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Music scene in Sweden (Stockholm)

Musician moving to Sweden...

post 16.Feb.2013, 03:27 AM
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Guys, I'm a musician (singer songwriter), I'll do the solo acoustic thing ala Ed Sheeran, early John Mayer etc until I get some followers. I play acoustic pop.

I'll be moving to Sweden with my now fiancée (wife at the moment we get to Sweden). I'm interested in knowing how's the music scene in sweden in general but stockholm/Gothenburg/Malmo in particular?

I've heard most musicians over there write and perform in english, this I like since I write in spanish (I'm dominican) but mainly in english.

I wanna gig around Europe but since Sweden will be my home I wanna gig a lot around sweden too and kind of try to build a following.

How's the scene over there? smile.gif

thanks for the help


P.D. To listen to my music you can check me out at soundcloud dot com/jtperezgautreau

J.T. Perez-Gautreau in iTunes.
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post 16.Feb.2013, 12:46 PM
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I don´t know how It Is when It comes to having gigs, maybe contacts smile.gif If I compare to London...yes there could be more venues and gigs but comparing to other countries I think the music life is really good in Sweden, people are very much in to music and that´s what I sometimes miss when I´m travelling...having friends who like to discuss music and go to concerts. You can find gigs in smaller places, sometimes in hotel bars, Fotografiska muséet, and other pubs so just not only look for the known venues. I think is a good site to find out what is happening. We have some world wide famous producers in Sweden and we also export a lot of music smile.gif
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