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Why so much negativity?

About Sweden

post 9.Apr.2013, 06:23 AM
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I read the Local every day and frankly I am baffled by the amount of negativity directed towards Sweden. Please don’t get me wrong, I am aware that Sweden has its problems and shortcomings and there is no such thing as a perfect country but I would like to list some of the common complaints:
1. Sweden has high taxes
2. The weather in Sweden is awful
3. There are too many immigrants and refugees in Sweden
4. Sweden has the worst Justice system
5. All Swedish man are gay
6. All Swedish women are feminists
7. Swedish police can’t solve any crimes
8. Swedish education is very bad
9. Swedish teachers are incompetent and uneducated
10. Swedish stores only sell rotten food
11. Sweden is boring
12. Swedish people are racist
13. It’s hard to make friends in Sweden
14. It’s hard to find a job In Sweden
15. Swedish medical system is the worst in Europe
16. Swedish public transportation is not good enough
17. It’s hard to rent an apartment in Sweden
18. There is too much red tape in Sweden
19. Swedish food is awful
20. Government workers in Sweden are so incompetent
The list can go on but I would like to know why people complain so much? Is it because they feel better about themselves by bashing Sweden or do these comments reflect the state of mind of a lot of people? Or is it because people have become so ungrateful that they take everything for granted and no matter what Sweden does they will always find something negative to say? Does the grass appear to be greener on the other side of the fence?
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post 9.Apr.2013, 07:43 AM
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You could say these things in any country. Its like the definition of a perfect spouse.There is nothing like a perfect spouse. Its just perfect relationships.If you want to have the best of everything , you are always going to be disappointed.
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post 9.Apr.2013, 08:03 AM
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Fortuitously most of the wingers and whiners have an option...

*take TL's #1 Swede basher, 'sprat' for example!*
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post 9.Apr.2013, 08:49 AM
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Look at any message board on any site, they're always full of negativity. If i had a great day relaxing in Slottsskogen, enjoying kanelbulle and some spring sun, i'm hardly going to post about it. If whilst relaxing in Slottsskogen I get my bike stolen... there would be a post! People don't generally come on forums to say nice things, it's an outlet for a good whinge. That's the way i've always seen it anyway.
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post 9.Apr.2013, 09:08 AM
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QUOTE (Reptile @ 9.Apr.2013, 06:23 AM) *
I read the Local every day and frankly I am baffled by the amount of negativity directed towards Sweden. Please don’t get me wrong, I am aware that Sweden has its problems a ... (show full quote)

Are you talking about the news on The Local or about the topics in the discuss section? If you are talking about the news on The Local then it`s as simple as negative news sell better. Headlines of war, disasters, racism, crime, corruption and so on sell more issues.

When it comes to the discuss section then it`s hardly something unique to Sweden or the Swedes. You can read all about the French, Japanese or Brazilians online. The reason why I think some immigrants, to any country, go online and rant is partly because they are anonymous and partly because they lack any other forum to express their frustration. They need somewhere to vent and the Internet gives them that. The frustration comes from being in a new country or culture where they don`t know how to fit in. They become insecure and lash out. Sometimes it can be nasty. See semi racist and stereotypical threads such as "Why are Swedes dumb?", "Why are Swedes so cold?" or "Why are Swedish men gay?". The thing to remember here is that this is mostly a loud minority. The great majority who live great lives in their new homecountries don`t feel the need to go online and bash their new home.
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post 9.Apr.2013, 09:10 AM
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After living there for 3 years, I've heard almost all the complains in that list, but directed towards Finland! I'm sure if I moved to Angola, China or hung out with recent immigrants in the United States I'd hear the same things. It's just easy to complain! Sometimes it's cathartic, but often people seem to get stuck in a rut, seeing only the bad aspects of their life situation.

However, are people actually complaining that Swedish public transport is bad??
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post 9.Apr.2013, 09:33 AM
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I`m not against that people express their opinions or experiences and one shouldn`t censur themselves. But for their to be a discussion, seeing as this is a discussion forum, it should be constructive. Otherwise I`ll probably question the nature of the post. Without a balanced discourse it will just end up as a thread listing all kinds of one-sided or narrow-minded faults and errors.

Having someone come in and list what he thinks, feels or experienced and then make wild generalizations about Swedes won`t lead to anything. There will only be others who jump in and add to the list, gives eachother a pat on the back or a shoulder to cry on. Is that a discussion? But it`s something that can be seen often on this site. Or it takes a hatefull tone where anything swedish is seen as horrible. Something that we rarely see.

But sure it falls under the freedom to express oneself but don`t expect to go unquestioned. Others have the same rights. Calling those who criticise negative rants Swede-lovers, brainwashed, nazis, gays and so on won`t make them go away.
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post 9.Apr.2013, 08:50 PM
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People like to moan. Most people moan loads about their own country when living there, but it's classified as general complaining or discussing current affairs instead of being directed at the entire nation. But I do understand where you are coming from. I have lived in other countries and been on other ex-pat forums and this one is particularly negative.

My personal theory - which I am sure will be dismissed as rubbish - is that most of this moaning is usually done face to face in a conversation down the pub. Beer here is too expensive to waste time propping up a bar and complaining so it is done at home on the internet instead.
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