and i can take her with no money, just to help her!!
She told me no, she need to stay here, to work on the streets, to make money , to send to her small 5 years kid back home...Outside it was FREEZING!!
I feelt verry verry sorry for her, and wanted to cant give her a large amount, i am not a rich guy, not at all, but i told her, why dont she advert online, to meet with guys at her place, or in some hotels, like most of the escorts from all the country do...Her answer : "thats a great idea, it will be good for me, because is freezing outside, but i dont know how to do it!"
I told her to meet at my hotel second day..and i wanted to teach her how to advert, she never used a laptop before, so it was imposible..That girl cried next to me, in my hotel room, and keep telling to her self, that she is stupid, and some other emotionaly stuff!
Then i toked the decision, while i will stay in Sweeden, 10 more days, i will do the advert for her, to help her stay away from the streets! She is a beautiful girl..made some pics..and the advert was online ( i know about online market etc..)
Her busines was perfect...she was making money, i saw her every day in the eveings, i went with her to buy clothes for his kid, she was sending money home..etc!
I was a verry happy guy, because i helped a lady, especialy from the same country with me!
In while, i was close to Formule 1 hotel, my car toked fire, from the engine, and my visit in Sweeden was longer then 10 days!
I still did the advert for her, everithing was good for her work..
Then, i went in my country..i gived her my contact details, i dont know why, but i felt she is a great friendly person, and i was verry happy for my help, i was verry happy that she dont stay to practice prostitution on the freezing streets, at least now she do it in a safer way, was in my mind!
I comed home in my own country, then after 1 week, gues what..the girl called me, she was in the country as well, wanted to visit me..i told oki, i am happy to see you!
First time when we saw each other, she wanted to give me 500 euro! I did not toked the money, i told her to buy something nice for the kido..and she told me, after i didnt not placed the adverts for her, her work was down, she had some savings, didnt want to go back on the streets, and comed home! And she asked me if i want to do the adverts for her, i told her no thx, i got a family, i got a miss , and i cant do that...She was sad and she went home!
Few days later, again she called me, to meet for a meal! when i went to the place were it was suposed to meet, surprize, she was with her kido, a nice happy kid, and again, while we was eating, she told me: |"Take a look at my kid, with out your help, i cant pay my rent, the bils, his father is a alchoolic, and he will take the kid away..." I will never forget those moments, when i felt like a idiot.. i wanted to help, but i had no time..i explained her i got a busy life, i got my misses sick, i suport my family, i need to work hard, not to spend time final, i agreed to help, i was not able to say no to a women, when i knew how she was on the Stockholm streets, and when i saw that nice kid..i felt verry sorry for her, and promised her i will help, and she told me that she will pay for my work, and so on..!
I did the work,from my country, and in a while, she bought a small studio, with 9000euro, and she was the happyest person! And me, i was happy for her.
She stoped doing prostitution, and now she is gone in UK, working like a normal person, and so on...
After that, she told about me to some friends of her, same work prostituiton, and me stupid me, i rented car to some girl, i foudn some drivers..and keep helping some girls to do that!!
The only problem in the busines was the drivers, the girls always was asking me to speak with them, to not steal the money, to do good work for them, etc! When it was a problem, they was ringing me, and then me speaking with the drivers, to respect the girl, to do just work!
I had help few litle other girls: only girls in bad situation. Only girls with kids! I will explain later why i chosed to help just girls who had kids..
All of them, bought small houses, and have a beter life!! Thats verry important for me! That i wanted!
A while ago, a driver was arested, after he quited the job...nobady didnt knew that he is arested! The girl who was there found another driver etc..but the first one, who knows, maybe told to police , and the new driver and the girl was arested there!
The girl was free to go, the drivers in jail!
That girl, got 2 kids, a girl, and a boy!! She bought a house when she comed from Sweden, i helped her a lot, with finding, with saving, i really did my best to make her dream come true!
She was living in a very poor condition, i saw that with my own eyes..
Now, few days ago, my family told me, that some police guy was at my house, with a arest warant, to send me in Sweden, that i am WANTED BY SWEDEN FOR SEX CRIMES, THAT I AM A CRIMINAL! It was and it is a disatre! My life changed so much in the last days, and i dont know what to do!
The last girl who was there, yestarday i went to her, to explain her the situation, and she told me, thats imposible, and that she want to go back, to work one more time, to save some money , to be sure that she will be able to have all the comfort and to pay the school for her girl ( she is 8 years old).. i told her NOOOO WAY, i dont want to do that anymore, because i put my self in a very huge problem, and i think i will go to jail for that!
In that time, can u belive that her small girl, was hear us from the other room what we was speaking, and she comed and tell me Uncle Mario, take Mama to work, we are happy now... I feelt like a monster, like a disastre, to go away and to let down those kids and that girl.. and i feel like a idiot right now to..a simple NO from me, and a familly hapines and hope is finished!
I use to treat people with respect, and to do the best for other ones like me, because few years ago, after my mother died, i had nothing, not even 1 euro...i went to Uk, and it was a nightmare for my self as well! I speeld on the streets, eating nothing,living from people mercy, until another person helped me, to sleep in a garage, and gived me a place to work, like a cleaner, and easy easy, he saw that i am a nice guy, and he helped me with a good place to work..I was close to kill my self in that times, because of freezing, no money, my mother died, etc... With out the help from that british person, i was deat from 7 years ago...! And i promised then, i will do my best to help people in bad condition
Now let me tell about my life now?? I have a gf, i love her very much, i think she is pregnant in 6 weeks now, she didnt told me, but her best friend told me smile.gif, so i will be a daddy, i hope!
My girlfriend, she is sick, i dont know if i will write corect about her sicknes, i will use google translate , she is sick with severe depression, with bad thoughts..she is going to shrink i think is the name, i cant leave her allone here, because i am very sure that she will have again some crisis, and the treatemnt will be usles, i am not alowed to make her sad, or to scare her, or big emotion...its a hard life, but i love her more then my life, and i am tryng to do my best, she is on the good way..! The verry big problem is she dont eat, and the scary thing is that she can hurt her self.. she is |" mentaly crazy|" , is a bad work, i feel so sorry to say that about her, but i just want to explain my situation!
Now, i am wanted by Stockholm police!
I heave read all the news about prostitution in Stockholm..and i think, i will go to JAIL.
betwen 2-6 years, in prison, for helping prostitution ring, for pimping, for trafiking womens,i am prety sure they will charge me with those acusation, how can i prove that i did not, all that i wanted is to help some girls to have a better life, and me to be paid for my work???
I am verry sure i cant! First of all, i am not swedish, so they will heat me for beeing a imigrant, from aboard!
Second, i have read some testimony, that there, its imposible to have a lawyer, they are verry expenive, and i cant aford, and they dont deal with prostitution?!!
I am stayng in a hotel room, i have sent my girlfriend to her family, told her i have some problems at work, i havent sleep, and eated just a litle.. and its almost Chrismos sad.gif(!!
Thats a nightmare!
I have 2 solution, to explain to my gf, that i have some problems in Sweden, and need to go there, i cant tell her that i might go to jail, because she will be back into depresion, and i tryed so hard to make her happy and healty again, its a verry ugly sicknes, only a bad word, and i can ruin all that the doctors made in the last mounths..! But when i will come there, i will be arested for sure, and NOT ALOWED TO CALL HOME! How can i make her feel ok, and not to worry, when i will not phone? thats a big problem! And she is pregnant as well, i dont want to lose the baby for my fault, i will nenevr forget that to my self..
And my second a bad one..i got a life insurance..i should go out, take my car, drive verry fast, and drive stright into a big tree, and hope to die there!!! Then, my family will take the money from my insurance, and at least, they will suport them self, and suport my miss as well! She is more important to me , then everithing!!
I cant tell were i am from, and my real name, because if i will chose the second solution, the insurance company will prove that i wanted to kill my self, and it will be ussles, i will die for nothing!
Maybe i am a idiot, and there is a way to fix those problems, but i cant see the answer!
I have writed to some lawyers, but nobady didnt answered me back..
I feel sorry for my self, but i dont feel sorry for helping those girls, not at all, i think i did a good thing, with my litle help, they changed theyr life!
Now, PLEASE, if u have any advice for me, if there is a chance to fix my problem, there in Sweden , plz let me know!
I am prety sure some people will say bad words to me, for helping some prostitute, but PEOPLE, trust me, nobady dont do that for plasure, you sould respect those womens, they are humans...
I wish to come there to turn my self in to the Stockholm police, but with out a lawyer, i am prety sure i will end up in jail, and the newspaper will say: another prostitution ring closed down etc...
What i dont undestend, if that girl, is doing that, because she want so, why can anybody acuse me of pimping, trafiking? I really cant be honestly, the person who is abused here, its me!! because i was in a sitation, were to say i dont want to help you, is not a option!
The sweedish law is not good.. because if the girl is not forced, not at all, why should i go to jail, why i am a pimp?? there is no pimp in all of that...
In few days i need to take a decision...
Thank you for taking time to read about my problem, sorry if i didnt write corectly, trust me, i am crying, because it seems my second solution is the only one!!
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post 24.Dec.2012, 09:26 AM
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Perhaps the police were simply looking to give you some sort of prize for helping prostitutes become more efficient and business like.
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post 24.Dec.2012, 10:38 AM
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Not a useful reply here, but this sure is an interesting tale to read on Christmas eve smile.gif
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post 24.Dec.2012, 10:59 AM
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Denial, Denial, Denial ...
Thats how it works over here.

Without a trail, its your word against whoever.
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post 24.Dec.2012, 11:58 AM
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A friend of mine's cousin was accused of a "hate crime" - basically he saw someone being mugged, followed the guy and then smacked him hard in the chest. My friend was contacted by the police in connection with hate crimes, he got them in contact with his cousin who just said he had no idea what it was all about (denial as byke mentioned). The charges were dropped before any action was taken. I don't know if that'd work for all crimes or if they just don't take "hate crimes" seriously here in the sticks.
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Garry Jones
post 24.Dec.2012, 12:04 PM
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I think you would have got less time in prison if you had just killed her. I also think you know Sweden better than you say. You buy Volvo parts online and never in Stockholm. There would be no need to be on Master Samuelgatan whilst buying Volvo parts.

But if we accept what you say then there are free lawers in Sweden and you will be entitled to everything in your own language. You may well have done many of these women a favour but the Swedish law does not see it like that.

Let them come and get you, I doubt they will, these things usually die out due to lack of police time. And if you do go down don't see it as the end of the world. You will serve your time and come out a better person.
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post 24.Dec.2012, 12:16 PM
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One issue the OP could face is extradition to Sweden.
If this is the case, then a lot of the time in Sweden they put suspects in solitary confinement in the hopes it will force a confession

To justify this, its often sold to a judge as being still under investigation.
And while there is a 2 week provision to such, its not uncommon for it to stretch on for much longer periods.
Where the state asks for an extension.

I believe one of the pirate bay members was in solitary for 3 months? without any formal charge.

Such practices are classed in many parts of the world as a form of torture.
Guilty until proven innocent.
And reflects the Swedish legal system.

Heja Sverige!
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post 24.Dec.2012, 05:57 PM
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Don't kill yourself. It seems family/wealth is very important for you. So if you kill yourself, your kid will born as orphan and miss you for rest of his/her life.

4-6 years in prison is not too much. If I were you, I would involve psychiatrist and ask him/her to handle the situation (emotion side of the story). They know how to deal with it and how to tell to your girlfriend. Your girlfriend might have emotional issues but she is not a stupid person. She should understand if it is described well. But don't try yourself. You should probably focus on cleaning up the mess now.
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post 26.Dec.2012, 02:42 AM
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It's very hard to believe you, you make it sound like the whole world is against you and you were just a naive altruistic guy.

You just admitted yourself that you were pimping in this topic, doesn't matter if you took the money for it or not(you cannot prove you didn't). You shouldn't have written about it online, because it is fairly easy to track you down and prove that it was you posting here, unless you are using VPN and are behind 7 proxies. That how they probably tracked you anyway, when you were posting online adverts for the prostitute girl(doing that classifies as pimping).

Killing yourself won't solve anything, there are worse things in life than jail. Besides, have you seen the Swedish prisons? I assume your are Italian("Uncle Mario" and the way you express yourself)? Swedish prison is a hotel compared to the Italy or UK, I am not joking. My friend was in prison for tax evasion, he did his time and had no problems to get on the feet and has a successful life. In Sweden they rehabilitate, not punish you.

Your girlfriend is pregnant and is not eating much? She might be anorexic and it is bad for the baby. If your girlfriend is really "mentally crazy" as you say, you should contact the psychiatric clinic and they will give an advice what to do next. She will hate you for it, but at least the baby will be safe.

If you have the money to do the business trips you should have the money to hire a lawyer, if you don't - borrow the money. Otherwise free lawyer from Swedish legal system won't get you anywhere, these people are just pen pushers. Don't turn yourself in without the lawyer and don't sign or say anything without a lawyer if you get arrested, no matter what police say. You are just another lying pimp to them.

Then again, I have no experience with such things, this is what I read in a book about the prison smile.gif
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Gamla Hälsingebock
post 26.Dec.2012, 06:59 AM
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I think the OP is Byke in disguise.
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Seamus Sean
post 26.Dec.2012, 10:38 AM
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I think the OP has waaaay too much tiime on his hands!

I think also those who answered are waaaay too trusting!

But hey if that is how the OP gets his kicks and folk are willing to be duped who am I am to interfere, I just sat back and watched him reel in all those answering with advice etc.

He no doubt thinks he has made a fool of of everyone, but the thing is he is the real sad one here!
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