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Laptop Insurance which insurer

For a 16 year old at Gymnasium

post 26.Dec.2012, 09:11 AM
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my daughter NEEDS a laptop to do her schoolwork (or so I am told), can anyone recommend an insurer who will offer cover to a 16 year old taking her laptop to Gymnasium - can you give me an estimate of what the premium will be and what will be the excess ?

The laptop is likely to cost around 7k SEK - so not the kind of loss that it is easy to shrug and say never mind. Or is this a crazy approach and should I be looking for the cheapest machine on the basis that I WILL be replacing it within a year ?
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post 26.Dec.2012, 10:43 AM
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One of my boys has a similar issue.
The laptop in question, is fairly sturdy and a popular thin silver one with a fruit on the front.
What I am saying is build quality will factor in to longevity.

Also while he has a bumper case or plastic cover that goes on the outside of the laptop, I have also ensured a padded quilted sleeve is used when being loaded in and out of his bag as while direct hits are somewhat protected by the plastic cover, the transport quilted case can help with pressure damage which can effect the screen.

As for insurers, I would simply suggest you contact your home content insurers and ask if, you are covered for such, or if it can be added to a existing policy for a small charge.
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