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What's the deal with Swedes and their bad manners?

And their lack of communication skills

post 22.Jan.2013, 02:42 PM
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QUOTE (Yorkshireman @ 20.Jan.2013, 10:11 PM) *
Hmmmm ... 2012 ... 28 Million Christmas cards, 60+ Million SMS on Chrstmas day & 60+ Million SMS on New Years Eve ...suggests otherwise wink.gif

Maybe OP just isn't very likeable. rolleyes.gif
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post 22.Jan.2013, 02:58 PM
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I have met a lot of cool Swedes both here and Abroad, all depends on who you meet really and your social background, maybe i have been lucky, even my girl parents are one of the coolest people i have met! sometimes its a hit and miss, if you have good social skills, down to earth, people will warm up to you!!
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