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Work as an engineer in Sweden

Non Swedish engineer

post 22.Feb.2013, 05:34 PM
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My pleasure smile.gif

Do keep us updated though, and good luck!
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post 25.Feb.2013, 08:52 PM
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Hello everyone!
I started my quest for a mechanical engineer position in Sweden. So far unsuccessfully smile.gif
I got contacted from German & French consultancy companies but nothing from Swedish ones. :/
Not backing down though wink.gif
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post 28.Feb.2013, 02:29 PM
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The biggest problem with working as an engineer in sweden is that it is really a blue collar job. Most big companies do not hire engineers, they rent them from contract employment companies (who call themselves consulting firms). This is done to avoid Swedish labor laws. Companies tend to run projects, demanding cheap engineering talent, but not being willing to develop or support the talent. I would not recommend working as an engineer in sweden, it is a dead end job.
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post 1.Mar.2013, 10:23 AM
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Hi Lensart!
I find your post intriguing smile.gif
I've looked at your other topics and posts and I noticed that you kind of HATE consulting firms smile.gif
Don't get me wrong! I understand your point of view.
Your statement is that, due to the very existence of these firms, engineer is no longer a valuable job. Since you're hired by a consulting company you're kind of stuck. You cannot aspire to higher positions since your assignment is not permanent in a company.
Well, I don't agree with you. Because, consultancy is not limited to engineering. Most consulting firms offer now Engineers as well as Marketing specialists, Salesmen, HR experts, etc..
So if we follow your logic then it means that all of these positions are no longer valuable or are a "dead end" jobs as you said in your post.
From my personal experience, I can tell you that consulting firms are really a great way to be introduced in the labor market and to get positions in bigger companies. It is all up to the person. You must accept that you must prove your worthiness.
Since I graduated as a mechanical engineer more than six years ago, I got hired by a local consulting company in Tunisia. I started little with a low salary, doing simple tasks for our customers, accepting to carry out sh***y projects that do not even need an engineering knowledge. Now, I'm still in the same company but my current net salary is nearly three times my first one. I got promoted. Some of the customers I've worked for offered me permanent positions in their engineering department. I developed an excellent network with my colleagues (both personal and professional). And most of all, I can work on a variety of projects in the automotive, aerospace and even consumer devices industries. It allows me to extend my panel of skills.
I can talk to you for hours about the benefits of working in a consulting firm.
It is not the perfect position. But like anything else, it has its pros and its cons. And again, I repeat it. It is up to the person! You can put the worst engineer in the world (if he exists wink.gif ) in the best, most challenging and interesting company. If he is not willing to improve, nothing good will come from him.
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post 16.May.2014, 11:40 AM
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Hi everyone!
After more than a year I'm reviving this topic smile.gif
Well my previous search for a job in Sweden got me nowhere but I managed to get a job in France.
We moved together with my beautiful (it's normal since she's a Swede tongue.gif ) wife to Toulouse in France.
The work is excellent but unfortunately my wife is having a hard time adapting to life in France. This means she frequently travels back to Sweden and she's pressuring me to search for a job in Sweden (wherever in Sweden smile.gif ).
I applied for a residence and work permit in Sweden (which I got in less than a month!) and with that in hand I thought it would be easier for me to find a job and get hired by Swedish company... That didn't go so well and it's very frustrating! Every time it's the same scenario : find a job offer --> apply for the job (CV and letter) --> get contacted by the person in charge --> Experience & profile are ok BUT you're not an EU citizen AND you don't speak Swedish --> Will not proceed with your application ...
This is going on for almost 6 months now.
So here I am again in this forum seeking for useful advices to improve my chances in entering the labor market in Sweden.
Thanks everybody
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