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Advise needed for starting Bussiness/family issues

Advise please

post 4.Feb.2013, 12:28 AM
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hi there

We are a family with 2 kids under 5 years old,have british nationality.just moved here in swiden from uk.we would like to buy a coffe shop/corner shop,but we need to have a personal nomber,we been told that we have to apply for a temperory personal nomber (samoordering nommer) first.then after a year should apply for personal nomber,(i think skatteverket would check the taking/prfofit/selling then would decide if we can have personal nomber).can i ask if we get a temprory persoon nomber (samoordering),is the kids can go nursery(dagise),,,can we apply for SFE in colleges,do we have to apply for residency now?how dose it work?any one had any similer experience,many thanks for any advice
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post 4.Feb.2013, 06:40 AM
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You don't need a pers. no. to buy a business
The second you are business owner, skatteverket (SV) will issue you a pers no.
The day you land register with migration, if you bought the business already tell them.
Once you have your residency acknowledged (EU formality), go to SV with the Migration letter and proof of business ownership, and your personal numbers will be in your hand in a few weeks max.
Nope, you tell SV your project profit, they'll estimate tax in advance and you start paying immediately, if you said zero profit in year 1, then you'll pay no tax in year 1 in advance, but will have to pay the real figures at the end.
If you are both employed you are entitled to a dagis place, if unemployed then only 15hrs a week.
SFI - as soon as you have a personal number apply.

I came here to be self employed, I applied to migration the day I arrived, gave them all my details and evidence of finances and plan etc. and got permanent residency within a week. Went to tax office, with said items and got self employed tax status and personal number sorted in another 2.

Forget all the stuff about temporary numbers, you are coming here with a permanent plan and as an EU migrant worker.
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post 4.Feb.2013, 06:52 AM
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I should, that hopefully this idea is still very early days for you, but your knowledge and research on the subject appears very thing. Moving to another, with kids is a serious move, so hopefully you are at the very earliest of stages with your plan. If you are going to dive into a business with young kids, then I would learn everything in advance.

There is also the idea, that if neither of your speak Swedish, but you are buying a business that will require it's use daily? Or are there bits to the plan you are not saying? You might not get an SFI place for many months or your business could be so demanding, on top of childcare, that you don't have the time to attend?

I only worked for the first 18mths and didn't start SFI until after 18mths here, but it depends on your priorities.
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post 4.Feb.2013, 09:21 AM
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Language is crucial. Don't fall into the misguided belief that because many Swedes can communicate in English that they either will do it or want to do it. Running a business depends on building a network of suppliers and customers all of whom will expect to communicate in Swedish.
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